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"So how have you been?" Kakashi asked looking up from his trademark orange bound novel to peer at the man who now sat across the room from him.

"Skip the formalities Hatake. Where's Sasuke?" The pale dark haired clergy man said, his voice as cold as ice, twirling the cross that hung around his neck in long, elegant fingers.

Kakashi let out a sigh as he shifted on the couch he had been sitting on. "I believe he is out. Perhaps you can take your issue up with me Father Itachi" Kakashi said emphasizing the last word with something more than sarcasm.

"I don't think so." Itachi replied, his words curt and abrupt. "I shall instead spend my time speaking to others in this pitiful castle who may be able to help me. So be sure to inform Jiraya of my presence."

"He doesn't need to," came a cold deep voice from the doorway. "I thought you gave up your title in order to join the clergy, and I don't remember a priest having the means to boss someone around, Father." Jiraya said coolly as he entered the large sitting room.

"Ah, Jiraya, perhaps you can tell me the whereabouts of my brother," Itachi replied, standing and bowing shallowly to the acting king, "Your Highness."

Jiraya could feel himself grit his teeth in anger. He had never really like the older Uchiha. "Your brother is preoccupied. I shall have someone summon you for dinner, which he and the princess will be present at. Until then, I shall show you to your room." Jiraya said, gesturing for Itachi to follow.

Itachi just smirked as he followed the older man out of the room. He would wait for Sasuke, for it was unlike the boy to go running off unless there was another young man present, and with Sasuke's history, it was something Itachi didn't doubt.


Naruto let out a small sleepy moan as he nuzzled closer to the boy next to him. "Naruto…" came a soft, gentle sounding voice.

"Nnnn…." Naruto replied, snuggling closer to Sasuke.

"Come on Naruto, we have to go, it's getting close to dinner time and I have to get back." Sasuke said, gently running his long fingers through the boys golden locks.

"M'kay" Naruto said shifting slightly as a sharp pain jetted up his back, "Owww…" he groaned, leaning into Sasuke for support.

"Come on," Sasuke said gently before gingerly picking the boy up. "We have to get dressed you know. Good thing our clothes are dry."

"Yeah… " Naruto said, pressing his face against Sasuke's bare chest. "Hey Sasuke…"

"Yeah Naruto?" The raven relied as he gently set Naruto down and began to dress the blonde haired boy.

"When you get married… you won't forget about me right?" Naruto asked. "I mean, there's only three weeks till the wedding…" Sasuke's eyes widened. Had he really been here for over two months already? And three more weeks… someone was supposed to come three weeks out from the wedd… Oh shit.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed as he began dressing rapidly. "My brother is supposed to be coming!"

"What?" Naruto cried as he two began to throw clothes on. "When?!"

"I don't know! Today maybe? I lost track of time! I didn't know I had spent so much time here already! I'm getting married in bloody three weeks!" The raven hissed, his voice laced with anger and surprise.

"Come on then!" Naruto said with a small smile as he took Sasuke's large cold hand in his own. "We had better get back to the castle then!"

"Okay," Sasuke said with a nod as the two bounded out of the stable and back into the pouring rain.

The pair splashed through the rain sodden garden, finally glad to be back after their long run from the stable.

"Sasuke…" Naruto said, looking at the ground.

Sasuke smirked and wrapped his arms around the small blonde boy, pressing his lips into the blond hair.

"Hmm?" Sasuke replied.

"Will I get to see you again?" Naruto asked, peering up into eyes so grey that they were almost black.

"I don't know…" Sasuke said, "If Itachi's here… it could be awhile. But I will find you," Sasuke said with conviction. He wasn't going to let the boy go so easily.

"Oh…" Naruto said pulling away from the older man. "It you can, then, I'll be down by the river tomorrow, in the same place… and I'll have something important to tell you."

"You can't tell me now?" Sasuke asked, looking into Naruto's deep blue eyes.

"Um, I can tell you part of it now…" Naruto said, looking embarrassed.

"Well then," Sasuke said with a smirk, "I'd love to hear it."

"Erm…" Naruto said fidgeting slightly before he threw his arms around Sasuke's neck, his lips mingling next to the raven ear. "I know I haven't known you for very long," the boy breathed, "But I don't think that really matters… and I wanted to say this to you in case something happens… It's um… I think I've fallen in love with you Sasuke…"

Sasuke's eyes widened as Naruto pulled away. He stared at the boy, trying to wrap his mind around what the blonde had just said.

"Please…" Naruto moaned.. "Please say something." The boy said looking up, his face streaked with more than just rain.

