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OH yeah, Davis and everyone eats lunch with the people in their grade and Cody's grade and everyday! 2 class eats at a time in the cafeteria.

************************At Lunch****************************************************

The four DDs except Yolei sat together at lunch again, Yolei was waiting in line to buy her lunch. Kari was very suspicious of Yolei lying now, she told everyone why she was so suspicious.

"I mean, it's so weird, the way she answered us was like she needed time to think about her answer, right TK? Right Davis?" Kari said, Tk and Davis nodded.

"Then she told me that she and Makako went out for the dinner. The weird thing is, I just remembered that it was MAKAKO who answered the phone, do you think she's up to something?"

"I don't think so." Cody said, shaking his head, "Maybe she is lying to us, but she must have a good reason."

"Yeah, I agree with Cody." Davis said.

"Oh, wait, I remember now, I almost forgot to tell you guys. She was pretty weird last night, I saw her." TK said, snapping his fingers.

"YOU SAW HER LAST NIGHT?" Davis yelled, 'uh oh'. ------Silence------, everyone turned around to look at their table, "hahaha, a joke, a joke." Davis said loudly for everyone to hear. Everyone turned back to their own groups and minded their own business, withing seconds the cafeteria was back to its old self.

"What's the big deal Davis?" TK asked. Davis slightly blushed, "Uh nothing."

"You're blushing, THAT means something." TK said.

"I'm NOT blushing!" Davis hissed.

"Davis, is there something you want to tell us?" Cody asked.

"Yeah Davis, what's up? You hardly ever blush." Kari said, smiling at Davis, but no, she didn't have any effect on him, she frowned a bit at this.

"Hi guys!" Yolei said cheerfully, she had heard everything, coming to a rescue for Davis. She took a seat next to Cody, and started to talk. "Oh my god, did you guys hear the screaming this morning?" Changing the subject, no one said anything, Davis caught Yolei's eye and understood.

"Yeah totally, who was it? Mr. Toyota nearly had a heart attack." Davis said.

"Really? It was people from my PE class. I thought Patina was never going to shut up, we saw this HUGE stray dog rolling was around in the court yard, and none of us dared to touch it, then Lost, the idiot, he went over to it and poked it with this tree branch, and it began to chase Lost. I don't think the stray meant any harm, anyway, Mrs. Loftiest, the twelfth grade biology teacher, came, and said, "What a sweet dog!" And she took the dog away, saying that she'll keep the dog, the dog likes her too I think. Then we went back to PE class and I heard Noelle telling everyone she saw the principal with a broomstick ready to attack the dog before Mrs. Loftiest came," Yolei blabbered on, laughing weakly, Davis too, but everyone else just looked in bewilderment. Kari coughed.

"Yolei? Why do I have to feeling you're changing the subject?" Cody said, before Kari could say anything.

"What? No I'm not. Why would I be? There's nothing wrong with Davis blushing." Yolei said, blinking her eyes.

"You ARE!" Kari said.

"Uh Yolei, hate to break this to you, you are. If you weren't, then how come you know we were talking about Davis?"

"What does that have to do with anything, TK?" Yolei asked. TK sighed, "Never mind. Back to the subject, Davis, spit what ever you have out." Davis spat out his milk onto TK's sandwich.

"EEWWW! DAVIS!" TK exclaimed, and threw away his lunch. Yolei laughed while Cody just sat there, TK and Kari annoyed as ever.

"Okay, let it out! Davis come on, you can tell us." TK said. While Kari, remembering Yolei, said, "Wait TK, we'll hit on Davis later, now Yolei, it's your turn." She turned to Yolei.

"What?" Yolei said, looking confuse, she caught Davis's eyes, and knew something was up, she stood up, and said, "Uh, I have to-"

"You're NOT going anywhere!" Kari said, who was sitting on the other side of Yolei, she yanked Yolei's arm and pulled her right back to her seat.

"Okay, what?" Yolei asked, worrying inside.

"Where were you last night?" Kari asked.

"I told you, I was out for dinner with Makako."

"But Makako was the one who answered my phone calls!"

"Huh? Oh, I.." Yolei said, shifter her feet uncomfortably, 'Great, now what am I going to say? She got me."

"I thought we were friends Yolei, you can tell us everything. I tell you everything about me!" Kari said.

"Uh, that's not true Kari." TK said, "Maybe it is best to leave them alone. It's not really fair for them." While Cody got up and walked away quietly, he had enough, also hurt that Yolei was keeping a secret from him.

"TK! I mean, you can trust us." Kari said quickly.

"Why are you doing this to us? When we're ready, we'll tell you. Why are you driving us nuts!?!" Davis said loudly, clearly annoyed with Kari.

"Us? We're ready? Us?" Kari said, questionably.

"Okay okay, you got us, we went out last night, TOGETHER, happy?" Davis admitted while Yolei looked down at her feet. TK looked at them in disbelief while Kari looked at them over.

"Davis, how can you that! I never thought you would steep that low to date one of my best friend to make me jealous!"

"I am NOT dating Yolei for the sake's of you!" Davis said, Yolei looked at Kari and Davis, then at TK, wondering if what Kari said was true.

"Davis..I.." Kari said.

"OKAY! STOP DRIVING US NUTS! SO WHAT IF YOLEI AND I WENT OUT ON A DATE LAST NIGHT! SHEESH!" Davis yelled, for the second time at lunch today, everyone turned toward them. "What are YOU GUYS LOOKING AT! Haven't YOU WENT OUT with someone who you FIGHT WITH ALL THE TIME?"

"NO!" His class mates yelled back to him.

"WHAT EVER! I LOVE YOLEI, PERIOD" He said and he pulled Yolei up with him and gave her a kiss, just like that! In front of everybody. Yolei pushed herself away from him, "Davis! What are you doing?"

"What do you think? They don't believe us, so let's let them see it." With that, he kissed Yolei again, this time, Yolei returned the kiss. When they broke apart, everyone was silenced, even the supervisors and the lunch ladies. He and Yolei now were both blushing madly. Every kid in the cafeteria began to clap and cheer for them, including TK, only Kari sat there, looking up at Davis and Yolei, giving them a weak smile.

******************************A few days later******************************

Yolei and Davis were holding hands and walking down the hall in peace, no one would whisper about them in the hall or point at them, it was all considered normal now. Cody and Yolei were still the best of friends ^-^.

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