A/N: I now present, for your reading pleasure, the sequel to Granola Bars and Fancy Cigars. First up is the prologue, just to sort of fill everyone in on what's happened since then. It'll probably be a page long.

Six months have passed since the events on Alcatraz.

Storm, for three of those months, had taken over as headmistress of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She had done a good job of it as well. However, she was soon demoted to a sort of deputy position, though not for anything bad.

No, the reason she was demoted was that Xavier returned. Anyone who paid attention in his lectures knew that it was possible to transfer one's consciousness into the body of another, which is precisely what he had done. The students and faculty had soon gotten over the shock at the return of their mentor. In fact, the only thing that still weirded them out was that he was walking and had hair.

Henry 'Hank' McCoy had remained a member of the staff as well, taking over the math and science divisions.

Every spare surface in the mansion was covered in art created by the students. The fridge was covered in brightly color children's drawings, and pottery peeked from every niche. And those who were old enough to have cars of their own learned how to properly take care of them, while those who weren't old enough learned how they could help without getting in the way.

The school was jam packed with new students or those just looking for a place to stay. Warren 'Angel' Worthington had decided to remain at the school, and had since started a romance with Kitty Pryde. To name a few others were the boy Jimmy, known also as Leech, who had been used to create the cure, as well as Remy LeBeau, known as Gambit, and Forge.

It was very noticeable though, that one was missing.

Rogue had not dealt well with her powers coming back online, or the fact that when they had, she had nearly killed Bobby. So it was that not long after, in the dead of night, she snuck out and continued along her original journey from so long ago to Anchorage, Alaska. She kept in contact via e-mail, with Logan. She was pretty happy there, and had met a boy, by the name of Nolan, who had powers similar to Leech.

And what of Logan and his beloved elf Kurt? Well…that's a whole different story. One that I'll start in the next chapter. Suffice to say, they are very, very happy.

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