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The Flavors of Life

Chapter 5


Roxas was sitting on his bed with a laptop in front of him. Once in a while, he would take the cup that was set on his table and drank the content—which was really nothing, but plain water. He was doing his homework. And it seemed that it was going really well since he didn't stop typing since two hours ago. The TV was on all day, but Roxas hadn't seen that one particular show that he was searching for—that one particular show which name escaped his head.

He would frequently shift his attention to the TV once in a while, to see if a new show was on. He would watch a show once in a while about cooking. Cooking easy, under thirty minutes, under fifteen minutes even, or a cooking competition, show-off... he frowned for a bit. Since when did cooking became such an important and intense activity? People were competing against one another in order to gain some title and a huge amount of money. That was certainly neat.

Nine o'clock, the advertisements rolled off and a new, unknown show was about to start. Roxas put his laptop aside and sat with his back against the wall, hugging a pillow for comfort while holding his cup, slowly drinking the cold water.

"Welcome back in Cooking Ezy with me, Axel."

Roxas choked, all the content of the water that was in his mouth burst out instantly, wetting his blanket. "What?!" he screamed.

Axel was, surprisingly, not wearing any chef's hat or anything to conceal his hair today. That hair... it was insane. Spiking everywhere like, bright crimson as if it never recovered from electric shocked. But it looked so silky even though there was a little hint of gel. Roxas knew because he used gels himself. And that grin, that smile... that was definitely him. Cap-man...

The blond took in a deep breath.

That... that lowly superhero.

That cheater!

That fake person!

That liar!

But really though?... Well, the easiest way to find out was to get Cap-man to take off that cap. He would know for sure. He had never seen hair like that before.

Roxas crawled closer to the TV, as if wanting to go inside the TV himself to strangle the redhead with all the anger that was gathering up in the pit of his stomach. However, all he really wanted to do was look at those eyes. He felt like... a super-stalker right now...

But those eyes, bright jade, emerald. He was not wrong, was he? Cap-man's eyes were also emerald.

...was it really?

Roxas didn't really take notice of them.


The blond stared at Cap-man suspiciously the entire time. Two weeks had passed since that shocking revelation—which wasn't really so shocking at all now that Roxas thought about it with a clear head. Cap-man, of course, noticed the sudden change in his little friend's impression of him. He wondered what was wrong, but never voiced out his concern.

Axel kept trying baking new kinds of cake and brought it to his little friend. He loved seeing the happy expression on the blond's face. It was completely unexpected and rare and he was excited that he could be the one to bring out that kind of emotion on the boy's face.

"Salt, pepper, sugar, and spice..." Roxas muttered while thinking out what he would cook for the day. His curiosity about who the cap-man really was had wavered from his thoughts. They never exchanged names and they were mere acquaintances. He really didn't see any point even if he found out that he was right. "Hummm..." the blond tapped his fingers against his chin thoughtfully.

"Let's make tacos," Cap-man suggested easily.

"You know, I don't really want to cook for the day. Let's eat out," Roxas said, sitting back at the dining table, sighing.

"You okay, little blond?"

"Tiring week, I haven't been having enough sleep," he buried his face in between his arms, resting on the wooden table.

Axel smirked. "I'll cook then."

"Nice!" the blond cheered up almost immediately. It was always nice to have someone cook for him.


"You know. Sugar is sweet."

"Huh?" Roxas narrowed his eyes, shifting in his seat to get a better look at the cooking cap-man.

"Once you think of it, don't you think ingredients and spices resembled our lives?"

"Are you being creepy?" the blond blinked profusely, wondering what cap-man was trying to say. "Or... are you mocking superhero?"

Axel merely grinned. "Mocking superhero. Since I am cap-man and all, I have some wise words for you."

"This oughta be nice."

"When you're happy or when you're unhappy, don't you think you crave sugar?"


"Why?" the man grinned.

"I don't know, because we sought happiness, I guess? Sugar heightens our moods?"

"That's right. But food really isn't a way to escape dilemmas or problems. Food isn't a last resort. Food is leisure."

"You've said that before," Roxas commented.

"Yeah. Food is nutrition. It's essential for survival. The flavors and the very essence of food itself... Food resembles life in many ways."

"I don't quite get you..." Roxas said truthfully.

"It's the flavors of life."

"This is getting weird..." the blond shook his head, wondering if he should understand what the cap-man was trying to tell him.

"You'll understand someday," Axel said easily as he stir-fried the pan of chicken. A drop of sweat could be seen trickling down his temple from the heat.

"What are you thinking, Chef?"

"Huh?" Axel turned off the electric stove as the chicken was already well seasoned and was ready to serve. He took off his apron and stared at the blond.

