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Divine Intervention


Since his departure she had found that she had lost that spark, that small light in her life that made her want to go the extra mile and force it upon herself to do better. The truth of it all is that somewhere deep inside of her heart she knows she won't ever be able to forget him. It will never come to pass that she will want to erase her memories of Pete, lest some sort of higher power would intervene and even then it would have to be for a damn good reason. Not only because of the fact that she loves and misses the ghost boy so much, but also for Pete himself.

He was such a lively soul, a happy spirit with a wonderful disposition and an ever-positive outlook on SakuranoTazusa's life and the goings on within that young life. Even though his own life had all ready ended, he had truly been alivewithin her. He had been alive with her. They had lived for one another. And she lives on for him. Because it's complicated not to fall in love with someone when they had literally become a part of you. For an entire one hundred days the two of them had quite realistically been inseparable when he had fallen from heaven as an angel unable to enter paradise.

At first the thought of spending every waking moment with someone always by your side like that was a thought that Tazusa couldn't bear. Not with all the pressure that she had been under, not with the Olympics and her career on the line as they were at the time. And sharing the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom with some stranger, which he was at the time, was a scary and overwhelming concept for a sixteen-year-old girl. Not to mention the fact that he had been able to feel everything else she felt, including her feelings toward other men. Pete had also been able to see what ever she saw, which meant changing with a blindfold on, bathing with a blindfold on and making sure to never, ever forget it before doing either of the aforementioned activities.

She had a rather apparent distaste for the boy at first, as funny as it seems now that she misses him so. Now she can see how ridiculous it was for her to not want him with her every moment. Now Tazusa knows that it had truly been childish and wrong to treat him so badly. Doing mean things like eating tomatoes, a food that Pete hated or taking extremely hot baths or swallowing a whole bottle of the hottest hot sauce just to torture him. It had been time wasted being mad at the wrong person in the beginning.

But after a while she had come around, warming up to his ideas and growing comfortable with his constant presence. It had come to feel as if Pete had been there for all of her life, sort of like the annoying best friend that you can't get rid of. He was always helping her out when things were looking bad, always comforting her when she was upset or thought there was no way out of her predicaments. There honestly had never been such a kind person as him in her life before.

Tazusa now walks quietly down the empty afternoon street wanting desperately to open her mouth and speak with Pete. However she ultimately bites down on her tongue, reminding herself that talking to herself in public anymore than she all ready has will only cause more trouble for her. Anyway, it isn't as if Pete is there to talk to. He's in heaven, which needless-to-say, means that he is not technically with her and it's therefore idiotic to stand in the middle of the street in broad daylight, talking to no one apparent to those around her.

She sighs irritably to herself but quickly tries to smile once more. If the last thing that Pete had wanted from her was to see her smile and that was their connection now, then she could do nothing but feign or force a smile. Of course, it isn't always a fake. Sometimes when she really sets her mind onto it, she can truly be happy for him, to commemorate the time they spent together and to prove that it was not and never will be an imaginary relationship.

If someone who's important to you dies, and you are left behind as the sole person with knowledge of the said person's existence then, in Tazusa's opinion, you should grieve. When a good person dies, someone should care, someone should notice and grieve and be upset. Otherwise, the one who died is alone.

She looks up as she hears a plane engine overhead, a tiny thing with small twin engines and a brown coat of paint, flying very low in the sky. A smile works its way across her soft, lightly tanned skin; the wind catches her hair, toying with it, tossing it across her face. This is how she knows that Pete's always watching her. This is her proof that he is still all around her, all the time.

Moments when the wind plays with her hair like this, or when a plane just happens to fly directly over her or when the sun warms her skin, she can feel that Pete is close. She can feel him there, cheering her on at her meets as if he is still right beside her, moving with her while she skates. She can feel the gentle touch of his hand against the side of her face, even though the entire time he had possessed her they couldn't actually touch.

This fact however, could not stop her imagination and boy had she ever thought about what it would be like to have his arms wrapped up around her. He is the only one worthy enough to touch the ten billon yen beauty, or at least in her opinion. He had placed his hands on her shoulders or held her hand many a time while they were together, but being able to actually touch would have been fantastic.

