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Tomamon and Tomimon are owners of the restaurant, they're duck and swan like digimon. The other "weird" digimons are just some digimons I made up, because I can't rememeber some different digimon names!

Bao-zi is a kind of chinese bread/dumpling.

I changed the ages a bit so it would make my life easier = ^-^ =:

Tai/Taichi, Matt/Yamato, Sora, Jun/June = 17 years old.

Davis/Daisuke, TK/Takeru, Kari/Hikari, Yolei/Miyako = 14 years old.

Cody = 12 years old.

Sorry people! I'm very SORRY! I know I promised a Kenyako/Kenlei next, but then I just finished watching "The Giant mega Qinglongmon", and in the end, you know where that part Davis and Yolei fight about eating the "bao-zi" they walk home together alone? It totally inspired me!

The 5 digidestined sat and were eating in a Digital World Restaurant with their digimons, it was a reunion for them, for they have not seen (the digimon and their partners) for a couple of months.

"Hey! I was reaching for that one!" Yolei told Davis, and they both laughed.

"Here, we each can have half." Davis told her, handing her half of the "bao- zi.", while Kari, TK, and Cody looked at them in bewilderment.

Suddenly, Cody looked at his watch and said, "Oh no! It's four fifty (4:50pm, in case you don't understand)! I am going to be so late for Kendo if I don't hurry! EEK! Bye Armadillomon! Nice meeting you again." Cody said, bowing, 'Goodbye to you all too, and do take care." Cody said, waving good bye to Armadillomon, the digimons and their partners.

"Did you say four fifty!" TK and Kari said in unison. Cody nodded and then ran away. TK and Kari looked at each other, "We are going to be so late!" Kari exclaimed. "Yeah, and the movie tickets are going to be a waste! Let's go!" TK said, hugging Patamon while Kari hugged Gatomon, and then TK grabbed Kari's hand and they disappeared. The Yolei and the digimons sweat dropped. Davis? He looked mad. "Why did TK and Kari run off together?".

Yolei turned to Davis. "Are you sure you want to know?" Yolei asked.

"I know." Davis said quietly, looking at his shoes.

"Are you okay?" Veemon asked.

"Yeah, you don't look so well." Gatomon said.

"I'm OKAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Davis yelled, and with that, he curled up on a sofa in the waiting area, putting his head on his knees. 'How can they betray me like this, especially that TA!' Davis thought angrily. Yolei sighed, "Come on you guys. I'm sure you all have some place to be. We'll see you guys next week" She said, and with that, the digimons waved good bye to Davis and Yolei, Gatomon, Vee-mon, and Patamon one way, Armadillomon and Hawkmon the other way.

"Boy, Davis was sure upset when TK and Kari left. I wonder why?" Veemon thought, talking out loud.

"It's something about Kari, remember I told you before? Human girls can do that to human boys." Patamon said, while Gatomon sighed, and walked on.

*******************************************Meanwhile************************ ***************

"Hey Tomamon! I'll pay now." Yolei said, handing over some digi-dollars. "I can't believe they're all making me pay this. I already have to pay most of the food in the real world." Yolei muttered.

"Thank you! Well, you are free to leave now, unless you would like to hang around." Tomamon said. Tomamon began to clean up, suddenly, a loud BAM was heard. Everyone looked up, including Davis, who's head went back down when he saw who it was. It was a flock of thirty or forty Cookiemons, Tomamon quickly welcomed them and began to take orders, while Tomimon served them tea. Looking at how busy Tomamon and Tomimon were, she began to pile up the dirty dishes on the table she was just at and put them into a plastic box.

"Thank you." Tomamon said to Yolei as she (Tomamon) passed by, practically flying toward the kitchen. 'I might as well as clean up the table, then wash the dishes.' Yolei thought, sighing.

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