Prologue To Disaster

There was a soft knock at Matthew's door. Looking at the clock up on the wall, he noticed that no one should be knocking on his door this late. But he was the kind of person to help someone out, no matter what the time. He opened the door slowly and noticed the shrunken form of his good friend (and secret love), Alfred Jones.

"Al… fred?" Matthew asked, his face flushing.

Alfred looked at Matthew with red-rimmed eyes, "I… I'm sorry to burst in on you, Mattie… but I need a place to stay for a while?"

"Why…?" Matthew asked, still shocked at Alfred's state of being. Alfred's usually neat hair was gritty and unkempt, and his shirt had been pulled out. His blue eyes were red-rimmed, and cloudy.

"Arthur… we're… over…" Alfred said, fresh tears in his eyes.

Matthew was secretly pleased that Alfred had been dumped by the Englishman, but he refused to show it, instead wrapping his arms softly around the older boy and pulling him close. Matthew knew that Alfred could be a douche sometimes. Whenever the American was seeing someone, he shut everyone else off in his life except that one person. He got obsessed when the other person was more powerful than he was. Arthur was either was getting too powerful, or he had said something that had made the entire relationship fall apart. Matthew was always there for Alfred in the end.

"I need a place to stay for a while, though," Alfred said again when they parted.

But that was new.


"Well… I was about to propose to him tonight… and then we got in a fight, and he broke up with me… everything in that house reminds me of him, Mattie… every little thing reminds me of him…" Alfred replied, wiping his nose on his bomber jacket.

The Canadian blinked, "Ummm…"

Alfred held up a red, white, and blue Adidas bag, "I have a few things in here… please?"

Alfred began his usual routine to get what he wanted: he tilted his head forward so that he was looking up at Matthew, and he pouted his lower lip and widened his red-rimmed eyes. Matthew scoffed, exasperated. "Fine, Alfred… you can stay as long as you need to."

Alfred hugged him tight, almost crushing the wind out of the smaller Canadian boy.

Little did poor Mattie know what was in store for him.

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