Written for firsttweak "Shapes" Challenge. Shape used - Star. I took the idea from several places. I like the idea that Kagome taught everyone some of the things she knew in the modern era and that includes wishing on stars. I also took the idea from the anime about Kagome loving to look at the night sky and comparing the stars in the feudal era to the stars in the modern era. This takes place several days after Kagome's return.

Kagome sat mesmerized by the stars in the sky. The night sky in Tokyo was washed out from the bright city lights, leaving only darkness. In the feudal era, the stars shone like diamonds, their sparkle neverending.

Quiet moments like this allowed Kagome time to think. Her life had change so much in the past few days: graduation, leaving home and her return to Inuyasha. He had come into her life unexpectantly and she learned over the past three years that there was no life for her without him. She missed home and her family but she knew her life was here with Inuyasha and she didn't regret her decision.

Inuyasha followed her scent to the quiet hilltop. Seeing her wrapped in the moonlight made his heart swell. Over the last several days, he wondered if this had been a dream and he would awaken to find himself alone again. Sitting next to her, he let the warmth from her body and her unique scent reassure him. Wrapping his arm around her, Inuyasha pulled her close and Kagome relaxed against him. As far as he was concerned, his world was perfect now.

They sat quietly, both watching the night sky. After a while, Kagome began to speak.

"Back in my time, I used to sit under Goshinboku and watch the sky. I would imagine you were here doing the same thing. Sometimes, I would even wish on a shooting star for us to be together again. Those were the times I felt closest to you." Bowing her head, Kagome tried to hide the blush that was creeping up her face. She hadn't planned on admitting something so personal. The change in their relationship was still new to her and suddenly, she felt shy.

Inuyasha smiled at her blush but said nothing. Instead, he pulled her into his lap and held her close.