In the end they had kissed, twice and not nearly enough to please the outspoken skater. If she had it her way, they would have kissed many more times before he had suddenly vanished. She didn't want to have to let him go.

But now, here she is on her way to the nearest church to sit and pray. Quietly as she can, she pushes the back door ajar slightly and slides in, tip-toeing in an attempt to not be noticed. Any time previous to this afternoon, coming into the house of worship quietly and sitting down in a pew to speak to Pete had been a success. But, for some unforeseen reason, today the pastor of the building is present as well.

Of course, the only right way for the girl to become completely aware of the fact that she is not alone is through the element of surprise. Just as she claims an empty pew and takes a seat, smiling up at the stained glass cross etched into the large window over the altar, someone taps her shoulder.

Alarmed, Tazusa whirls around in her seat, only to be met with the smiling face of the minister. She places a hand over her heart, taking a few deep breaths. "Oh dear, I'm sorry to have startled you miss." He speaks quite formally, even for someone of his age and obvious foreign decent. His eyes are blue and his hair is naturally brown with a few gray streaks representing his age. His smile is kind and genuine, not like many, but not unlike Pete's. She gives an apologetic smile after shaking her head profusely.

"No, I'm the one who's being intrusive. I'll go now…" Just as she stands up, the man speaks again.

"You do not have to leave young lady. Please, sit down and feel welcome to stay. The church does not belong to me alone. It belongs to all those who believe." Tazusa makes a face, looking slighting confused and slightly ashamed for not having any idea what he's talking about. She knows that she is about to sound stupid but she asks anyway.

"Believe what?"

The man does not seem to be judging her, but only smiles and shrugs. "That's for you to decide on your own. So tell me child, why have you come here today?" She looks back up at the stained glass cross and smiles sadly.

"I doubt that if I told you that you would believe in my words." Tazusa speaks in a small voice, very contrary to her usual confidant tone. His laugh in response sounds to her like a "try me" laugh, so she turns to see his face.

He looks like someone who has been through a lot of unbelievable experiences in his life, so she decides to tell him the story. Who can it hurt if just one person knew Sakurano Tazusa's real story during the time of the 2006 Olympic games? Certainly it will not hurt not the pastor about to hear the story and definitely it will not hurt Tazusa. She's dying to at least be able to spill herself to someone. It's such a big burden to carry, knowing that if she tells that everyone will think she's insane and that if she does not she will surely burst apart. So, ultimately, this is a win-win situation right?

She turns, swinging her legs up over the pew so she can sit on her knees on the cushioned seat while she begins telling her story to the man with the endless smile. "You see, a while back ago, I was a selfish girl, someone who only ever thought of ways to advance as a figure skater. But then I met Pete, a ghost who somehow got stuck with me. Apparently for 100 days after he died he couldn't go to heaven no matter what so, he stayed with me."

Her smile is gentle, filled with nostalgia as she looks off in some distant direction at some unknown, but seemingly very interesting invisible object. She closes her eyes for just a moment and when they re-open they are full of amusement. "Actually, when I first found out that I'd be stuck to someone for a hundred days, I was pretty angry," She laughs here, but it is empty, not full of humor. "I thought 'I can't believe this! I'm so unlucky! Why's this have to happen to me?' But I was only thinking about myself, and not about the boy in the beginning."

The man gives a nod a few minutes into her lengthy pause, urging her to continue, which she does after another deep breath. "He helped me so much, even when I thought it was annoying, even when I didn't think he could help, he still did. But, in the end, the hundred days were gone and so is he. It's such a shame because he deserved to havea long, happy life too. A life filled with his loved ones and happiness. He didn't deserve to die when he was onyl sixteen." Ending the monologue here, the girl lowers her head to turn around and quietly faces the altar, looking back up at the cross.

