Title: Forever Females

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Myers Household

Taylor nervously walked around the living room. Eric was taking a nap so this was the only chance she was going to have. Finally making her decision Taylor went back to her and Eric's bedroom and stepped in to the walk in closet. She quietly closed the door and walked to the end of the closet, where Eric's things stood. She picked up the communication things and quickly exited the closet then the bedroom door. She let out a shaky breath as she exited the room. Taylor ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind her.

Taylor turned on the lights and grabbed the two sticks used to communicate with the Time Force rangers from the future and set up the two sticks on both sides of the sink and then grabbed the control. She pressed the button and something blinked, then a guy with green hair appeared.

"Hey Trip," Taylor said and smiled nervously. She was hoping Jen or Katie picked up. "Is Jen or Katie around?" she continued. Trip nodded.

"Jen is in the next room, I'll go get her," Trip responded and got up. 2 minutes later a female sat in front of the screen.

"Hey Taylor, what's up?" Jen asked.

"Are you alone?" Taylor asked back. Jen looked around to double check.

"Yes, why?" Jen questioned.

"There's a secret all girl mission to the moon. Think you and Katie can come?" Taylor stated. Jen thought about it for a minute. There was a pause.

"I don't think we can. Last time we tried to go back to the past some wires got crossed and it blew up the system. Trip is still working on it. Sorry," Jen said.

"It's okay. I think we have enough girls on this mission, just be sure not to tell anyone of the mission." Taylor concluded.

"Okay. Good luck." Jen implied.

"Thanks." Taylor told her, hearing noises in the hallway of her apartment.

"Gotta go, I think Eric woke up, remember the guys don't know about the mission, bye." Taylor finished quickly. She grabbed the remote from on top of the toilet and turned off the screen.

"Taylor?" she heard Eric call out. She cursed under her breath, grabbed the two sticks and stuffed them under her shirt just as Eric entered the bathroom.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Eric asked.

"Nothing," Taylor replied and turned around to face the mirror on top of the sink. She looked down and the control was still in her hands. 'Crap' she thought but quickly slipped it into her underwear. Eric came up behind her and kissed her neck. Taylor turned around to face him. She gave a quick peck on the lips.

"How about you go meet me in the room," Taylor said seductively and added a wink. Eric's face lit up.

"Really?" Eric questioned.

"Yeah, I'm in the mood…go on," Taylor quipped. Eric kissed her once more then ran towards the room. Taylor frowned and sighed. Good thing she was already packed. Taylor walked to the kitchen and grabbed her cell phone. She dialed Ashley's number.

"Hello," Ashley answered.

"Listen, I'm going to be a little late, wait up," Taylor said then hung up when she got a reply. As she was walking to her and Eric's bedroom she put the sticks along with the control in a closet in the hallway and continued of to the room here Eric was waiting for her.

Cole and Alyssa Spot

"Cole…Cole where are you?" Alyssa asked as she looked outside for Cole. She went to use the bathroom and he disappeared. But this wasn't new to her. Every time they went out Cole always went somewhere, almost self-consciously. She looked towards the bench in the park where she left him and he wasn't there. She looked around the area and didn't see him. She decided to walk to their 'special spot' by the lake and under a huge tree. She smiled when she saw him sitting under the tree starring out at the lake. She took a seat next to him.

"Still miss red lion don't you?" she asked softly as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Cole nodded and looked down at her.

"Yeah, but he'll always be in my heart. Just as you will," he replied truthfully and smiled down at her. Alyssa smiled and leaned up to place a kiss to his lips. Alyssa pulled away slowly then laid her head on his chest. They laid there for a while before Alyssa's phone went off.

"Oopss I almost forgot. Hello Taylor? Yeah sorry I was in the park with Cole. Okay see you there. Bye" Alyssa said in to the phone. She looked up Cole.

"Sorry Cole, I have to go," Alyssa told Cole standing up.

"Have fun," Cole told her also getting up.

"I will." Alyssa told him and gave him a hug. Cole kissed her head.

"I'm going to miss you," Cole explained.

"I'm going to be right here, remember?" she reminded, point to his heart. He smiled and she kissed his cheek.

