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All Characters created by Stephenie Meyer




Chapter 1

Lost souls

Isabella Swan, Bella to those closest, was a very selfless human being with a glowing personality which she tried to keep hidden from the world. It's not that she didn't attract attention, because she did she attracted plenty you see Bella is a very beautiful women, she had long naturally curly chestnut hair, deep milk chocolate eyes and porcelain skin which set off her natural beauty just perfectly but of course she didn't see herself clearly at all, to her she was plain but Bella Swan was certainly not plain. So she hid herself away from the opposite sex in hope that she would never have to experience any more heartache.

At 23 years old, Bella is completely alone. When she was much younger her parents Charlie and Renee Swan divorced. Renee had found love with a much younger man and left her husband for this baseball playing home wrecker. Bella's older brother refused to speak to Renee and expected Bella to follow suit but when Bella announced that she too would be in fact leaving Washington with her mother, Emmett Swan terminated both relationships with his only female relatives. Through time Bella lost all contact with her Father who still to this day lives in a small town called Forks, she doesn't know what has become of her brother and each day she hates herself a little more for not having her remaining family close to her.

At the ripe at of 18 Bella's mother was killed in a car accident, leaving Bella broken hearted and without her best friend. Bella remained in Jacksonville, Florida with her step dad Phil. That where she went to college and studied English literature. Bella found that writing stories and losing herself in a good book helped her escape the painful reality she lived in.

When Bella turned 21 yet again another milestone age was laced in tragedy. Phil had an underlying heart condition that know knew about so whilst coaching some local team he suffered a major heart attack and died. Now Bella had lost the only father she could remember and loved but instead of falling into a hole and crying her problems away she opens her rather pricey laptop, a gift from Phil, and wrote a story about a girl who didn't live quiet so happily ever after. Bella would write her feelings in her stories rather than live them. She was hiding in her words, she was playing this dangerous game that someday would come back and bite her in the ass but she continued to write about Belle and her life story.

College was over and Bella felt no need and that time to look for a job but just lived at her computer and created an alternative reality where she could be anything she wanted to be.

Bella inherited all her mothers and Phil's belongings and money, which for a 21 year old just starting out was a hell of a lot of pocket money. Bella was never the reckless type, so this money she had just sitting away in her bank account would most likely stay there for a very long time.

Bella loved Jacksonville, it was her home but it doesn't matter how longs she's lived there she's always had a first home which bared no resemblance to this place and no matter how long she lived in the sun, rain is always in her blood. This is what she was missing even though she didn't know it.

The stories that Bella know spent the whole of her spare time writing where making appearances on her online journal and getting great reviews, so when a big shot publishing company read the first few pages of the stories she wrote after Phil's demise, they tracked her down and begged her to allow them to publish her works. At this point Bella was 22 years old, alone and living too much in the fiction she wrote so she took her pathetic self and her grieving words and moved to Chicago, where hopefully her life wouldn't be so bad and maybe, just maybe she could have friends.

When she first moved to the big wet city, she saw a huge difference in the way of life. She didn't think she would fit in or even like it here but during the many grueling hours she spend at the main publishing house with her book Editor Esme Cullen, she saw the beauty in such a industrial place of course Esme's natural knack of seeing the beauty in everything rubbed off a bit. Esme's even saw the beauty in Bella's cold, dark book.

Esme was a wonderful human being, very compassionate. Someone Bella desperately needed in her life, even though Esme was a 49 year old happily married mother of two adult children she was a very good friend of Bella's. Esme reminded Bella of her own mother so much that some days it was physically painful for Bella to be in such close proximity to her.

Bella always turned down Esme's continuous offers of dinners at her home, Bella's excuse was always that of work or some prior engagement. The last invite was to her daughter's engagement party but of course Bella declined that offer, the real truth of the matter is that Bella can't stand being with happy families when she didn't have a happy family herself.

