Okay… this one is practically perfect in every way. I'm just sayin'. Haha. :) Basically, it's weird to read because so many of these parts go on top of each other in the original song, and it won't sound just right. HOWEVER, you can trust me when I say that each syllable is perfectly matched. Get a friend and a karaoke recording if you don't believe me. :)

But either way, it's silly and fun, so just R/R. ;)


As a shrink I was mediocre

So I ran off with the Joker…

But now I'm stuck back here in Arkham

Just like before, but now I'm a patient!


Girl you know I warned you

Men are pigs and love's a joke

But I'm not gonna scorn you

Even though you've lost it bigtime

Baby, you can't hide it

I'll know if you lie and

I'll just call you out


Not now, no way

I won't say it, no, no


If you won't quit,

Just admit it, uh-oh


It's not that way -

I won't say it's Mad Love…


I was alone when we first started

But he seemed so tender-hearted

I still forget he's homicidal

Until I have to help hide the bodies



You can keep on sayin'

That he loves you and he's changed but

Baby, he's just playin'

Hon, we both know he's deranged -

You used to be a head-shrink

Did you ever once think

It was Stockholm Syndrome?


No chance, no way

I won't say it, nuh-uh!


Soon you'll give in

And agree it's Mad Love


That's not okay,

I won't say it's Mad Love


Time to end the pretend

It's Mad Love


You're so insane

I won't say it

That's such a pain!

I won't say it


Don't be so proud

We both know it's Mad Love



At least out loud,

I won't say it's Mad Love….