"Bye." And with that Alyssa was off. Good thing she only lived 2 blocks from the park, if not Taylor would have killed her. When Alyssa reached her house Taylor's yellow Hyundai Azera was already there waiting for her. Alyssa ran inside and grabbed her two bags. She came back out and dumped them in the back seat of Taylor's car.

"Ready?" Taylor asked with a smirk.

"Oh yeah…but I feel bad lying to Cole," Alyssa confessed.

"It'll be okay, don't worry about it. I mean he didn't actually tell us about the red ranger mission a couple of years back did he? We had to figure that one on our own," Taylor told her. Alyssa nodded. Next stop Blue Bay Harbor.

Blue Bay Harbor – Tori

"Okay, I'll meet you at the bus station," Tori said into her phone then hung up and placed the phone in her pocket. She entered Ninja Ops and spotted Sensei in his usual spot. "Hey Sensei have you seen the guys?" Tori asked. "I believe they're at the racetrack with Cam," he replied. "Thanks," Tori called. She turned to leave but Sensei spoke up again. "Good luck on that mission Tori," Sensei spoke and Tori gasped and turned around. Sensei let out a small chuckle.

"Don't worry, I won't tell them. Just be safe." Sensei said. Tori nodded and bowed before leaving. She always wondered how Sensei knew things. The rangers could never keep a secret from him, he always some how knew. But she was thankful he wasn't going to say any thing. That would have messed up the whole mission. Tori walked out, she couldn't stop thinking how Sensei knew about the mission.

Racetrack – 15 minutes later

"Hey Cam, Shane, where are the others?" Tori asked.

"Yea, but they should be coming in soon," Shane replied jumping off the counter as a customer approached him and Tori. Tori walked around the store looking at the surfboards. She walked back to Shane as soon as the customers finished paying for their stuff.

"They need to hurry up, I need to go," Tori explained impatiently.

"Look here they come." Shane told her. The door bell rung and in walked in Cam, Dustin, Blake, and a very dirty Hunter. Cam laughed at something Blake said and Dustin gave him a high five.

"What took you guys? My bus leaves in 30 minutes." Tori said.

"Don't worry Tor, we'll take you to the bus station now." Dustin inquired as her jumped behind the counter to grab a rag and water bottle. He tossed the rag to Hunter who wiped his face off. Soon the group was piled in Tori's pale blue van.

"So where are you going again?" Blake asked.

"My…sister is getting married in Angel Grove, the wedding is on Sunday, I have to go now because I have to get fitted for my dress. I should be home by Monday night," Tori replied. The guys nodded. Tori's sister had been on all the boys mind, she never mentioned a sister. But neither of the boys questioned it, Tori was already mad, she thought she was going to miss her "bus". Suddenly Tori's cell phone rang. Tori pushed her hand in to her bag and looked at the screen. "Taylor"

"Who is it?" Dustin asked.

"Just my sister, I'll call her back when I'm on the bus." Tori explained stuffing her phone back in her bag. With only 7 minutes to spare, because according to Tori her "bus" left and 7:00pm and it was 6:53, make that 6:54, Tori pulled her bags from the back. She only had a blue suitcase and a small duffle bag. She put her things down and gave each boy a hug. She lingered on Blake for a couple more seconds. When they pulled away Blake smiled down at her.

"Take care of my car Blake," Tori told him sternly then cracked a smile. She hugged him again and kissed his cheek.

"Bye guys" Tori called and picked up her things. She walked inside the bus station and walked towards the back where the busses where parked. She looked behind her and saw her pale blue van pulling away from the curb. Tori pulled out her cell phone and dialed Taylor.

"Hello, hey Tay sorry…"

"It's okay, I'm outside hurry up," Taylor replied. Tori hung up and walked back into the direction she came from. She walked back through the sliding doors and there, where her car had been stood a bright yellow Hyundai Azera. Tori saw two girls one in the driver's seat and one in the passenger seat. She smiled and walked up to the car. Alyssa opened the trunk and Tori put her stuff along with the other two rangers things. Tori hopped into the backseat and they did small introductions and then they were on their way. Next stop, Angel Grove.