It was November already; Thanks giving were two days away so everyone everywhere was busying getting things ready and all up in arms about seeing family members that they haven't seen in months. Esme was her bubbly self as she and Bella put the finishing touches to her later chapters. Once again Bella was invited to the Cullen's but she gratefully declined the offer.

Esme was very concerned about Bella, she thought of her as a second daughter. Often Esme would leave work worried about Bella; she would air her concerns to her husband Carlisle who every day fell more in love with his wife and her unlimited compassion. Esme's son Edward was the one in fact who alerted his mother about Bella's stories.

Edward also writes on the online site to ease boredom at times and when he stumbled across brokenbellz stories he fell in love with them. Each story captured him and pulled him in but this one particular one made his heart break as though he was in the story, he felt belle's pain after the loss of her parents. Esme was so intrigued by the way Edward would talk up this author that she spends days and night searching for this girl until she tracked her down and demanded that she allow her to publish this book. Edward is still completely oblivious to Esme's latest signing.

Edward Cullen is a rather shy individual, after he was accepted to Oxford University in England he moved from the states and never came back. He missed his true home but he found it extremely difficult to say what he wanted, he hated making a fuss and he knows that if he came back there would be celebrations within the Cullen household from months, so he stayed put.

Edward is a very intelligent man; he studied the art of medicine but his true passion lay in music. Whilst training his mind to be a doctor, just like his father his heart learnt to play the piano. During the end of his teenage years Edward scoured the British coast looking for new and exciting music venues which set his soul on fire. Now Edward spent his time in these classic clubs where he wasted his spare hours. Edward lived on his own and liked his bachelorhood until the recent news of his sister Rosalie's engagement made him see that he was in fact a very lonely man who lived his life through others musical talents.

When Edward first started at London central children's hospital he loved his job but now with his new found loneliness he found it difficult to help heal children, something which he's always longed for. Edward had tried dating but none of the string of women he's encountered have keep his interest long enough to make anything serious out of it, with his outstanding good looks and his growing bank account, Edward only encountered one type of woman.

Edward stood out the most with his looks; he was to look at flawless. A bronze mass of hair that framed perfectly chilled cheekbones and enchanting jade eyes. He stood 6"2 off the ground, he took Carlisle's height that's for sure but his heart was as big as his mother's.

Now at almost 29 years old, Edward Cullen was at a crossroads. What do to with his life that was rapidly being thrown away? Esme begged her son to come home and after much consideration he agreed. Now Edward was landing with a waiting party eagerly taking up space at arrivals in the airport.

Carlisle was extremely proud of his son and had already gotten him a new job at the children's ward of Chicago's main hospital. Carlisle at first was upset that Edward gave up his real dreams of becoming a musician just to follow in his footsteps but when you see Edward doing his job you can't not help but think that is his true calling.

As Edward was greeted by his family he felt for the first time in years that he was home. He may be a little older and has a British accent but his is home, in his beloved Chicago. Esme was the first to welcome back her son, then Carlisle and last but certainly not least was Edward younger sister Rosalie.

Rosalie was an equally as beautiful as her brother, maybe even more so. Her honey blonde flowing locks, the exact same colour as Carlisle's, she also shared the same colour eyes of her mother's blue orbs. Her body was that of a model's but with beauty as great as Rosalie's came great consequences. She attracted all the wrong kinds of attention and was often treated as the silly blond bimbo.

Rosalie may be dressed in the latest fashions and have a regular appointment to have her nails done but you don't mess with Rosalie. In her job as a car technician it's rare to come across a woman, so discrimination is a regular occurrence but instead of taking the easy way out and complaining she worked her toned ass off and now is head of her division.

Rosalie unlike her brother has no interest in music and unlike her mother, Rose has no interest in books but she and her father share a passion of sports. Rosalie is also runs a local children's charity where she organizes events for under privileged children, so she often creates workshops for the children to take part in. This is where she can mix her two passions and enjoy herself fully. It was almost three years ago when she first started a baseball workshop for the children, that's where Rosalie met her future husband-to-be, Mr. Emmett Swan.