"Axel? From Cooking Ezy?" Roxas inquired, tilting his head to the side, smiling.

"You knew?"

The blond chuckled, grinning cheerfully. "There are strands of red hair peeking out from your cap. I've been watching."

Axel was taken aback, staring at the cerulean eyes in front of him, wide eyed.

"Who's the psycho now? Surprised?" Roxas was obviously amused and happy that he was finally able to get back at Cap-man. He stepped forward as he backed the redhead to a wall.

"...So now you...know?" Axel grinned awkwardly.

"No denial?"

"Don't think I need one," Cap-man shrugged.

Roxas put his hands at his hips. "I think proper introduction is necessary, Cap-man."

"Fine," Cap-man took off his cap and crazy red hairs immediately popped out from their hiding. "I'm Axel, Roxas."


"You shouldn't be surprised that I know your name, considering that you've let me freely roam inside your house for weeks now. Besides, don't you remember? I did yell your name outside of your house a couple of weeks ago."

Roxas' jaw dropped wide. Did Cap-man really?! REALLY?!


Yes, he did... Roxas didn't notice. How could he forget such an important little detail? He narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Ok, out!" he yelled.


"Out of my house! You liar, you stalker, you... you psycho! You... you ass! Out of my house and don't come back again!" the blond yelled, furious and embarrassed.

Axel's face was painted with shock—as shocked as his hair. "But, your mail was lying around and..."

"You've stepped all over my privacy and now you still have something to say?" the blond hissed dangerously. "Out."

"Roxassssss, c'mon," the redhead pleaded, still holding his cap while the blond gathered all the power he needed to push the man out of the door.

"Good bye," The blond spat as he slammed the door in front of the redhead's face.


There were a couple of weeks of persistence going on. Axel kept visiting, but still with his cap on. Roxas kept persisting not to open the door for the redhead, determined no matter how badly he felt. He knew that he shouldn't have acted so exaggeratedly. But he doubted about his well being.

"Roxas..." the redhead sighed, calling out for the blond, expecting for the boy to ignore him like he did in the previous weeks.

"Axel..." it was Roxas' turn to sigh.

"Huh?" Cap-man cheered up immensely.

"Why are you not giving up?" the blond questioned, confused and baffled.

"Why should I?" Axel questioned back, almost as confused.

"You're a TV star. Everybody loves watching you. Why are you here? You should be in the studio, recording your cooking show or something. Why waste time with me? I don't understand."

"Oh..." Axel nodded, finally understanding the question. "You're my friend."

"No, you don't understand. You're popular. You can have all the friends you want. You really don't have the obligation to be stuck with some... university student like me, you know. Axel, I know some of my friends who are crazy about you and your show. But me? I don't care at all. You don't need someone like..."

"You are my friend, Roxas," cap-man interrupted, voice loud and clear.

"We may be friends. But you deserve better than me."

There was an awkward silence. Axel merely shook his head, narrowing his eyes in disbelieve. Roxas hung his head low. He really couldn't find any reason behind Axel's action. Why him? There were plenty of other people out there who were better than him. Why teach him how to cook? Why bake for him? Friends? That was not reason enough. It was not at all an adequate reason in Roxas' scientific mind.

The redhead took off his cap. His cat like emerald eyes bore deep into Roxas' confused ones. "Why do you think I wear this cap?"


"Why do you think I conceal my identity?"

"... because you want to fool around?" Roxas guessed.

"Too many people I know has left me because of my job—because of my passion for food and cooking," Axel commented. Roxas had never seen cap-man so serious before. He grinned and laughed then. "Well, it is true that it was a bit exaggerated. But I haven experienced it once before. And I thought I would be wrong about you. I've been proven wrong. Thanks, Roxas," he smiled weakly.

"What? Wait, no..."

"You're right, I shouldn't have showed up in front of you again... I'm sorry for all the commotion I've caused you."


"Take care until then."

Roxas was unable to stop the Cap-man. The car sped away, not even waiting for him.

Cap-man was gone. And this time, Axel sounded like he meant it...

The blond didn't know how he should feel.

He was merely voicing his thoughts. He never thought that it would turn out this way.

And for a month long, life had been progressing rather well. Roxas had completely dropped his frozen-food lifestyle and he had even learned a couple of tricks on cooking quickly and easily.

However, he had no way of reaching the redhead. Axel seemed to have changed his phone number since it was no longer contactable. And Roxas avoided the redhead's show on TV.

It was until a while later that Roxas finally saw the familiar figure again, waiting for him right in front of his front door. He took in a deep breath.

...ready to apologize.


Oh well well well.

We'll see how this will go in the next chapter.

Hope you enjoyed.