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My name is not important. To reveal it is to give me recognition that I do not deserve, for I was only a faceless background individual in the tale which I am here to share. That is the tale of Liberty Rock, a fort where 235 of us, brave warriors who believed in freedom, held the army of a dictator at bay to give time for a proper defense of our allies to be built. Only 27 of us left that fort alive, but the sacrifice of the others saved the unity of that land, the unity of Calatia.

This is the tale of those martyrs. This is the tale of Colonel Gavelston, the leader of the Calatian Loyalists in the Rock that opposed the dictator General Vael, he who wished to usurp the throne and make Calatia his. This is the tale of Captain Rhodus, an officer in Hyrule's 1st King's Royal Cavalry Squadron whom I'd served under for seven years when the Rock fell. This is the tale of Rusl, an experienced swordsman of Hyrule who came with the cavalrymen lead by Captain Rhodus, myself included, to help fortify the Loyalists' defenses. This is the tale of Bargus, a mighty hero of Calatia who'd defeated a whole troop of Rebel cavalrymen alone. And most of all, this is the tale of Link, the Hero of Twilight who had saved the land of Hyrule two years prior and had come with Rusl and Captain Rhodus to aid us, to aid the crumbling nation of Calatia. This is their story, one I witnessed first hand, and am honored to record in these pages. I suppose my best place to start would be at the beginning.

Calatia is a peaceful nation, friendly to my home of Hyrule and located just west of it. Our countries had been allies for centuries, and we had shared many things. It was they who introduced to us the technology of cannons. When the Twilight Crisis occurred five years ago, Calatia had sent aid, though it was taken by the fell Shadow Beasts of the Twilight Realm. After the Crisis, it was Calatia who'd helped us rebuild our castle, our people, and our kingdom. It was only natural that, when civil war erupted in Calatia, Princess Zelda answered its call for help.

Calatia's humble and noble king had told her of his plight, which all of Hyrule knew by the end of the day: his mightiest and most ruthless commander General Vael had launched a coup d'tat, leading a massive army of trained soldiers who, at the time, were loyal to his cause. When Vael learned Hyrule would send help, he announced his intentions to spill blood on Hylian soil, if necessary. He would rule Calatia, even if he had to invade a part of another country to do so. And so Princess Zelda reacted quickly, sending forward the 1st King's Royal Cavalry Squadron, the best unit in the Grand Army of Hyrule.

Their instructions were simple: hold the passes into Hyrule until the whole army could be assembled and prepared for war. Though only numbering 140 soldiers, the 1st King's contained the best trained warriors in Hyrule. They received more advanced training in swordfighting, archery, and horse-mounted combat than the ordinary soldier, effectively making them capable of doing any soldier's job.

I belonged to Troop 2, which made up almost one-third the Squadron's strength. It was this troop that was commanded by Captain Rhodus. Totaling 60 men, Rhodus included, it had received the task to hold the Calatian side of the Kasuto Pass. Specifically, we would be reinforcing a 140 man Calatian Loyalist garrison at the small fort of Liberty Rock. We received that assignment due to multiple reasons: of the three Troops in the Squadron, ours was the most efficient, the best if you will. Secondly, of the three positions the Squadron was to defend, the Rock, it was also called, had the smallest force already defending it. It was also the weakest fort on the border, and needed the best of the best to hold it.

There was one thing the Princess wished us to do first before we set out to Calatia, and thus we departed Hyrule Castle Town six or seven days before the rest of the Squadron. It might have been eight, my memory fails me here. Whenever it was, Captain Rhodus sent his second in command, Lieutenant Falod, along with almost the entire Troop towards the Kasuto Pass with instructions to wait for him. He then chose a five man squad to go with him on the special errand.

That squad happened to be mine. I recall that we spent the first full day traveling south towards the Ordona Province. Our destination was the only center of civilization for the Humans in Hyrule: Ordon Village. The "special errand" we were tasked with was one we all intended to carry through with honor, whether we succeeded or failed.

We were tasked with finding Link and, on Princess Zelda's behalf, asking him to aid her once again.