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"Kisshu...where the hell are we?"

Kish frowned. He had always hated his full name, and refused to let anyone other than Pai call him by it. He was tempted to tell Ichigo this, but thought better of it. He would let it slide for her, and anyway, he didn't want to ruin their first day together by arguing.

He smirked.

"We're on an island, kitty. We are back in your world, but I want to make absolutely sure that you don't escape. This is the perfect spot, because you can't swim as the water is too deep and it is too far to civilization; anyway, cat's hate water, so I doubt you'll try to swim away, anyhow."

Ichigo slowly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her eyes shot open and she glared daggers at Kish.

"Are you out of your mind? A freaking island? And what exactly are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to eat? And what am I supposed to wear after I take a bath - which I assume I'm supposed to do in the lake. We are going to be together for two whole weeks; are we going to spend the entire time stranded on an island?"

Kish clicked his tongue in disapproval. He waved a finger in her face, as a mother might do to an ignorant child.

"One: we are not stranded, kitten. I can teleport us out of here at any time. As to how long we'll be here, well, that depends on my mood, and if you prove I can trust you, so you better behave. Two, I can teleport to your room and get your clothes for you."

He laughed at her dark expression.

"Also, yes, you will have to bathe in the lake. Being the gentleman that I am, I won't look. I will go somewhere else, so you can bathe in peace. Umm, I can sneak some food by Pai and Tart, and bring it here. Pai is so busy that he hardly ever goes into the kitchen, but it will be hard to go unnoticed by Tart." He shrugged. "I've done it before though, so I'm not worried. Also, there are plenty of things that we can do here."

Kish suddenly grabbed Ichigo's wrists and pushed her to the ground. Sand flew up, making Ichigo cough. She had closed her eyes to lessen the dizziness when she was suddenly shoved to the ground; she opened her eyes to see the alien's dancing gold orbs staring at her playfully.

Kish inclined his head closer to Ichigo's, until their faces were inches from each other's. Ichigo tried to ignore the way his breath hitting her lips made them tingle deliciously.

"If you want, we can do a few of those things right now, honey." He said silkily.

Ichigo's face turned a color to shame her hair, her face contorting into a look of pure rage.

"NO! Get off of me, Kisshu, you baka!"

Kish sighed. A look of real sadness flickered in his eyes, but it was gone before Ichigo saw it.

Kish forced a smile.

"Okay, my lovely kitty. I won't push too hard on our first day alone together. Anyway, I'm sure your hungry. I'll get us something to eat, and also grab some of your clothes, so you can change after your bath."

Kish floated off of the mew, and teleported. Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief. The red-head stood up, and dusted herself off, all the while muttering about a certain dumb alien and how he never changed. Afterwards, she plopped down and looked around her with a frown.

It wasn't so bad. The sun was shining hotly, but she was under a big leafed tree, and therefore in the shade, and comfortable. It was one of the few trees scattered about where she was. Mostly, there was just sand and clumps of grass scattered randomly; however, further off, the island was littered with trees. There were quite a few bushes too; some holding berries that ichigo imagined were bluberries, and others bearing what looked like rasberries.

Ichigo was tempted to taste one of the berries on the rasberry bush, but thought better of it. Who's to say they weren't poisened, or that some plump little insect hadn't burrowed its way into one and that she wouldn't eat it as well as the fruit?

Feeling bored, Ichigo resigned herself to waiting until Kish back back with food and fresh clothes.