Chapter Thirty-Two: Just Say Yes


The church was a sight that Saturday morning. Lovino was in the back, trying his hardest not to kill all the relatives who were coming in to talk to him. Matthew, Kiku, and Feliciano were trying to get everyone away without dead-bolting the door. Which they wound up doing anyway.

"This is a disaster!" Lovino cried into his brother's shoulder.

"Sh, Lovi, hush my love…" Feliciano cooed as he rocked his poor brother.

They were all dressed and ready in their button down shirts and pants. Matthew was the last to tie his ribbon around his neck. Feliciano and Matthew outwardly cursed Kiku for making them wear collared shirts instead of dresses, but it made them feel better when Lovino took out his white tuxedo and red ribbon.

Lovino heard the music change and shushed his bridesmaids, unlocking the door quickly and getting ready to walk down the aisle…


The wedding went by quickly for all who had been invited. Antonio had given in and invited Francis and Ivan, who came in full fashions and cheered when Lovino and Antonio kissed each other. They reconvened quickly for a few pictures, and then walked the few blocks to the Vargas' household, where Kayusha and Bella had already started cooking. Arthur took his spot behind the drink table, but lost his post when Kiku grabbed his hand and dragged him to the small wedding party in the corner.

"Congratulations, again, Lovino," Kiku said, hugging the bride.

"God, I'm so glad that's over, though…" Lovino laughed, squeezing the Spaniard's hand.

Matthew smiled, "But… omigod… to be married? How does it feel? For both of you?"

"Wonderful," the husbands said, laughing as they figured out they had said it together. Ludwig saw Alfred put his hand into his pocket for the umpteenth time.

"It von't valk avay, Alfred, calm down…" he whispered.

"I know… just nervous…" Alfred whispered back.

Ludwig nodded, as Matthew gripped Alfred's hand and nuzzled him gently. There was a light gasp behind him. Matthew turned around: it was Elizabeta.

"What about you and Feliciano, Mattie?" she asked.

Matthew and Feliciano exchanged glances. Feliciano suddenly looked hurt, "Bella…" he whined.

"Ah… I'm sorry, mon cher…" Matthew said, taking the brunette's hands, "But… we must move on. Besides…. I heard you were with Ludwig and I… Alfred was there when I found out…"

Elizabeta, Bella, and Kayusha squealed as Feliciano kissed Matthew's eyebrow, "I'm sorry you heard about that, bella. But its true… I… I can't love you…"

There were some gasps from the onlookers, "Why not, Feliciano?" Elizabeta asked.

"He's… he's my brother! Our other brother…" Feliciano replied, keeping one hand locked with Matthew's, but using the other to take Lovino's hand. The girls twittered and began whispering.

"What, Feliciano?" Matthew asked, "You mean…"

"I… I was looking in through old papers… and I stumbled across my father's letters… you're… you're our half-brother, Mattie…" Feliciano said, playing off the fact that, yes, Matthew had been adopted into the Vargas' home shortly after his mother's death.

"So I… we… oh my God!" Matthew cried, acting embarrassed.

"It's behind us, Mattie… it never happened…" Feliciano said, placing a finger on Canadian's lips.

Matthew nodded, "So… this is goodbye, then…"

"As lovers… yes. But as friends and brothers… never…" Feliciano replied dramatically. Matthew and Feliciano stared into each other's eyes for a moment before breaking the silence and throwing their arms around each other. All three girls, including Arthur and Kiku, clapped wildly for the two.

"Now what?" Elizabeta asked, "What will we go to the Pub for?"

Matthew grinned and walked over to Arthur and Kiku, "Well… these two are a pretty big item nowadays…"

Elizabeta squealed and suddenly snapped a photo of the Japanese man and the Englishman, running off quickly with Bella and Katyusha to fawn from afar.

"Nice save, boys," Antonio laughed as Feliciano and Matthew let out a huge breath.

"But really, will we have to be all big and dramatic now?" Arthur asked, referring to Kiku and himself.

Feliciano shrugged and took Ludwig's hand, "Only if you want to. But you can keep it minimal with a kiss on the cheek every once in a while…"

Francis and Ivan butted in at that moment, "I thought it was you who was getting all the attention from the women," Francis said, biffing Matthew under the chin. He put a hand on Antonio's arm, kissing him on both cheeks, "Again, mon cher, felicitations!"

"Gracias, mi amigo," the Spaniard replied.

