This is a repost of a story I started awhile ago. I'll probably take down and repost this story several times. This is my first fanfiction.

This is set just after season 4 of doctor who, and in some random spot in of the batman begins/dark knight movies.

The doctor sighed and sat down on one of the chairs in the TARDIS. Donna was gone, her memory wiped, Rose was trapped in a parallel world, Martha was busy getting married and Jack had a team to look after. So what was he supposed to do? He sighed, got up, and strolled over to the TARDIS's console. Where to go? The doctor shrugged and set the controls to random. Why not let the TARDIS decide?

In a minute the comfortingly familiar sound of grinding metal started, sounding harsher then usual, and sparks flew in the TARDIS. Once the doctor had thoroughly recovered from the concussion he had gotten when he lost his balance during the some what bumpier then usual ride, he stumbled over to the center console rubbing it comfortingly, "what's the matter old girl?" he murmured to her. He glanced toward the doors, "whatever it is, is probably outside." He ran his hand through his hair a few times before walking toward doors, his coat billowing out behind him.

Outside the TARDIS, and rather earlier (before the doctor had recovered from his rather severe concussion), chaos was ensuing. Actually there were really only 3 people, but it was about as chaotic as it could get with only three people. Actually, to tell you the truth, one was standing calmly watching, one was pacing and the third was studying the TARDIS rather intensely.

"Its nothing like I've ever seen!" commented Lucius Fox (the one studying the TARDIS rather intensely). "It appears to be made of wood, but when I try to drill through it…well see for yourself, not a scratch"

"But how did it get here?" asked Bruce Wayne

"No idea."

"But you must have some idea! Things don't just appear out of nowhere!"

"Nope none…tell me again what happened?"

"I was in the elevator when I heard what sounded like grinding metal, and when I got down IT was here."

Fox rubbed his chin "interesting…."

"Master Bruce" Alfred spoke up, "it's getting late, perhaps you should get some rest before going out tonight, in fact, I'm sure we could all use a break."

"I agree with Alfred." Commented Lucius.

Bruce frowned, "fine, but first thing tomorrow we find out what this is."

Later that evening, Bruce Wayne made his way down to the batcave, after glancing wistfully at the blue police box he proceeded to change into his costume. Suddenly the door of the police box opened. Bruce, now Batman, quickly sunk into the shadows to observe.

Light streamed out of the open door framing a skinny, brown haired man wearing a suit and a long coat. The man frowned as he stepped out of the blue box, "Of all the placed the TARDIS could have sent me when I needed cheering up, and she sends me too a cave!" suddenly he noticed the large array of weapons, toolery and armour lying around on tables. He grinned "though a rather interesting cave!" slowly, he made his way around the large cavern muttering to himself, "hm…..seems to be 21st century earth, what's this." He picked up a small handgun and pointed it at the water fall pouring down one side of the cave, and fired. A large round hole cut through the water before disappearing. Simultaneously a large number of bats, who were disturbed over the inaudible sound that the weapon sent out, started a mass fly about; briefly shielding the man from Bruce's sight. When the bats had calmed down, the man was holding a silver cylindrical shaped device with a blue light coming out of one end up to the gun. "Sonic! Either someone here is VERY smart or alien." Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his arm; the last thing he heard was a low, gravely voice saying, "When you wake up, you better have a really good reason for being here."

The doctor awoke with a groan, as he blinked a dim light cut into his head like a dagger giving him a killer migraine. Slowly, he sat up, wincing as he felt the spot where the needle had entered his arm. Looking around, he found he was lying on what appeared to be a black table, apparently still in the cave full of bats. It was hard to tell since everything was out of focus and blurry. Great, He thought to himself, what a day, first I lose Donna, then I get stabbed in the arm and now have a headache! Dimly he looked around and saw the dim outline of the tardis in the gloom. He carefully attempted to stand. It didn't work. He immediately fell on his knees gasping, "Something is very wrong here."

Batman/Bruce crouched in the shadows watching the events unfold; and frankly, he was amazed. The drug he had injected the man with was meant to last for at least 4 hours. It had worn off in 2. The drug was an invention of Lucius' that slowed down someone heart until it was only just beating. Essentially the person injected became dead to the world until ether injected with the antidote or the drug wore off. He watched as the man got off his knees and stumbled toward the blue box muttering something about 51st century advil. In the two hours the man had been out cold he had attempted every method possible to open the box, so, since the man was awake already, he was going to try the classic way. When the man opened it, he would run up catch the door before it shut. Simple, but hopefully effective.

The doctor got off his knees and started stumbling towards the TARDIS. He was sure he had some advil from the 51st century in there. Amazing stuff, made headaches go away almost instantly, he also needed to figure out why he was so weak. As he reached the tardis he dug into his pockets for the key, but it wasn't there. He must have left it inside. "Third time this week I've locked myself out!" he mumbled to himself as he ran his hand through his hair. "And this time Donnas not here with a spare key. I guess its time to try that trick from the library." Concentrating, he snapped his fingers and the door slowly opened. As he stumbled inside and tried to close the door, he felt something blocking it. He looked back and saw someone dressed as batman had grabbed the door and was glaring at him. All he was able to do was glare back before passing out again.

Bruce Wayne watched the man in front of him faint then looked around at the blue box's interior. He then poked his head back out of the blue box to assure himself that he was in fact looking into a small blue box. It was impossible! The inside was huge! Quickly he dragged the man out and put him back on the table, this time handcuffing him to a ring on the side of it before running over to the elevator and going up to the mansion to get Lucius.

The doctor woke with a start and found that he was, again, lying on the table, in the cave. Slowly he lifted his arm and found that he was handcuffed this time. Frowning, he reached into his jacket to find his sonic screwdriver. It wasn't there. Frowning some more he checked his pockets. It wasn't there. Reached deeper into his pocket, he rummaging around for it. "AHA!" he said triumphantly pulling out a toothbrush. He frowned and tossed it over his shoulder before plunging his whole arm into his pocket. His frown deepened as he pulled out: a pair of red high heeled shoes, ballet slippers, a bar of soap, a rather large ball of lint, a bunch of bananas and a half grown cat. Frowning he absentmindedly started to peel a banana and feed it to the kitty. "I wondered where you'd gotten to…" he said to the small furry animal. He had a spare screwdriver in the TARDIS…but he couldn't get to the TARDIS without the screwdriver…

Watching all of this wide eyed and unseen in a dark corner of the cave stood Alfred, Bruce and Lucius. "It's like watching Mary Poppins!" whispered Alfred, "It must be the same kind of technology that that box has! Its like it's bigger on the inside!"

Lucius stared, "but what kind of technology…" he trailed off. Alfred managed to keep his usual composure. "Whoever he is, I bet he's going to want coffee."

Bruce perked up a little. "I could use a coffee"

Lucius smiled, "I could use one too if you don't mind."

The mysterious man from the blue box turned his head slightly towards them, "actually, do you have tea?"

The doctor grinned "amazing the acoustics this cave has, almost as good as the amphitheatres on stoxliotrosis."

After Alfred had brought coffee down for Lucius and Bruce and tea down for the mysterious man and himself they settled down to discuss the situation at hand. After taking a sip of tea the mystery man broke out into a large grin.

"Hello! My name is The Doctor and…why are you dressed as Batman?"

Bruce looked up surprised, "I am Batman."