So I decided to start a new story. I figured since I've done drama and a oneshot I would try my hand at some comedy…Yeahhhhh. Also, I decided to do some fantasy in this… no, no there won't be wizards and magic and dragons, but think of it more of a Disney princess kind of fantasy. Cause I like Disney princesses. Oh and btw, (Sorry for saying btw!) the word Disney automatically capitalizes itself. Disney is taking over the world. One computer at a time….

Anyways… thank you all (in advance) for reading!

xxx The King's Queen xxx

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away there lived a king and queen. The king and queen ruled over a small but prosperous country, yet, they were still sad, for they had no heir to their throne. One glorious summer day though, a child was conceived in the queen's womb, and months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The boy's birth was bittersweet however, for his mother, the queen, died shortly after childbirth.

The king was devastated by the loss of his wife, and stood with her in her dying moments. Before taking her last breath she made a request to her husband. He dying request was that she raise their son as a girl, so that he may be betrothed to the young son of their neighboring country, a large country with great military power that had been trying to annex their small kingdom for years. With no other choice, the king agreed to his wife's request and began to raise his son as a woman in hopes that his marriage might end the war between their two kingdoms.

However, the king knew that he must keep his son's true identity from the public. He decided from that moment on, he no longer had a son, but instead a daughter named Princess Kyuubi. The king also knew that he could not raise the boy on his own and employed a very select few servants who knew the truth. The boy's wet nurse, Tsunade, the king's advisor Jiraya, a young servant girl named Sakura who would be his playmate, and a young Duke named Kiba, who would be the boy's connection to the outside world. These were the only people who knew the boy's identity and the truth. The truth about Naruto.

"Ghaaaaaa!!!! Lay off!" came a loud scream that echoed through the halls of large castle, causing more than one person to glance down the elaborate hallway to see what the disturbance was. The noise was of course caused by their one and only princess. She was a beautiful maiden, well bred and refined, the only daughter of the late king Minato. And currently, it was her dressing time.

"Sakura if you tie this thing any fucking tighter I'm going to pass out from lack of oxygen you bitch!" Naruto screamed as Sakura yanked the corsets laces tighter.

"OI!!! Is that any way for a lady to talk Naruto!" Sakura yelled back at the blonde boy before placing one foot on the boys back and giving the corset laces one final yank.

"WHO YOU CALLING A LADY!?" Naruto cried, "YOU SEE THIS?" he said, lifting his hoop skirt to reveal his undergarments before gesturing to his pubic region, "THAT'S 100% MAN I TELL YOU!"

"Really?" Sakura said, moving over to grab Naruto's petticoat, "And yet you look so good in a dress, better than me even," she said with a small sarcastic chuckle.

"Not like that's hard!" Naruto replies, glancing over his shoulder at the pink haired girl, "A wooly goat would look better in a dress than you!" Naruto cried. Sakura frowned and began fastening the boy's petticoat in place with sharp tugs.

Sakura let out an exasperated sigh as she added the finishing touches to Naruto's dress. "Well then we're all done here," Sakura said as she placed the final pins on Naruto's wig in place.

"So, how do I look?" Naruto asked turning to look at his pink haired servant.

Sakura stared at the boy. The transformation was truly amazing. Just a few hours ago a slender, tan young man with unruly hair and whisker like scars on his cheeks had stood before her. Now, it looked as if she was talking to a different person. The person who stood before her was no longer a tough looking boy but instead a beautiful young woman. Naruto's slender body had been put to use; his waist was now corseted and his bra, stuffed. His tan skin had been powdered to an ivory sheen and his unruly blonde hair was now stuffed under a wig of soft yellow curls. His face had been made up, and his scars covered, his blue eyes lined in black and gray to play off of his blue and silver dress. "You look…. You look…," Sakura said offering up the small hand mirror, "Like a woman."

Naruto frowned as he took in his appearance. "It's not fair…. I thought every king wished for sons to carry on their legacy… not my dad though…."

