So, this might not be the best story. I kind of cobbled it together before heading to university so that we didn't have another two year gap between updates. I also was watching Matt Smith earlier today, so apologies for him not being horrifically 10ish.

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Before the Doctor realized it he had been re-handcuffed to the table.

Bruce, Alfred and Lucius huddled for a moment,

"Alfred, you call Arkam and see if they have any record of him, I'll go deal with the president."

"Very good sir"

Lucius perked up. "If you don't mind I'm going to hang around and ask him about his…box."

"Fine Lucius."

Lucius watched Alfred and Bruce go before turning back to the sulking man once again handcuffed to the table.

"So, care to explain your blue box to me?"

The doctor perked up and grinned, Lucius could almost see a lightbulb pop up above his head.

"I would, but could you hand me my tea first, it's been awhile since I had a decent cupa."

Lucius cautiously turned and walked over to one of the table to grab the teacup, when he turned back the man was pointing the silver cylinder at the handcuffs.

"What on earth are you doing?" asked Lucius "those handcuffs are one of the strongest ever made, you can't get out of them."

The doctor flashed another of his cheeky grins, "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that."

Lucius continued to stare at the man for another minute while his grin slowly turned into a frustrated frown.

"These really are hard to get out of, they're practically deadlocked."

Lucius was about to continue bringing the man his tea when the handcuffs suddenly sprang open and the man sprinted into his box and shut the door. Seconds later a sound similar to that of grinding metal reverberated throughout the cavern and the box disappeared.

He sighed, Bruce was not going to be pleased.

Meanwhile Bruce had boarded an autopiloted airplane and dropped onto the building from above. After entering through the skylight he slowly made his way throughout the building, hoping to run across a patrol of some kind so that he could pick the hostage takers off one by one. Lucky for him he managed to find one, and after a brief tassel he managed to grab the mans face and yank the mask off. Or that's what he had planned to do anyway. In actuality when he grabbed the mans face, it refused to come off. Instead he fingers just left scratches that oozed some sort of clear liquid. Before he could recover the man pulled out some kind of gun and started shooting at him. Bruce took refuge behind a wall, pulled out a blade, and began to formulate his attack.

"Well that's not gonna work" said a voice behind him.

Bruce jumped around to see the doctor leaning on the wall behind him.

"Aminopians have major regenative abilities"

"How did you get here?"

The doctor grinned. "I flew here in my magic box, It's parked it around the corner."

Bruce stared at him.

"On a completely unrelated note, I was rummaging in my pocket and happened across this handy dandy box of penicillin shots that they're allergic to."

Bruce stared at him.

"It's funny really, turns them pink and knocks them unconscious for some reason."

Bruce grabbed the box.

"This better work."

By this time the Aminopian that had been attacked had gotten a couple of friends and they were cautiously approaching the hallway where Bruce had hidden. As he began to focus on them the doctor rolled his eyes and crept back around the corner to the TARDIS.

Through a series of well timed strikes Bruce quickly managed to inject penicillin into the Aminopians, and, to his extreme surprise, they really did turn pink and go unconscious.

As Bruce was heroically saving the day, the Doctor had brought the TARDIS downstairs near the lobby where the hostages were. He was delighted to discover that there were only three Aminopians guarding them.

Once they were dispatched, the Doctor evacuated the lobby and flew back to the Batcave.

Once Bruce eventually managed to make his way home, he arrived to find Alfred still petting the cat, the Doctor playing with a slinky, and Lucius taking a nap.

As he walked in the Doctor perked up. "You're back!"

Bruce glared.

"and you're all wet!"

Bruce glared some more. "It rained."

"Ah." The Doctor grinned nervously. "Well I should be heading off, just stayed to say goodbye."

Bruce glared, at this point, he had stopped caring. He just wanted a hot shower.

The Doctor quickly whipped away into the big blue box and after a sufficient amount a cursing, it disappeared.

It quickly reappeared, much to Bruce's disappointment.

The doctor poked his head out. "I was wondering, why haven't I seen Robin around?"

Bruce stared. "Who's Robin?"

"Ah, well, no matter." He grinned again. "Go to more circus', they're fun."

And with that, the blue box finally left, for good.