Emmett was finishing up yet another sports degree from the University of Washington but still hadn't decided what the hell he wanted to be in the crazy thing called life. Charlie was constantly on his case but Emmett never truly grew out of being a stroppy teenager. When Emmett saw an advertisement for a kiddies sports coach for a small charity he jumped at the chance to move away from Forks and actually get a job which hopefully wouldn't be too challenging.

So when he meets Carlisle, who was interviewing on behalf of Rosalie who was at work he feel in love with Chicago and more or less begged Carlisle to hire him. Carlisle saw a lot of a younger Edward in Emmett and hired him on the spot.

Rosalie was extremely impressed with Emmett's résumé and agreed with her fathers decision instantly, it's only when she met Emmett did she doubt their choice but after seeing him work with the children it was love at second sight. Emmett and Rosalie shared so many of the same interests that it didn't take long for them to fully commit to each other.

Charlie was finally pleased that Emmet's life had started. Charlie often wondered if he could have done more to make Renee and Bella stay or what he should have done as a husband to keep Renee satisfied so she shouldn't have found it elsewhere. Every day he regrets the decisions he made for both him and Emmett, maybe Emmett would have been more responsible if he had a his mother around and a sister to protect.

Emmett barley remembers his mother and his sister; over the years he's tried to block out all remaining traces of them because hurts to much but there's not one day that goes by that he doesn't miss his sister and wishes that he had the guts to find her and apologies for not being her big brother. After Charlie lost all contact with Bella and Renee it's as though they don't exist. Neither name is ever brought up around the Swan household, despite Charlie's new wife trying to convince Charlie and Emmett to build bridges. Both men have no idea of Bella's current whereabouts or situations but both me would never allow Bella to live they way she does if they did know.

After 3 years of dating Emmett finally proposed to Rosalie. Charlie and his wife Ellen where thrilled as where Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie decided that she wanted a small ceremony in the Cullen family home but all the final details haven't been sorted out yet.

Emmett was meeting Edward for the first time at the gates of the airport and within a matter of minutes of meeting one another, they were brothers. Edward and Emmett are polar opposites but some souls aren't meant to be apart. Emmett is used to befriending people completely different from himself and Edward with his shy manner and gentlemen way reminding Emmett of another old soul, His old college roommate and step-brother Jasper Swan.

Jasper was a very old soul living in a young boy's body and found Emmett's company fascinating. They came from similar back rounds, where's Emmett had no mother, Jasper didn't know his father and so when the holidays arrived Ms. Whitlock would come all the way from Texas to see Jasper. Charlie being the stand-up man he is invited Ellen and Jasper to dinner each year Ellen and Charlie fell deeper in love with each other until Ellen finally gave up and married Charlie. Jasper took the family name of Swan and was a proud member of an almost complete family.

Jasper had finished college with a psychology degree and got a job at a mental institute, not a perfect job for a freshly qualified young man but none the less if Jasper hadn't taken that job he would never have met Mary-Alice Brandon.

Mary is a very bright happy person who's had a life she didn't deserve. Her parents are highly religious and I guess Mary-Alice wasn't the ideal child so she was beaten, daily. When Mary turned 15 she stopped eating, she stopped talking and to fell into a black abyss where she lost all interest of living thanks to her parents and overachieving sister.

Mary-Alice was already small built, she was a mere 4"10 but with her lack of nutrition she looked so much smaller. She had long silky black hair with ended just below her shoulder blade, her eyes where an almost navy shade of blue. She was very beautiful but she didn't feel it.

Each time Mary got a lecture on what God expects from her she used to protest in her own way, she'd stop eating until she was hospitalized and for those few days that she wasn't hope, she was happy. Mary-Alice deep down inside was an extremely over the top person, she had such an explosive personality hidden away from the world it's should have been a crime.

