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Chapter fifteen- It's over

I don't know how long I had been 'out'. The last thing I remember before I shut my eyes was that stranger smashing the bat around my head.

Who she was I had no idea. She was blonde and tall. That's all I saw. Oh and beautiful. Lucky me

What I had done to deserve this I had no idea. What my unborn baby did to deserve this I have no idea.

What did Edward do to deserve two of the most precious things in his world to be taken from him?

My poor Edward, He must be so scared.




Nessie Poor Nessie



Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper.

They all must be so worried.

For some reason I wasn't scared. The other female with the blonde didn't seem to want to hurt me.

When I saw her five minutes ago she seemed reluctant to be here. She was medium height with soft brown hair and glasses with a kind face. She looked more scared than I was.

I knew I was in a warehouse. I knew that much. It was grimly and surround by trees. There was no lighting in the building it was dark and I was settled in a corner in one of the many rooms.

There was a gash at the side of my head but it isn't painful. Her smack wasn't hard. Definitely not enough to knock me out, but hard enough that I could pretend to be knocked out.

I remembered me being thrown into the van they had ready outside my house. I faked smacking my head on the wall of the car. All the time I had my arms surrounding my stomach protecting little Anthony.

The blonde and brunette travelled for about fifteen minutes when they stopped. As they lifted me from the van I sneakily peeked opened my eye to see my surroundings.

The warehouse was in the middle of a thick of trees. It was a dark grey colour with three doors out front and no way for the car to get inside the van. The name on the top of the warehouse said Ashworth Inc. Ashworth Inc.

Who the hell were they?

The blonde and brunette led me through many hallways and past many rooms. Room after room went until finally they found the one they were looking for. Or should I say the blonde was looking for. It was a simple rectangular room with no windows.

They led me to the far right hand corner and left me there for half an hour until the blonde came back.

"So. Precious little Bella Swan." She spat at me. "How long until the brat is due?"

My hands automatically went to my stomach circling it. Protecting it.

"3 weeks." My voice was strong I was happy to notice.

She scoffed. Before I realised it her foot flew forward to connect with my stomach but because my arms were in the way she hit my hand instead.

"That brat doesn't deserve to live. Neither do you." She pulled her leg back again. "Move your arms."

I shook my head. "No"

I couldn't have my baby taken from this world. My world. Edward's world.

"Move them"

I shook my head.

"ANGELA." She screamed. It was silent for a few seconds until the soft looking brunette walked in.

"Yes." Angela whispered.

"Move her arms away from her stomach." I let out a whimper.

"Lauren..." Angela started. Ah so the blonde must be Lauren.

"NOW" Lauren pulled something from her pocket and pointed it at Angela. "Do it now or I'll shot you in the face."

Angela looked at me eyes full of sorrow as she reached me and grabbed my arms I started thrashing trying desperately to get out of the grasp Angela had me in.

"I'm so sorry Bella." Angela whispered to me. I looked at her face. Tears streaming down my face and I could tell she meant it. Her eyes held nothing but sorrow, pleading with me to forgive her.

After a moment I felt Laurens foot connect with my stomach. I screamed in pain. Physical and emotional pain.

My poor little baby. I kept my eyes fixed on a spot above Angela's face. More kicks were delivered to my stomach. After a while a bat was smacked repeatedly into my stomach. The last thing I remember was Lauren's wicked laugh before I passed out from the pain.


Angela's POV.

Lauren was a woman I met from school in LA. I didn't like her but she scared me. That's the only reason I agreed to this. I didn't know what her plan was when she threatened my father's position at the University of Los Angeles. But now I have seen what she was doing to this poor girl. That's right. Girl.

Poor Bella was no older than 20. The poor girl was in the last 3 weeks of her pregnancy and she's been kidnapped and smacked about just because Lauren doesn't like rejection.

I need to help Bella.

I need to help that poor baby.

Lauren had sent me to the store to get some food for Bella. Lauren say's she told Edward he had a week to try and find Bella. One week and then Bella is dead. The poor guy must be heartbroken.

I felt so guilty being involved in this. I wanted out but I couldn't leave Bella.

As I rushed through the store I turned to the cash and stopped dead.

There he was.


The guy looked distraught he was walking around a picture of pregnant Bella. Tears streaming down his face. Anguish. Pain. Sadness. Torment. All those showed in his eyes. But I could tell his eyes were dead. There was no light. From the pictures Lauren showed me those eyes used to sparkle.

"Please." I could hear him saying. "Have you seen my Bella? Please. She was taken from our home. Please have you seen my Bella?"