"It vas a beautiful vedding, boyz," Ivan told them all, "The bridezmaidz vere very cute in da outfitz… but vhy not dresses?"

Matthew glanced at the Frenchman, who had managed to come in a floor length red dress. Matthew glared at his flamboyant friend, "Lucky. Kiku McParty-pooper made us wear these…"

A shrill giggle came from behind them as a blonde and a brunette butted into the conversation, "Do you guys, like, want to change or anything?" a thick Polish accent asked.

"Would we, Feliks? I've been itching to wear a dress since the last time Mattie, Lovi and I played brides together~!" Feliciano cried.

Both Ludwig and the other man, Toris, facepalmed lightly. But Lovino smiled at Feliks, "Let me guess, you have some means of getting their wish granted?"

"I have three pink bridesmaids dresses and a full length wedding dress…" Feliks replied, smiling.

It was Kiku's turn to facepalm, but Arthur nudged him forward toward the other three who were beginning to follow the Polish crossdresser. Antonio smiled, "Now we can really pretend we had a real wedding!"

"Vonderful…" Ludwig replied, rolling his eyes slightly. Gilbert came up to the males and clapped both Antonio and Francis on the back.

"Antonio, congratulations, man!" he said. He looked down at Francis's outfit and the grin widened, "Hello, Francoise."

"Oh, you…" Francis cooed.

The males all laughed and talked, until Ivan and Francis took their leaves to go dance on the floor. After a few more moments after their departure, Antonio checked his watch, "You're boyfriend better not be doing anything hinky with them, Toris…"

Toris blanched. First having to suffer through the company of Ivan, and now his boyfriend's honor being potentially sullied, "He wouldn't do that, Toni…"

"I know, I know…" Antonio replied, "Jeez, Toris."

Toris quieted himself. There was a loud cry from Kayusha of: "They're so cute~!"

Arthur, Ludwig, Antonio, and Alfred all looked in the direction of where the three girls were pointing: Lovino led his three bridesmaids out, dressed now in an elegant wedding dress, his hair back in a veil to complete the look, while Feliciano, Matthew, and Kiku (being pushed by the Polish man) were dressed in the pink, floor-length dresses. They a pushed their hair back with pink headbands.

Matthew looked back and grabbed Kiku's hand as Feliks moved to prance back to Toris. The Pole and the Lithuanian exchanged kisses and moved back into the crowd of onlookers.

"Kat's right, Kiku. You look adorable," Arthur said, the first to get over the initial shock to comfort his boyfriend. He kissed the Japanese man on the forehead. The aforementioned man blushed lightly and allowed himself to be lead onto the dance floor.

Ludwig and Antonio were next, taking their lover's hands and leading them out. The people on the floor parted to let the bride and groom start in the dancing, and soon, after a few moments of just Lovino and Antonio, the others started dancing. Alfred and Matthew hung back.

"Dance with me, Alfred?" Matthew asked.

Alfred put a hand in his jacket pocket before nodding and allowing Matthew to lead him onto the floor. Lovino and Antonio moved from the middle of the floor, letting Alfred lead Matthew to the middle. Matthew was slightly confused. He saw Feliciano nearly jump into Ludwig's arms in anticipation. What the heck is going on?

And then Alfred got on one knee, "Matthew Williams… I know we've only been lovers for a short time… but we've both loved each other for fifteen long years. Never leave and… marry me?" Alfred asked, pulling out a small ring box from his jacket. Matthew gasped.

Everyone was silent. The music even stopped short, waiting for Matthew to answer. Matthew began to cry, but he managed to choke: "M-m-mai oui, Alfred, mon Dieu, oui!" he cried, and Francis cheered, causing the others to cheer as well.

Alfred jumped up and kissed Matthew, and Matthew threw his arms around the American, deepening the kiss. Alfred picked him up, and Matthew was forced to break the kiss out of pure shock and joy.

"You really love me that much, huh?" Matthew asked.

Alfred's eyes widened, as if he thought he'd done something wrong. He was about to drop the other man when Matthew laughed, "Just say yes, you dork~"

Matthew kissed him again, and the whole place erupted in claps and (for the woman) girlish giggles.


For those of you who don't know:

Felicitations – "Congratulations" in French

Gracias, mi amigo – "Thanks, my friend" in Spanish

Francoise – the female version of Francis's French name "Francois"

"Mais oui, Alfred, mon Dieu, oui!" – "Of course, Alfred, my God, yes!"


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