"I hope you don't mind. I come here every day and think of him, of how he's doing up in heaven and if he still thinks of Sakurano Tazusa even though he's in paradise. I hope that he does miss me and I hope that he thinks of me as often as I do him." She smiles to herself after she is finished speaking. The man shakes his head as she watches him discreetly out of the corner of her eye.

"No, I don't mind. Today, because you came here, I got to hear such a nice story." He seems genuine enough, not like he hadn't been paying attetion or doesn't believe her. This man seems to really appreciate the story and also seems like he considers it a privilege it have heard it.

She smiles. "It's okay if you really don't believe me. It isn't something that just happens everyday to everyone, so I understand, but I know that it was real."

Again the man shakes his head and she looks back at him over her shoulder, surprised. "No, I believe you. After all, you're Sakurano Tazusa, the ten billion yen beauty, right? Why would you make up such an elaborate story? To get attention?"

Her eyes widen a bit as she comes to realize that this man had known her name and she had never given it, which is also an irregular occurrence, even if she is a famous skater. Even though plenty of people in Japan know her, she no longer assumes that everyone should. It's a new attitude that she has adopted since Pete's departure.

But when she turns around to ask if he is a man who watches figure skating or not, something in his expression has changed and it catches her off guard. His smile is less that of comforting and gentle and now more of a knowing smile. Her own mouth falls agape and she quickly snaps it shut again when she realizes, knowing that she must look dumb in front of this stranger. "Um…" But he stands up, surprising her back into silence as he walks around to stand in front of the pews.

"I know all ready of your struggles. And I know whom your heart aches to be with. I have something for you," The man seems suddenly like a completely different person and it takes a moment for Tazusa to piece it together in her mind. When it does fall into place and she realizes just who this being is standing in front of her, her eyes widen. Can this really be God?

If anything, the knowing smile on his face widens a bit more. She leans forward anxiously in her chair. "Yes?" As the word falls from her lips, a familiar figure appears beside her, clad in his normal blue long sleeved tee shirt and khaki cargo jeans. A friendly smile graces his bright and glowing skin, his blue eyes as warm and inviting as ever. His soft, sandy blond hair rests gently over his eyes.

"Hi Tazusa!" His voice is the same as always, energetic and passionate, full of nothing but joy. Her eyes begin to widen even further if it is possible and fill with tears as well. The man smiles gently at the two teens, Pete watching the teary-eyed girl. The angelic glow around him dissipates, fading away bit by bit until it is completely gone and at that very moment he reaches over and sets to work wiping away the tears still clinging to her eyelashes.

"I won't have you crying Tazusa. What did I tell you about tears?" He tells her softly, giving her a huge, goofy smile. At these words, she can't help smiling back at him because she understands that she has made a promise to smile, for him. However, a thought now strikes her.

She realizes that Pete is actually touching her, his hand not falling through her and she is so curious that her hand comes up to his cheek as well and she emits a small gasp, feeling skin underneath her hand. His smile widens a bit. "Come on Tazusa, just now I reminded you. No crying." His voice is so soft.

They both look toward the minister at the front pew, who is smiling warmly at the two of them. "Why?" Finally giving a nod, he decides it's time to clue them in on the situation.

"There are two possible outcomes of this situation as far as I see it," Both teens look interested in this, straightening up a little in their seats as if this will increase their auditory abilities.

"Outcome one: You don't agree to the following terms and Pete stays in Heaven with me while you remain on earth, only knowing of your time together before now and keep your current memories," They glance confusedly at one another as the man continues to speak, neither sure of what's about to become of them. "Or outcome two: In this outcome, I will allow Pete to come back for another one hundred days as a ghost who will possess you, just as before…"

Pete and Tazusa look excitedly at one another but soon loose that enthusiasm as the almighty continues. "But, I didn't say that this was going to be easy. I want to test this relationship of yours, but not for my sake. I want you to figure out whether this is real love or not on your own. That's why I've prepared to make you this deal." Tazusa looks at Pete as if he can give her some insight as to what's going to happen, but ghost boy only shrugs, clueless and just as helpful as ever. Tazusa makes a face at this

"I will give you the following 100 days after you leave this building to prove that your relationship is real. But the catch is that both of you will have no recollection of each other from the last time he had possessed you." Worried, Tazusa clutches onto Pete's shoulder, who in turn pulls her close, trying to be comforting. God gives a gentle smile.