He was unshaven and looked liked he hadn't slept in days. Everything about him screamed dead.

I didn't know how long I had been standing there staring but all of the sudden he was in front of me.

"Please 3 days ago my Bella was taken from our home. She's heavily pregnant only three weeks left. They have given me a week to find her. Or she's dead. Everyone's looking for her. Please have you seen my Bella?" Looking at him up close was heartbreaking he really and truly loved her. It was written openly on his face.

I was about to reply when my phone rang.



"She's in fucking labour. Get here now ." That was all she said and then she hung up. I looked up an Edward was looking at me expectantly.

"Ashworth Inc warehouse just outside of Seattle." I whispered. I looked into his eyes an saw the first glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"What? Do you know where my Bella is?" He asked.

"Yes but please I need you to trust me. And don't speak until I'm finished." He nodded.

"Bella is in labour." He opened his mouth to say something but I shushed him. "Someone from work threatened me to help them with something I was scared. I agreed but I swear I didn't know what they had planned for her. She's holding Bella at Ashworth Inc warehouse it's just outside of Seattle. Bella's in bad shape. She's been attacked repeatedly in the stomach she's in pain." Edward let out a whimper at the word pain. "But Edward do not come until Saturday. If you come on Saturday it's more of a surprise. And you'll be able to catch the person who did this to your Bella. I promise I will do all in my power to keep your Bella and your baby safe. My life is theirs."

"Who is the person who did this?"

"Lauren Mallory."

Edwards's eyes widened.

"Lauren Mallory. Do you go to school at LA University?" I nodded.

"What's your name?"

"Angela Weber."

"Will you promise to keep my Bella safe? Our little Anthony?"

"My life belongs to them." I told him.

He looked at me intently.

"Ok Saturday. But I'm bringing the police." I nodded. "And could you give something to Bella?"

"Of course." He started to write something on a piece of paper which he then after five minutes handed to me.

"Thank you Angela."

"I am sorry Edward. I had no idea. I swear I didn't"

He nodded.

"I know." Was all he said "Until Saturday."

Once he left I quickly ran back around to get things for the baby.

Newborns need constant care. I picked up blankets and clothes and nappies, baby formula and bottles incase Bella wasn't breast feeding.

I will give my life for Bella and Anthony.

If Lauren kills me. So be it.


Bella's POV

The pain of my contractions was blinding. I never felt anything like it. Lauren hadn't been in since my first contraction. She hoped they would kill me.

It had been two hours that I had been alone when the door slowly opened. It was Angela.

"I brought you food." She said loudly. I could tell Lauren was listening.

"I saw Edward." She whispered in my ear. I looked at her. "This is from him." She handed me a folded piece of paper. "I also brought things for baby. Blankets and such." I smiled at her. I looked at the paper in my hands. "He'll be here Saturday. Police and everything. I told him to wait if he came now. Lauren would know I told and you'd be dead."

"Thank you Angela."

"You're welcome Bella. How far apart are your contractions?"

"Ten minutes."

"We'll be here a while then. I'll be back soon." She told me and then she left.

I unfolded the piece of paper from Edward.


You fucking hold in there you here me? Don't you dare give up! I can't live without you. You die. I die. Simple as.

Angela told me you're in labour. I'm sorry it happened like this and I'm sorry I'm not there to hold your hand. But I'm there in your heart.

I love you Isabella Swan. Don't forget that.

I know you're probably worried about Reneesme but trust me after she'd stop crying they're was a few choice cuss words and death threats- I snorted a laugh that was so Reneesme. Then a contraction started. After the contraction finished I went back to the letter- Jacobs looking after her. Promise. They're staying with me. I only let her out my sight when she's with Jacob. She's my sister as much as she is yours. Alice, Esme and Rose are staying strong sending out posters. Emmett, Jasper, Dad and Jake are in downtown Seattle threatening people. - That was so Emmett, Jasper and Jake. But Carlisle. I never saw that coming. - Billy's scared. He feels like he's failed your farther I assured him on your behalf that he hasn't.


God I miss you.

I just want you safe in my arms. When I get you back I'm never leaving you alone ever again. Not for one second.

I fucking love you with everything I am Bella Swan. You keep hold of that baby for me. He needs his mummy.

I'll see you Saturday Angel.

Yours forever.

E- X

Edward's words brought hope to me knowing I would see him in two days. Knowing he loved me. That he loved Anthony. And I will pull through this for Edward. For Anthony.