Sasuke could feel his body react before his mind had time to catch up. He wrapped his arms around the crying boy before kissing him hard on the mouth. "I love you too," Sasuke murmured after they had broken the kiss. "And I would never forget about you."


Itachi stood at the window, watching the rain pound against the glass. He stared out at the large garden, a blank expression on his pale face. Red eyes narrowed slightly as he watched the two figures embrace one final time before parting ways.


Sakura gagged slightly as Naruto floated into the room, the lovesickness on his face more than apparent. "Had a good day?" Sakura said lightly as Naruto came to sit on the bed next to her.

"Yeah…" Naruto said breathily as he turned to look at the pink haired girl.

"Well, why don't you tell me all about it as we get you dressed?" Sakura replied, jumping off the bed and pulling Naruto up with her. "I heard that Kiba will be at dinner, along with this other guy I saw… some creepy looking man," She said, "So we had better get you dressed to impress!"

"M'kay," Naruto said, and for the first time in his life he didn't complain about donning his formal attire.


Naruto trailed behind Jiraya as they entered the elaborate dining room. The boy's eyes quickly jumped from person to person as he counted. There was Kiba, already shoveling food into his mouth, Kakashi, who looked half asleep, Sasuke, who of course, looked as sexy as ever, and another man he didn't know. Naruto glanced around Jiraya's large form to peer at the other man. The man had pale skin and long black hair. He wore the robes of a priest and had a large cross around his neck. However the most noticeable thing was that he looked like an older version of Sasuke. An older, meaner version of Sasuke.

Jiraya cleared his throat slightly before speaking. Naruto could feel himself fidget as he waited for Jiraya to present him. "May I present the honorable Princess Kyuubi, daughter of King Minato and Queen Kushina."

Naruto bowed "Thank you Jiraya," he said, smiling through the mask of makeup he was wearing. "Duke," Naruto said with a nod, "I am pleased to see that you decided to join us. And you as well Mr. Kakashi and Prince Sasuke. And tonight it seem as though we have a guest. Please allow me to introduce myself honored guest," Naruto said with a bow. Oh how he hated being this polite. However, if for some reason being a princess fell through, he could always go into acting. "I am Princess Kyuubi."

"Hn." Was the only reply the man at the other end of the table made. "I am Father Itachi, Sasuke's elder brother. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance as well." The man said with a small smirk and an even small bow. Naruto could feel himself fume as he sat down in his chair. That priest bastard was mocking him!

The evening continued without consequence. Sasuke didn't speak to his brother, and his brother didn't speak to him. Jiraya and Kiba kept going on about a topic that was most definitely not a polite dinner conversation and the leer that was usually plastered on Kakashi's face had turned into somewhat of a quizzical stare.


Naruto landed with a flop on his bed, not evn bothering to remove his makeup or wig, let alone his dress.

"That bad?" Sakura said, moving to sit next to him.

"It wansn't bad, per say," Naruto mumbled, "Mostly just awkward. Sasuke and Itachi didn't look at each other even one."

"Well," Sakura said, "How can you find that odd, remembering what happened between them." Sakura replied thinking back to what Naruto had told her about the brothers and how Sasuke had abdicated.

"Hey Sakura," Naruto said changing the subject. "I think… well after what happened today…"

"You're going to tell him?" Sakura said with a smile. She had known the moment had been coming for some time now, and now that both Sasuke and Naruto had established their feelings for one another, telling the raven that he was the princess would surely work out well.

"Yeah…" Naruto replied, a small smile on his face. "I think I will."


"Coming!" Sakura said, getting up to answer the door in the parlor. "Naruto," she whispered turning back to the boy on the bed, "stay dressed, I don't know who it is! Cause go knows it's not Jiraya of Kiba."

Naruto nodded and held his breath, praying it wasn't Itachi.

"Oh!" Naruto heard Sakura say from the parlor, "PRINCESS KYUUBI!" The woman then cried, "You have a guest."

Naruto was more than surprised when he saw the man standing at the door.



Sasuke stopped mid stride when he heard the voice. Damn, and he had almost made it back to the sanctuary of his room too!

"What?" Sasuke snapped turning to look back at his elder brother, "You don't say shit to me all night and now you wanna talk?" the raven said, letting his princely manner slip out of place momentarily.

"It's about the blonde haired boy." The man replied, a slight smirk on his face.

"How…?!" Sasuke said taken aback, "How do you?!" He said, almost at the point of shouting now.

"Lets' speak in your room. The walls here have ears," the red eyed man said as he followed Sasuke into his room.

