After nearly 7 years, I've decided to reopen this story; I'm still receiving hits on this, and it's blowing my mind. I hope you all enjoy the reprise. It will possess elements of the original, however, the atmosphere will be... different. Be sure to see what I put these two love birds through next :)

Photograph: Snap

Kagome sat on the lip of the Bone-Eater's well, her ebony hair bathed in the highlights of the sunrise. Wishing she brought a sweater, she shivered, gazing around the clearing. The morning dew twinkled in the sunshine.

'Why do you insist we meet at dawn, and yet, YOU'RE the one who's late?' She heard the birds then. Kagome mimicked them, feeling a bit more peaceful after exchanging a few songs. She spied an orange coloured bird near her.

She pulled out a tiny pouch of birdseed from the bottomless knapsack she carried. "C'mon," she said, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Remaining as motionless as possible, it took a few moments. Then, the bird flew over, resting on her palm and gobbling up the seeds within seconds.

Kagome snaked a hand into her knapsack, retrieving her camera. The he shudder of the lens snapped in rapid succession, capturing a dozen photos in seconds. The birds in this era of Japan were so unique; she saw feathers of every colour combination. Kagome believed there might not be two of the same colour at all.

Neglecting the thoughts of the hanyou, Kagome strolled through the meadow, chasing the birds. For one reason or another, she possessed an affinity for the avian creatures of Feudal Japan. Perhaps her miko powers somehow attuned her with nature. So far, she had yet to attract anything bigger than a house cat, and only hoped it remained that way.

The pictures she developed when returning home always came out perfect. Mr. Tsukihaku, her professor, boasted her for the expert photo-shopping skills. Nothing like the birds of Feudal Japan existed in this world. Leading her professor and colleagues to assumed she'd used digital enhancements and Photoshop. Of course, Kagome wouldn't ever correct them. Even though the compliments felt hollow, and she was receiving false praise.

Besides, in a few centuries this land would be completely different. Cities, new countries—nothing of what is here now, except the God Tree, was still there in her time. It tugged at her heart strings to see the plumes of noxious smog hovering above the city skyline. Couldn't even appreciate the sun's total warmth. Pollution, tsunamis, earthquakes, landslides—this is what waited modern Japan. And it was not caused by demons.

She couldn't stop it.

So, at least, she could capture its memory.

Kagome pointed her camera at another bird, pausing just before taking it. Entwined in her thoughts, the priestess failed to sense another within the clearing. A chill crawled up her spine. Clawed hands wrapped themselves around her throat, squeezing hard enough she coughed. Her camera fell from her hands, the shutters lens going off.

The hard and uncomfortable armour of her enemy dug into her back and shoulder blades. In the periphery of her vision a strand of silver thin hair swayed in the breeze.

This wasn't Inuyasha. Then...

The pressure abated, just enough for her to gulp in air. "What is that?" he said.

"Describe 'that,'" Kagome said, wheezing.

"Do not be play coy." When she said nothing, the abductor hissed, tightening his grip. "'That' being the device you held in your hands and pranced around the meadow with, miko."

"A camera." The pressure slackened.

"Say it again."

"It's a camera," she croaked.

Released, Kagome fell to her knees. She coughed hard enough to make her eyes water. The captor walked into her field of vision; his plated armour shining bright in the morning light. His ivory hair saturated with orange hues of the sun made him more striking and dangerous than usual. His topaz eyes bore into hers, demanding answers.

Collecting herself, Kagome answered. "It's a metal device used to... draw pictures. Of anything you want, automatically, and instantly."

"Some sort of dark magic? Sorcery?"

Kagome stifled a small giggle. "No, Lord Sesshoumaru—it's, uh, technology. You know. Engineering, and all that. From another country, of course."

"Why would one wish to own such device?"

"To take pictures." She looked about the meadow, drinking in the stunning view. She would not gawk at how resplendent the taiyoukai was, surrounded in his element. "To always keep your memories, or to appreciate something forever. There's no one reason to want a camera. Besides, you never know if something might be gone tomorrow. It's important to preserve history for future generations." Oh god. She was blabbering now. Devotion and an extreme passion of photography always managed to loosen Kagome's jaw.

"Pictures?" echoed the demon lord. "Another invention from this foreign land?"

I can't believe this is actually happening! "A picture is an imprint of an object, or person, on a surface, kind of. Sort of like, if your reflection in the mirror froze, I guess, and you could take it anywhere." Kagome never imagined she'd have to explain this to anyone. Let alone the strongest taiyoukai in Feudal Japan!

Sesshoumaru's calculating eyes assessed her, scowling. He probably thought she was imbecilic, downright insane.

But then, he said, "Show me." In his palm, he revealed her camera.