Edward's POV

Hearing what Angela had to say. Hearing that my Bella for now was safe. I would have her back Saturday. I'm never letting her out of my sight again. I quit my school yesterday I have enough money to last me three lifetimes. On top of that so does Bella. We will never have to work again.

Knowing Bella was in labour. In pain all by herself. With only Angela keeping her safe was killing me. I promised to be there but I wasn't.

Lauren Fucking Mallory. I knew her. She'd wanted me for years. I hated that girl. She was fake and whiny. Thought she was beautiful but she was nothing on my Bella. My Bella was the most beautiful creature to ever walk this world.

I had informed the police on the situation with Bella and told them were Lauren was keeping her. I also told them I didn't want anything to happen to Angela. They argued saying she was an accomplice. But I argued she was doing everything she could to keep my Bella alive and she told me where Bella was without Angela Bella could be dead. In the end they caved. Angela would get of free no charges. But she would have to make a statement against Lauren.

I needed Bella like I needed air to breath. She was my heart and my soul. If I didn't have Bella I didn't have a life.

Reneesme and I spent all Friday by the phone incase anything happened or changed. But we heard nothing. It was maddening.

Everyone was here on Friday night. My mother and father sat on either side of me. Whispering telling me it would be ok. I knew it would be ok.

My Bella was a fighter. The strongest woman I know.

I just couldn't get over what she was going through.

First Tanya and now Lauren. What else would she go through because of me? I knew I should have left. Made everything better. But I'm too selfish and I need Bella. So I stayed. I love her to much to be away from her.

Saturday finally came bright and early.

We left as soon as Jake gave the ok we left. He demanded to be in charge of his case. Nessie, Rose, Alice and my mum were staying behind. Emmett, Jasper, Dad and I were going with the police. Dad I didn't really want there but he was adamant that he be there to take care of Bella's injuries.

As we left I turned to hug Reneesme.

"I will bring her back sweetie. I promise." I looked into her eyes which were filled with tears.

"I know Edward."

"And I'll make sure to bring Jake back to you." I hugged her once more and then Alice, Rose and my mum. She begged me not to go.

"I need to be where Bella is mum. I need to be there to get her." She nodded.

I watched as Jake walked towards Nessie. All geared up with his gun and protective uniform.

"I love you." He told her. She let out a whimper. He kissed her forehead. "Always." And then walked away. Rose went and held her.

We all pilled into my car. Jake went with some other officers in a couple of police cruisers. We followed the police cruisers for about 15minutes. The longest fifteen minutes of my entire life.

We reached the warehouse and we all sat outside for ten minutes whilst the officers scoped the building. I can't believe my Bella was here near enough but I couldn't see her. The building was the grimiest place I had ever seen.

After a while Jacob came over and said it was time to go. Ben one of the Seattle officers came over and gave us protective jackets to wear incase of guns. I blanched. Thinking of someone having a gun to my Bella. Emmett and Jasper decided to stay outside with other officers watching the exits. I went inside.

We walked around looking for the right room. It took us five minutes until we heard voices.

"When the fuck will your little brat be out." We heard a nasally voice say.

I knew that voice.

"Lauren." I hissed.

Jacob and the other two officers Ben and Robin nodded.

There was a muffled thud and then a whimper. Tears started streaming down my face when I recognised Bella's anguished voice scream out.

"Please. Stop. I'm in enough pain. Please." She cried.

"Lauren. Just stop."

"Angela." I whispered.

Jacob made a signal to Ben and Robin. Robin smashed opens the door.

The sight before me was heartbreaking.

My poor angel was lying on the floor in the right hand corner covered in dirt. Her face contorted in pain. It looked like she was still in labour. Angela was kneeling beside Bella. Caring for her. Helping her to breath. Lauren was standing over them bat in one hand gun in the other. At the sound of our entrance all heads whipped in our direction.

"Stop." Jacob shouted. Lauren sneered and turned toward Angela.

"You bitch. I'm going to kill you." Lauren raised the gun and pointed it to Angela who bravely stood and faced Lauren.

"Then kill me. But you won't kill Bella and the baby." Lauren laughed and then there was a gun shot and Angela slumped to the floor. Bella let out a devastating cry.


Bella's POV.

I watched in slow motion as Angela slumped to the floor and Lauren laughed. As soon as Angela fell to the floor an anguished cry filled the room and it took a while to realise it was coming from me.

I looked forward to Edward whose eyes were fixed on me. I smiled my first smile in days but it then left my face as another bang filled the room and I fell into darkness.


Edwards POV.