Sakura smiled weakly. As much as she wanted to help her prince, there was no way she could understand the ordeal he was going through, "I know you don't want to do this, but it has to be done…it for the sake of the…"

"I KNOW IKNOW!" Naruto cried, shaking his head and cutting his childhood friend off mid sentence, "It's for the sake of the country….but that doesn't mean I want to go into something like this… I don't even know this guy… that and he thinks I'm a woman! What the fuck is he gonna do when he figures out I lack breasts and have a penis!?" Naruto fumed throwing his arms up in the air. Sakura just sighed. That was a question she had been wondering for a long time. What would this man do once he found out Naruto was Naruto and not the princess Kyuubi?

"CALM DONW YOU IDIOT!" Came a stern voice that made both Naruto and Sakura jump.

"GOOD LORD YOU OLD HAG YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!" Naruto cried, turning to point a polished finger at the blonde haired woman who had just entered.

"WHAT DID YOU!!!!" The woman cried, restraining herself from lashing out at the boy for the comment he had just made.

The woman took a deep breath before continuing, "Prince Naruto, or should I say Princess Kyuubi, your betrothed will be arriving in roughly an hour, so why don't we find Jiraya and all go sit in the parlor next to the ball room?" the woman said, a smile on her face. The tall blonde woman walked in addressing the two startled kids. "It's going to be fine. You will just be meeting him today. Then he will stay in the castle for three months and then you will be wed. Just like clockwork. I know that you hate the fact that we have to do this, but the foreign prince's country has valuable recourses that we need, and since their military is far superior, the only way that we were able to sustain peace with then was through your betrothal. Jiraya has been standing in for your father for almost seventeen years now, but after your wedding, our lands will be joined and the kingdom will have a royal family again!"

"Yeah sure," Naruto mumbled, adjusting his skirts and rolling his eyes. How many times had he heard that speech? 'Like clockwork' they all said. What bullshit. It would have been like clockwork had he been a woman. Yet, he was not. And now he would have to spen three months with this guy, trying his best to appear as ladylike as possible in order to keep the arrangement intact. Naruto paused slightly, taking a deep breath before addressing the two servant woman who stood before him. "Let's go. Tsunade, please tell Jiraya that he should not be late…." Naruto mumbled again, "Cause I don't think that I can do this without him."


"My prince, we shall be arriving soon," the white haired man in the carriage said, turning to the person sitting next to him. The dark haired young man looked up, no emotion present on his pale, beautiful face. "Prince Sasuke, are you really going to sit there and look like you have a stick shoved up your ass the entire time?" The white haired man said, a twinkle in his eye. Sasuke frowned slightly, staring at his white haired servant. Kakashi was the only person who would ever speak to him like that. He was one of the few people in the world that Sasuke not only admired, but also trusted. The man was older than both Sasuke and his brother, yet he still looked to be in his late twenties. His pale face was constantly covered, for the lower half of Kakashi's face held many scars that he had sustained in numerous wars.

"Shut up." Sasuke said bluntly, wanting nothing more that for this whole ordeal to be over. He had never wanted to get married, yet alone get married to some woman he had been betrothed to for his entire life. He knew nothing about this girl and he didn't even want to meet her. He had definitely established his sexuality and many in his kingdom had questioned if he would even go through with the marriage.

"So…." Kakashi said, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head. "You have any idea what this broad looks like? For your sake I hope she's got a nice rack!" he said with a chuckle. "You know after you get hitched and all, you're going to have to tone down the whole scandal thing right? You're the crown prince, and we can't have you getting caught with some sexy little cabaña boy during your honeymoon now can we?" Kakashi said, waggling his eyebrows at the brooding prince. Sasuke frowned. It wasn't a cabaña boy, it had been a butler.

"Stupid. This is all stupid," Sasuke said, turning to glace out the window of the carriage.

"Heh heh! Are you still angry with your brother?" Kakashi asked.

"What the fuck do you think?" Sasuke said coolly, "He should be the one marrying this stupid broad not me!"

"You know that your brother abdicated in his own rights. The clergy just called to him I suppose, and therefore, since he abdicated, you not only inherited his title of the crown prince, but also everything that went along with the job," Kakashi said with a snicker.