"Now, if in that one hundred days you two do not come to love one another again without those old memories, Pete has to go back to Heaven with me and you will stay here on Earth with your old memories. But, if you do come to love each other in those one hundred days all over again and can admit it to one another then I will give Pete his life back to live with you here on Earth, all memories intact."

Both Pete and Tazusa are overjoyed at the news initially, but when Pete turns to Tazusa, she can tell that he doubts this scenario. "Tazusa…what if…" Quickly hushing the boy and then pulling her finger away, she looks into his eyes determinedly. "Don't say that we can't do it. We've proven it once haven't we? Besides, this is the girl with ten billion yen's worth of good looks you're talking to. I can do anything I set my mind to. I won't lose to a little road bump like this!"

Her voice is so sure that it soothes him and his ever faithful smile returns as her leans into her, nodding. "You're right! We've done it all before and we'll do it again!" She nods and they both look back at God, ready.

"We accept your challenge!" Both Pete and Tazusa are filled with nothing but confidence. Smiling at the two youngsters, he nods.

"It is done then. When you leave this building, the deal takes effect." And with that, the man is gone.

Left alone at last, the human figure skater and the temporary human glance at one another, looking wistful. It has been quite a while since they have last been together. She can't figure out just exactly what she feels at this moment. It is a bubbly, excited feeling in her Tazusa slides a bit closer and Pete's blue eyes widen in surprise. "Pete, I missed you," She tells him carefully, looking up to find his eyes full of nothing but joy. She once again turns to so she can sit on her knees in the pew, lacing her fingers tightly through his.

"I did too. I watched you go through your days, wanting to share them with you again and I couldn't."

"Hey, Pete," Her eyelids tremble a bit, her deep blue eyes looking somewhat timid. He grins widely, turning as far as he can toward the girl, his hand tightening around hers.

"Yeah?" As always, his speech is as soft as velvet, his eyes a rainstorm of blue, piercing into her very soul. His skin is actually against hers, and being able to feel his touch may be the thing driving her the most insane right now. Even before, when they had been together every day and he had always annoyed her. Sometimes the thing she had wanted the most was to be able to touch him then as she can at this moment.

She smiles at him looking as if she had decided upon something in a spilt second. "I know that you will only remember until the minute we walk outside. I know that I'll forget then too. But, that stuff doesn't matter to me. I love you. I really love you, Pete."

Pete feels his face heat up rather quickly at her words, but he looks right into her eyes despite this fact and smiles shyly. Finally able to say it back, this time is not going to be like when he was not able to respond. His forehead falls onto hers. "I thought so. I love you too." For the first time in a year, Sakurano Tazusa is truly a very happy girl. Getting to see him again, being able to confess right to him, hearing him say it all back, it's too good to be true. And really it is because when they walk out that door, he will go back to being a ghost inside of her and they will forget that any of this ever happened.

He lifts her face a little with his thumb and forefinger cupping her chin and leans in, not even hesitating to give her the kiss he's been longing to give. It's sweet, shy and very gentle, yet full of enthusiasm. As ever, he is nothing but true to his character.

For a moment before the two leave the building, they stand at the door of the church, looking at one another. Tazusa looks worried, like she never wants to leave the building ever again and her hand tightens on the boy's arm. Pete's hand comes over hers and her eyes dart to meet with his. "Pete, i just realized something…it's gonna be like you leaving all over again."

His expression is unchanged however as his hand comes to rest over hers. "Don't worry," Their eyes meet. "I may forget, but it won't change anything. I am not going anywhere. We will fall in love again." Tazusa doesn't believe she ever seen anyone look more sure of anything in her life. When he looks at her like this, there's no way she can doubt him.

"You're right. Anyway, for whatever tomatoes I make you eat this time, I'm sorry in advance…" Pushing the doors of the meeting hall wide open, both step into the gleaming sunlight, laughing.

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