When Mary-Alice turned 18 she hit rock bottom and so did her parents, they admitted her to a mental hospital. When there Mary-Alice's mental state got a lot worse until a new Doctor started working there. The doctor saw through the skinny exterior and pale complexion and finally saw the real Mary.

For the first time in so many years Mary felt beautiful, all thanks to Doctor Jasper Swan.

Jasper signed Mary out of the hospital and took her home where Mary cut off her long hair into a short pixie bob and refused to be called Mary, which was the day Alice was born. Not too long after that day Jasper took Alice as his bride in a small ceremony in Forks where the once depressed Mary Brandon was legally made Alice Swan. Jasper left the hospital to be a stay at home husband, his trust fund made sure that both of them were secure for the time being.

After much persuasion from Jasper Alice went to the local community college where she re-sat all her exams she missed when she went onto college to study art and design; which she passed at the top of her class.

After Emmett moved to Chicago, Alice noticed how Jasper missed his brother so much and applied for a job with a small gallery near Emmett's new home. When Alice finally heard back from them she literally jumped for joy when she got the job. Jasper was also over the moon at moving nearer his brother, Emmett was also ecstatic. Charlie and Ellen where the only ones a little sad at the news of losing both their sons to the windy city.

Alice was enjoying her job; the company she works for does a lot of cover designs for books and works with lots of different companies, so it was just another day in the office when Esme and Bella walked through the door. Esme had a specific idea in mind for Bella's book cover and she had been working with Alice to get it just right. Alice was completely unaware that Esme was Emmett's future mother-in-law as for work Alice uses Jasper's previous surname of Whitlock strictly for professional reasons and since Jasper and Alice are new to the city they haven't officially met. That what party tonight was meant to be, a family get together. Charlie and Ellen were making their way down as well.

Alice's first impressions of Bella broke her heart, she reminded Alice so much of her pervious self. Alice felt a pull to Bella, like they are meant to be friends. During the meeting Alice tried in vain to engage Bella in light non-work related conversation but Bella just passed it off as pity and just smiled politely at her.

Bella left the meeting with a weight lifted off her shoulder all that was left on her book to be worked on was the ending and since Esme is was always hinted that the ending can always be changed, Bella was unsure of what to do. Esme's knows that the girl with an unhappy ending was Bella and she always had hope for her.

But all hope went out of the window the moment Bella set foot into Grand Central bank and her future abruptly became bleak. She took her place in the queue behind a tall man who at first glance caught her eye by his unusual colour hair, the bronze shade of it reminded her a much brighter version of Esme's, this made her smile. The bronze haired man turned around and smiled at her, Bella's heart picked up and she couldn't help her body's reaction to this stranger so her face lit up and she returned the smile.

Edward was very taken by Bella. When he felt a new presence behind him he couldn't explain the urge he suddenly felt to look at this person. When he did turn around he wasn't disappointed by the Goddess who was only centimeters away from him. Edward attention was quickly diverted from Bella to Rosalie who was shooting daggers at him. Rosalie was busting his balls for dragging her all around Chicago on her engagement party night. They where mean to be meeting Jasper, Emmett and Alice almost half an hour ago. Emmett alerted Rosalie that they'll come and find them.

Bella caught Edwards's eyes moving from her to the blonde by the door, it figures a guy like Edward wouldn't want a girl like Bella or so her head told her. Bella returned to herself conscious self and turned her eyes to the ground so she didn't see her long lost brother stumble in and take the blond in his arms, she also missed Alice's graceful entrance along with her step-brother she didn't know. With her eyes still fixed on her scuffed up doc martins she also missed the entrance of another three people. In that moment her future has become unknown territory, along with all the other lost souls who just happen to be in the wrong place at the very wrong time.