"Oh just shut up. I don't think I'll survive this stupid carriage ride if you keep running your mouth," Sasuke said with a frown.

All Kakashi could do was snicker.


"ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!?!" Came a ridiculously loud yell that almost all of the servants had become accustomed to. "YEAAHHH!!! LETS GO MEET THE MAN!" The obnoxious man yelled as he sprinted down the corridor causing all to flee from his path. The well dressed man came to a grinding halt as Tsunade stepped out in front of him, causing the man to stagger and wheel backwards.

"Boisterous as ever I see Duke. Have you not learned any respect?" Tsunade said, shooting the Duke a death glare.

"Oi, oi, oi!" Kiba said picking himself up off the floor. "You know I just had to stop by and see how my best buddy is doing! Poor guy must be scared shitless! I mean he had to marry a man! A MAN!" Kiba yelled as Tsunade lunged forward to cover his mouth.

"Will you be quiet?" Tsunade hissed in anger, "And if you were hoping to see him, you already missed your chance. He's already in the ballroom and Prince Sasuke should be there any minute." She said with a smirk as she watched the Duke deflate slightly at having missed the chance to wish his best friend good luck.

"Well then," Kiba said, "I guess I'll just head on back. I know he'll come find me sooner or later!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes. This was not going to go well.


"NOW INTODUCING YOUR BEATIFUL LADY, THE REVERED PRINCESS KYUUBI!" Jiraya said with a laugh as the two walked into the empty hall.

"This is so stupid!" Naruto mumbled walking down the center of the ballroom next to Jiraya.

"Hey, kid, I could be worse!" Jiraya said with a smirk, "Just hope and pray he's well hung and not painfully ugly"

Sasuke smirked as he walked into the ballroom. He had to give it to them, their county and their palace were both beautiful. He sighed slightly as his eyes stopped to rest on the woman standing in the center of the room. She was indeed very beautiful. They would make a perfect complement to each other. Her golden hair and blue eyes in contrast to his black mane and dark glare. "Hello," Sasuke said, walking up to the woman, "My name is Prince Sasuke," he said with a bow.

"Pleased to meet you my prince." The girl said, a slight blush on her face. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk, he knew the effect he had on women. "My name is Princess Kyuubi."


"So how did it go?" Sakura asked. Her green eyes sparkling in anticipation as Naruto flopped down on the bed.

"It was… nice," the boy said, a slight blush still present on his cheeks. "We had dinner and we talked… very polite… very formal. Very… stiff. He seems really nice, he's very upright… almost like a military general and he…"

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT!" Sakura cried, jumping on the bed next to the startled boy, "Tell me what he looked like!"

"Well…." Naruto said… his blush increasing, "He was very attractive…"

"Hahah! I knew it!" Sakura said with a wide smile. "And you thought it would all sad and boring!"

"Yeah…" Naruto said, "But even so, I want to really get to know him, in a way Princess Kyuubi wouldn't be able to."

"Naruto… you don't mean…." Sakura said, covering her mouth with her hands.

"Yep!" he said, I'm going to get to know the real Prince Sasuke!"


Naruto dangled his long tan legs in the cool river. He was glad to be out of all of the makeup and frills. During this time he was just able to be Naruto. He had been sneaking out of the palace for years, sick of constantly being seen as the "Princess." When Naruto was in normal clothes he just looked like another servant of the castle, which suited him just fine. He was able to go off into town and meet different people, like the kind grocer, Iruka, or the street performers. He was always cautious when he left the palace however, for only Sakura and Kiba knew of his sneaking out.

Naruto let out a sigh as he leaned back on the grass. He was glad to be outside, especially on such a beautiful day. He had sent a messenger to Kiba's villa inviting him over, but he did not know when his friend would arrive. Naruto was sad he had missed him on the day he had first met Sasuke.

It had been almost a week since that day and Naruto had seen neither hide nor hair of the pale man or his white haired advisor since. He had begun to wonder if the two had snuck back to their own country.

"Why don't you seem to be slacking?" Came a cold voice from behind him.

Naruto turned surprised to find himself face to face with his betrothed.

Speak of the devil.


Lets end here because im cruel.

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