Devine Intervention


School had begun again after that oh so eventful summer, Pete going to a private all guys school and Tazusa going back to her own school. The skating season has begun again for the year, seeing Tazusa constantly stressing out trying to put together programs. Pete sits in the living room every night with her and helps her go over things, preparing her for their now dual act.

This year, they had entered as a pair, Pete being an amateur skater. Tazusa now has to spend most nights of the week at the rink, helping Pete get used to being on the skates on his own.

He spins back wards, copying her Lutz and the dark haired girl claps for him as he glides by, holding out his hands as if telling her, "That was pretty good, right?" The figure skater nods at him and laces up her skates, joining him out on the ice.

"So," He tells her, sitting beside her on the couch. "The first big skating event of the season is coming up. Do you feel good about it?"

She looks at the boy for a moment before finally working in a smile and nodding at him. "I feel fine. As good as I was before, now I'm better. These will be our flights and nothing will separate us again."

Smiling, the blonde takes her hand, rubbing the back of it affectionately with his thumb. "Right, nothing ever will."

Days pass until the big event, reporters stopping them constantly in the street. "Sakurano-senshu, do you really believe that this season will go well with someone so new as your partner?" The one man asks, holding out his tape recorder toward the skater. Her eyes narrow, looking slightly aggravated. "How do you plan on making it through the season now that you have made a partner? You've always skated solo, won't this effect your performance?"

She begins to open her mouth, about to yell at them at the top of her lungs until she feels Pete's hand tighten around hers. She glances over at the boy, who is giving her a meaningful look. Sighing, she turns back to the reporters with a grin. "The only effect this will have on my performance is making me a better skater. No, I don't think that it will hurt my career to have a partner. But I'm late for practice, so could I answer your questions after?"

Charming them with a big smile, all the reports just melt back away from her and she steps inside, going and putting on her practice outfit.

She waits for Pete beside the rink and smiles when she feels quirky hands poking her in the sides. Turning on her heel, she hits him lightly on the cheek and he blinks a few times, confused. "What was that for?"

She only giggles. "I've just been waiting to be able to hit you and not have it effect me at all!" She turns away then, gliding out over the ice, Pete setting off after her at full speed.

The following evening is the big night and everyone who's anyone has come. The stands are full to the highest capacity with people. All the lights in the arena go down as the first skater begins her act. In the changing room Tazusa takes deep breath after deep breath. It's going to be a long night. This isn't like the end of last season anymore. Now everyone is either expecting her to win a medal or fall down again. She sighs.

There comes a knock at the door. "Hai!" She calls and Pete enters, looking at her worriedly.

"Have you been in here stressing out this whole time?"

She looks at him embarrassed and then lowers her head as she hears him walk over toward her. He lifts her head up and their eyes meet. "Don't worry Tazusa, as always, I'll be right beside you."

Theirs is the third place in the line up. "Currently on the ice representing Japan, the new team of the season Tazusa Sakurano and newcomer Pete Pumps!" The announcer yells as coach wishes Tazusa good luck.

She glides out onto the ice, stopping out in the middle. Pete enters from the other side, smiling at her as he slides to a stop beside her. She smiles back over her shoulder, knowing that this was going to be the first in a long line of flights with Pete that were to come.

The music starts and they're off, turning and jumping and gliding their way around the rink. "The world is ours," They say together, smiling as they make the final turn, finishing with a triple tow loop combination. The crowd goes wild, shouting and screaming adoring fans in the audience yell out as Tazusa gives a final wink and Pete waves.

The program for the evening continues on, all of the other skaters taking their turns until the announcing of the winners. It would appear that Pete and Tazusa have glided their way right into second place as they stand on their respective podium, smiling and waving to the audience.

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