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In this section I will tell you about my own created heroes and how they acquired their powers as well as a mythical history before the story. But remember, this is a story. What I'm about to tell you is not true. Well, in the story it is, but not in real life. So now that's out of the way, cue boring history part.


Once long ago there were two magical objects of incredible power. The Mega Orb and The Master Emerald. These two magical jewels, using their supreme powers, created the universe. This in turn spawned 10 more smaller orbs from the Mega Orb and 7 Smaller Emeralds from the Master Emerald.

The 7 New Emeralds were know as the Chaos Emeralds while the 10 New Orbs were known as the Elemental Orbs of Power.

The 10 New Orbs Created the planets, stars, and every other object in existence. Theses Orbs filled the universe with their elements as well such as Fire, Ice, Water, etc.

While the 7 Chaos Emeralds gave energy for everything the Orbs created to sustain itself. The Emeralds also gave energy for all living things so that they could survive. So, basically, Chaos Emeralds keep the living things going. The Orbs also continually supplied their elements to everything that used an element. The Orbs put the necessary ingredients in and the Chaos Emeralds use their energy to run it.

And anyone that claimed all the orbs and/or the Emeralds would receive Ultimate power unmatched by anything.

However, Humans as well as other species, learned about the power of the Elemental Orbs and The Chaos Emeralds. They wanted to use this power for their own selfish purposes. They began to fight to try and claim the Orbs and Emeralds in a war. That war nearly destroyed the world. Chaos reigned from every corner.

So Yon, a mysterious and powerful wizard/Sorcerer, using all the power he had, snatched the orbs and the emeralds away from their selfish owners' grasp. Yon then scattered all 7 Chaos Emeralds in a remote location on Earth - one that few human know about.

Yon then had to find a place for the Master Emerald to be guarded and well kept. He remembered a group of Enchinda living alone on a island. He saw goodness in their hearts and decided to let them guard the Master Emerald. The Enchinda accepted and told that they would guard it with their lives. The power from this Emerald caused the island to float high in the air and out of sight by anyone. This was how Angel Island was born.

Yon, having taken care of the emeralds, now how to protect the Orbs from falling into the wrong hands. At first he consider scattering them in the same place he scattered the emeralds. But, he decided that it was too dangerous to have all of the most powerful objects in the world in one remote location. So having no place to hide them chanted a powerful spell on the orbs that made sure the orbs could not be seen by normal means transforming them into powerful beings, including the Mega Orb. Yon then scattered the orbs all over the earth to be sure that no one would ever use the power of the orbs again.

Many years went by. Eventually, people discovered the orbs and once again tried to use them for their own selfish purposes. Yon's spell prevented them from directly using the orbs. However, they did find a loophole. The power of the orbs could be used through machines causing havoc and destruction. They even found a way to absorb the power of the orbs into themselves - to turn themselves into powerful beings through machines as well. Thus basically making the spell Yon put on them useless.

Yon was horrified to discovered this loophole so using all the strength he had brought back all the orbs to himself. Yon knew he was too weak to cast another powerful spell on the orbs to prevent anyone or any machine to ever use their powers again. Age, after many millennium, had caught up with him. He realized that the orbs needed to be kept by someone to protect them from evil. But he realized that anyone would be too weak without using the orb's powers to ward off the powerful evil that wanted the orbs. Yon, using every last bit of strength he had, managed to weaken the enchantment on the orbs to allow one person to bypass Yon's earlier enchantment, so that one person could use the powers of the orbs without the need of machines. One of good heart. But little did Yon know that weakening his enchantment on the orbs gave other wizards a chance to break the enchantment completely.

Yon knew he had to make sure that the one person was of good heart because once he chose the one person it could not be undone. As part of his enchantment on the orbs, when the Chosen One appeared the orbs would give him an energy that would give him powers beyond his imagination. Yon knew this also came with a heavy price. Once the energy was given to the Chosen One, it could not be taken away. And the powers would always stay with the Chosen One, no matter what. The Chosen One would always be The Chosen One. However that wasn't the main downside. The downside would be that the Chosen one would never age, but could still be killed in battle. Yon then realized that one man could never do this alone. He would need friends, trusted companions.

Yon cast one more spell on the orbs so that they would give some energy to some of the Chosen One's closet friends. The energy would give each of the Chosen One's friends one or two powers. However, the consequences with the Chosen One would be present with the Chosen One's friends, as well.