"Sit. Talk." Sasuke commanded, a slight look of fear etched on to his perfect features.

"I believe you are in no place to be ordering me about younger brother," Itachi said, looming closer to Sasuke so that the younger mans back was pressed against the wall.

Sasuke grit his teeth and had to tear his gaze away from his older brother. He would not apologize. Never. "How… do you… know" Sasuke said with narrowed eyes.

"You're not very discreet you know Sasuke," Itachi said, mocking his younger sibling. "I suggest you break it off with him. Because if you don't I will"

"I don't think so," Sasuke said, rage creeping into his voice.

"I think you will," Itachi said, his face now only inches from Sasuke's. "Do you want to know why I think that?" The clergy man said with a smile that was all too innerving.

"Why?" Sasuke grit out, hating complying with his brother.

"Because you know you have to." Itachi said finally backing up from Sasuke and moving to sit on the couch across the room.

Sasuke couldn't move. Those words had hit him like a knife. He knew he had to break it off with Naruto, but he also knew he just couldn't. "No…" The younger man mumbled, "I won't. I love him. I can't do that."

"Really?" Itachi said, "You won't? Now how should I persuade you?" The red eyed man murmured, peering up to stare his younger brother in the eye. "You would really throw it all away for this boy? Throw away your kingdom, throw away the trust mother and father placed in you, Throw away that girl downstairs?"

"Yes." Sasuke said, never once breaking his brother's gaze. He would throw it all away in an instant to be with Naruto, to run away with the boy. Even if that meant living in hiding for the rest of their lives.

"If you're really that intent on not giving him up…" Itachi said, the cruel smile never once leaving his face, "I guess I'll just have to take care of him, in the name of God that is…" Itachi said, licking his lips slightly.

Sasuke's eyes widened. The last person Itachi had taken care of "in the name of God" had been found days later face down in a ditch. "NO!" the raven cried, fear gripping him as he thought of what his brother would do to the blonde boy.

"Then you'll break it off?" Itachi cooed, his voice now sickly sweet.

"Yes." Sasuke said, a wave of sadness washing over him as he thought of breaking the heart of the man he loved.

"When?" Itachi asked, "Because you must know that time is surely of the essence."

"Tomorrow. I'm meeting him again tomorrow." Sasuke said, his mind now completely numb.

"Good." Itachi said, standing to leave. "And don't even think of backing out. Because I'll be there to watch your every move, my dear little brother." Itachi purred before leaving the room.

Sasuke couldn't do anything except sink down onto the bed, his head in his hands and prepared himself for what he had to do the next day.


"Hello there Princess Kyuubi!" The man said. First addressing Naruto and then turning to Sakura. "And who is your lovely friend?" The man said, waggling his eyebrows at the pink haired servant.

"Yes, please excuse my rudeness Mr. Kakashi, this is my chambermaid Sakura." Naruto said, bowing slightly, "Now if you would please come inside and take a seat." Naruto said, showing the man into the parlor. "Sakura, if you would please excuse us," Naruto said to the woman.

"Actually perhaps she should stay, wouldn't you agree Naruto?" The white haired man said with a smirk as he plopped down onto the couch.

Naruto could feel his mouth hit the floor. "Um…ah…uhhhh…." Naruto said, fumbling over the words and looking to Sakura for support. The woman however just stood there a look of utter shock on her face. "H..h..HOW?!" Naruto managed to spit out.

"It took me awhile to figure it out," the man said with a sigh, "I usually have such a good babe radar too! I guess it finally hit me when we ran into each other in the hall."

"Y…yeah…" Naruto said with a fake smile plastered on his face, not really knowing what to say to the white haired man.

"I really haven't wondered why Sasuke hasn't figured it out though…. Dumb brat…" Kakashi said, lounging back on the sofa with another sigh. "So you gonna tell him of am I gonna have to?" The man said as he adjusted himself to take a nap on Naruto's couch. "Cause he's gonna find out one way or another."

"Um…uhhh…." Naruto squeaked still too much in shock to even comprehend what the white haired man was saying. Thank god Sakura was there to speak for him.

"He was going to tell Sasuke tomorrow," She said, stepping forward to stand next to the boy.

"Good," Kakashi said, his eyes now closed, "Cause I suggest you do it sooner rather than later now that Itachi's shown up. And you never know what that bastard has planned," Kakashi said with a sigh before drifting off to sleep on the couch.

Sakura and Naruto exchanged glances before retreating into the bedroom. Either way, tomorrow was going to be one hell of a day.


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