He had loved him since the day he laid his dark eyes on that certain blond boy.

He himself did not understand why this loud knucklehead has caught his interest.

For two years that is what he did remain in the shadows unseen, unheard and unnoticed by that special boy or so he thought.

Not knowing said boy was watching him too, not noticing those deep blue eyes gaze intently.

They had never spoken a word before their first kiss, a kiss that would forever remain in both their minds.

Pretending disgust while inside their hearts pounded erratically.

On the same team they fought side by side as rivals then as best friends.

Soon they shared their lives with each other, the pain and tears they held for too long.

For both, no longer in shadows had someone to listen, sympathize, to hold.

As the years passed one after the other they created a bond.

Their second kiss was never considered a mistake, or accident and that too was never forgotten.

But soon they both realized that too many things stood in their way, at first they tried to ignore it but all too soon they would rise up again bigger and harder to forget than before, a dream that couldn't be ignored, a revenge that had to be fulfilled.

They parted ways both refusing to look back.

Out loud saying good-bye for what seemed forever, but in their hearts knowing someday their eyes would meet again but that this would not happen until both were free from their obligations.

They fought relentlessly until a new face carved in stone was looked upon by all, a respected leader with blue eyes darkened by pain, memories and wisdom sat waiting.

Somewhere not far away a battle raged a black haired beauty fought for his life, for his lost clan, but most of all he fought for HIM, the person that was his home.