Edward also missed their entrance because he was too fixed on the girl behind him. Rosalie and Emmett were wrapped up in each other to care about anyone other than themselves so they too were completely oblivious. Jasper was holding his wife in his arms as she read a rough draft of Bella's unfinished book which she gave to her as inspiration for the book cover, so both of them were also too busy to notice what was about to happen, until it was too late.

The three bodies who walked through the door were James and Victoria Thomas and Laurent bleu. All three of them had histories which set them on the path their currently on but their stories wasn't as bad as some of the others we've come to counter all ready but what makes the difference between them and all the other people?

You see Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Emmett where born in different ways and grew up in ways, they made different choices and have been hurt badly but they weren't born with evil in them, some people are truly lost souls and the other three are classic examples of such people. Born with malice programmed in them.

After trying their hand at many different schemes the trio soon realized that the fastest way to an easy life was to steal the money they spend. Draped in designer clothing and driving the latest Ferrari model, they've become accustomed to their life and would do anything in their power to keep up their luxury lifestyle. A simple murder means nothing to them, the feel untouchable.

Over the many years, many lives have abruptly come to a premature end at the hands of those three. Now everything seems so boring, stealing a car, taking a house, killing. James needed a challenge and the other two agree. So robbing a major bank, in a major city at a busy time suited James just fine. James didn't really honestly care about the money his wife Victoria craved he lived for the kill and the chase after.

No one in the bank is safe; James's unpredictable nature suspended everyone's future. Now with Laurent and Victoria at his flanks he aimed and fired his gun at the nearest body, which happened to be an old security guard. The shot's loud bang echoed throughout the building alerting everyone to their presence.

Bella instantly removed her eyes from her shoes and Edward pulled his gaze from Bella. Jasper and Alice held each other tighter and Emmet and Rosalie stopped their display of public affection all six of them watched the three excuses of human beings laugh at the bleeding man. A few screams sounded around and panic was everywhere, there was no escape.

James had started the biggest chase of his life. His dark chuckles sent shivers down Bella's spine. Her now pathetic life didn't seem so bad, at least she had a damn life but now maybe it was a bit too late to start living it. Edward was experiencing similar regrets as were most of the people in the building.

Victoria hit the lock down button, and pointed her own gun at the shaking bank assistant. The lady complied with her wishes. In all of the terror Edward had reached out and held Bella's hand firmly, Bella's was very thankful at the soothing contact with another human being, it has been too long.

James was making rounds, looking each person up and down; chilling them to the bone with his cold stares. When James descending on the linking Bella and Edward he found something to his liking. A better more hurtful challenge. Edward was standing tall and holding Bells like his own life depended on it and James saw Bella as unobtainable, something that he really didn't like. He wished that Victoria would hold him like that; little did James know that Bella and Edward were complete strangers but he was extremely jealous an emotion James isn't used to experiencing and this angered him beyond belief.

As if Edward could read his mind he pulled Bella's tiny frame behind him and James growled, how dare Edward stand up to him. Edward wasn't in charge, he was and the blaring police sirens just proved his point more. Alice stopped the confrontation, instantly recognizing Bella she gasped. Jasper saw his wife's distress unaware that his step-sister was in danger. Emmett also watching the scene with Rosalie gripping him holding back tears for her brother was also unaware that it was his sister that Edward was protecting by staring a gun straight in face.

As the bank locked down and the road outside filled with police, James smiled rather hauntingly. This is what James lives for.

Life is such a strange thing, it can be taken away quickly as the guard now knows. Now it doesn't matter what has happened in everyones lives before this point, they may never get a chance to change what they wanted. Bella might die alone, Emmett might die without knowing his sister, Rosalie might never be able to tell those she loved how much they really mean to her, Edward might die not knowing Bella wrote those stories that were his only company at night, Alice might die not telling Jasper that hes going to be a father and Jasper might die not telling his pregnant wife he knows about the baby, because Alice can't hid pregnancy tests well.

From here on out their lives which at some point they've all hated or still hate mean more to them than all their trivial problems ever did. They have to hope for a second chance to live.

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