"NO. BELLA. NO. BELLA." I shouted trying to run towards her but my Ben grabbed me. I struggled to get out of his grasp. I stopped struggling when Lauren started laughing.

"What's so funny bitch?" Jacob asked his gun pointing at her chest.

"Haha poor precious little Bella is gone now Edward. How do you feel?" I had no answer for her question. I couldn't feel anything. My eyes didn't leave Bella's unconscious form.

"You do know you will die for this Lauren." Jacob told her. "Kidnap and murder." Lauren stopped laughing her face wide with panic. "You didn't think of that did you Lauren? Did you seriously think nothing would come of this?"

Lauren stayed silent looking between all of us. In that moment Dad, Emmett, Jasper and the other officers came running through the room. Dad ran straight to Angela and Bella.

"They're both alive." Every one let out a sigh of relief. Jacob, Ben, Robin and the other officers still kept an eye on Lauren who was standing there she was sneering again. "But I need to deal with Bella the babies going to start distressing. Can someone put pressure on Angela's wound?"

"Ben. You have medical training." Ben nodded and ran towards Angela. He peeled of his shirt an applied pressure to Angela's stomach wound. I slowly made my way to Bella.

I knelt beside her and picked up her hand and just stared at her beautiful face. After about five minutes of conversation that I had blocked out I heard Jake shout.


I turned in time to see Lauren lift the gun to her head and pull the trigger.

Time after that went by slowly for me. I hardly remember the trip to the hospital.

I remember the doctors telling me Bella and the baby would both be fine.

I remember Anthony being born by caesarean. I remember crying as I heard his first cry. Bella actually came round for 10minutes after his first cry and got to hold him even though she was very weak. Her smile was blinding.

That was a week ago. Bella had been unconscious ever since. I hadn't moved from her side. Anthony and I stayed in the room with Bella day in day out. The hospital had provided a bed for me in the room and Anthony had his little cot. He had my nose and my lips but Bella's hair colour. We weren't sure on eyes yet because all baby eyes are blue at the beginning. I hadn't told the family his name yet. So they called him Baby Cullen. I wanted Bella to be awake when I do. The family visit every day. The doctors say that Bella will wake up her body is just so exhausted.

I obviously had fallen asleep because I woke up to the most wonderful feeling. Soft hands stroking my face. Running through my hair. I sat up slowly and my eyes connected with the soft chocolate brown ones of the love of my life. Her beautiful face broke out into the most dazzling smile in the world. I looked down an in her arms was our little boy. I couldn't help it I cried.

"Edward. What's wrong?" My angel asked.

"I didn't think I would ever see you again."

"Oh Edward. I'm never going to leave you. You're stuck with me."

"Thank God for that." She smiled.

I slowly climbed into the bed next to the love of my life as she softly cradled our son in her arms.

A week after Bella woke up Anthony and Bella were both allowed home.

When Anthony was five months old Bella and I were married on beach in La push at sunset. She looked beautiful as always.

Bella's dress was ivory with a rose pattern design along the left hand side snaking around to the right. The train flowed back to the floor.

Billy was fully walking now and was in tears walking my angel up the aisle to meet me. Her long beautiful hair was up and curled in half up half down style with tiny white Lilies clipped in her hair. The Lilies matched the flowers my bride and her bridesmaids carried. She took my breath away. Angela, Alice and Rose were her bridesmaids. Our vows were simple but beautiful Bella's made me cry.

"Edward, I feel so blessed that you are in my life and I am delighted to become your wife today. I love you with my whole heart and know that this is just the beginning of a new and wonderful life together."

Mine in return made Bella cry.

"Bella, I want to thank you. I thank you for becoming my lovely bride. You can't help being lovely ... but you could help becoming my bride. Today, I married my best friend - the lady I laugh with, live for and dream with. Bella, in the words of Robert Browning: 'Grow old with me, the best is yet to be!' I love you with every fibre of my body. And I will never leave your side."

When the minister pronounced us man and wife Anthony made a very loud baby giggle. And the smile that lit up my wife face blast my breath away.

Our first dance was to the song we danced to at Alice's wedding when she told me she loved me- Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi.

We spent our honeymoon in Rome. We stayed in Kolbe Hotel.

In the space of one year all I had ever wanted since I was a little boy had come true. I was the most loved man to ever walk this earth and I loved my wife more than any woman had ever been loved in the world.


Epilogue- EPOV.

Years past and Bella gave birth to three sets of twins and one set of triplets.

In the end we had:











And the day Bella died. I followed three minutes later of a heart attack.