Yon then sent one of the orbs to a pedestal in the ruins of Zalkor. So that when the Chosen one touched it, he and his friends would receive the energy. Yon then scattered the other orbs not to far away from the ruins of Zalkor along with the Mega Orb.

Then, Yon, with his work done, waited for the Chosen One.

After many years, a young boy named Joshua and his friends came to the ruins of Zalkor with their families on a trip. During that trip, Joshua's friends went exploring into the very same chamber to which Yon had sent the first orb. One of Joshua's closet friends, Nathan, tried to touch the orb. Before he did, Joshua came into the chamber and started telling his friends that they weren't allowed in the chamber. As if by fate, Joshua tripped on a small ruin sticking out of the ground and went somersaulting into the pedestal that contained the orb. The vibrations shook the pedestal and the orb fell into Joshua's hands.

Instantly, a purple beam of light shot down from the ceiling, enveloping all of the teenagers in the light. While in that light purple, lighting circulated through each of the teenagers, but Joshua's was the most severe.

It was not until later, outside of a museum ,that they discovered their powers. They all were pretty shocked and excited about this. Just then, three dark creatures of huge size attacked and after much battling Joshua's gang was victorious. And Because he was the Chosen One, Joshua's had sensed that there were three orbs nearby. Going totally on instinct, Joshua found three orbs in the exact spots were they had defeated the three huge creatures. He then could somehow sense that there were 6 other orbs not in his possession along with the Mega Orb. Joshua was confused as to why he needed to find these orbs, but he later realized that it was best to trust his mind.

Joshua then told his friends Nathan, Monteff, Christopher, and Tommy about the orbs and how it was important that they find all of them. They agreed and after many days of searching, they found all 10 orbs. They did not find the Mega Orb.

Later that night Yon visited Joshua in his dreams. Yon told Joshua that he was chosen to be the guardian of the orbs and that his friends were chosen to be his protectors. As you can probably imagine, Joshua was shocked by this. Sensing his astonishment, Yon told Joshua exactly what was required of the Guardian of the Orbs. Joshua was the only one capable of using the power of the orbs. Joshua could channel the orb's power to others so that they could use it along with him. Yon warned Joshua to do that only if he truly needed help. Yon left out the consequences part. He felt that there was no need to worry Joshua at that time. This would prove to be a grave error.

So after a few more days Joshua and his friends became the Dynamos, a team that would protect their city from danger. Many people thought that they were evil and a nuisance. As a result, the mayor and the police did everything in their power to stop them. Of course, it was no use.

Over the next few months, all of the Dynamos families - parents, sisters, and brothers, had somehow vanished. What was even stranger was that no threats or demands for ransom were given to the Dynamos or anyone for that matter. So Tommy, Monteff, and Christopher started to search for them all around the globe. While Joshua and Nathan continued to protect their home city from trouble.

After many days of battling evil doers, Joshua found himself facing Silencer - a guy who had four elemental powers (Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity). At one point in the battle, Joshua had been knocked into a power plant's tanks and was electrocuted severely. Only Joshua was more surprised than Silencer that he was able to leap to his feet and fire a laser at Silencer! At that moment, something happened. Joshua hand's began to glow bright red and dark red crackling lighting was firing off his hands. This crackling phenomena quickly spread to the rest of Joshua's body and culminated in Joshua emitting a red shockwave that spread out away from him in all directions. This shockwave only destroyed the power plant and knocked Silencer away. Everything else in the vicinity remained untouched, undamaged.

Joshua was very concerned about this and went back to his underground laboratory to communicate with Yon via a computer monitor. Yon reasoned that the electricity must have altered Joshua's energy, making it build up inside of Joshua rather than stopping at a certain limit as before. Yon told Joshua of a blue watch in the laboratory that ran on solar batteries. The battery was rechargeable so that solar energy could be stored. The watch was also able to measure how much energy Joshua was storing. A reading of 1000 was the normal point on the meter. Readings between 1100-1500 were the outer limits of Joshua's storage capacity. Readings of 1500-2000 indicated a point where the risk of Joshua uncontrollably unleashing another shockwave was likely. A reading of 2001-2500 indicated the possibility that the shockwave could annihilate entire cities; 2501-3000 was where the shockwave could destroy states and 3000+ the shockwave could destroy entire continents. Yon told Joshua that his capacity to store energy would increase with time.

Upon learning this, Joshua told Nathan. Nathan replied that he would help Joshua through this and suggested to Joshua that they begin the search for the Mega Orb. So the duo started searching for the Mega Orb.

Prologue End:


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