Reefside – Kira

Kimberly had been walking around Reefside High for almost 20 minutes trying to find this Kira girl, who she didn't know or have a picture of. All she knows is that she's a yellow, so she knew this girl had to be wearing yellow. She continued walking; Reefside high is a huge school. She looked at her watch and then suddenly she was laying flat on her back.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," a boy in red called out. Kimberly looked up at him rubbing her forehead. He held out her hand for her and she took it.

"It's okay kid," Kimberly told him. The boy was pretty tall, taller than her that's for sure. He wore a red t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

"I'm Conner," he quickly introduced.

"Kim, and while I have you hear maybe you can help. I'm looking for Kira Ford, do you know her?" Kimberly asked.

"Yeah I do, she should be at Hayley's Cyberspace, and I'm heading there now. I'll take you there." Connor told her.

"Thanks," Kimberly said. Conner began walking and Kimberly followed.

"So, uh, how do you know Kira?" Kimberly asked as they walked across the street.

"She's my girlfriend actually," Conner replied. "How do you know Kira?"

"She's my…cousin," Kimberly quipped. Conner nodded. Kimberly looked at Conner, so he was Kira's boyfriend. Could he possibly be a ranger? Yellow and red wouldn't be rare or impossible. She left it alone. Maybe Kira's boyfriend wasn't a power ranger, maybe he is. They were walking down the alleyway, the alleyway before Hayley's Cyberspace, where people parked their bikes when a flash stopped them. 10 tyrannodrones appeared. Conner quickly dropped into a fighting stance in front Kimberly.

"Run!" he yelled as a tyrannodrone lunged at him. Kimberly sighed. She dropped in to her fighting stance too as Connor was knocked onto his back. She kicked a tyrannodrone that was charging at her then did a cartwheel and landed next to Conner. She held out her hand and pulled him up.

"Come on rookie, you gotta do better than that," Kim told him with a small smirk across her face. Conner didn't actually pay attention to what she said. He was more focused on the 2 tyrannodrones that were charging at him. Conner waited till the last minute and then rolled out of the 2 charging tyrannodrones trapping them against the wall. He kicked at one then blocked a hit from the other tyrannodrone. Simultaneously, Conner blocked two of the oncoming hits then dropped down to sweep one of the tyrannodrones of their feet then he quickly jumped into a flying roundhouse kick, hitting the other tyrannodrone square in the head.

Kimberly had trouble defending herself from these things. In her time, putties weren't this strong and also she handed fought an ugly monster in years. Kimberly leaped into the air and kicked a tyrannodrone square in the chest making it fly back into the wall. She landed on her feet gracefully with an appreciative smile. She didn't notice the tyrannodrones behind her until she was kicked in to the garbage cans a couple of feet in front of her. She hit the floor hard scraping up her right arm badly and bumping her head on floor. There was a flash and 4 people in bright yellow, blue, black and white appeared. Kimberly looked up from the floor her hair covering her face slightly. She tried to get up but her body would let her.

"Connor get her out of here," the man in the black suit yelled towards the young teen in red. Conner ran over to Kimberly and helped her up.

"You okay?" he asked her. She nodded and looked back at the other rangers just as all four were knocked onto their backside. She looked up at Conner and gave a small smile.

"They need you, go ahead," Kimberly whispered. "Go," she yelled again pushing him towards his teammates. Kimberly wasn't going to let the rangers have all the fun either, as soon as she let Conner go she got back in to the fight. Kimberly felt good fighting again, it had been too long. It brought her back to the old days it brought her joy that was until she got knocked on her backside again. She groaned and looked up to see the black ranger standing up in front of her. The last of the tyrannodrones were finished off by the other 3 rangers and Conner who didn't morph.

"You okay?" the black ranger asked helping her off the floor.

"Perfectly fine," she replied turning back to the other rangers to see if they were okay. The black ranger froze after getting a good look at her. He opened his mouth to speak but could. He breathed in and blinked a couple of times and tried again. Thank God for helmets.

"Kim?" the man in the black asked. His eyes wide open although you couldn't' see it through his helmet.

"Power down," he called. Kim turned around confused. Her eyes widened just as much as his did. She was also lost for words. It had been years since she last saw Tommy and they never did actually talk about the letter or anything else either.

"Did he just power down in front of a civilian?" the blue ranger exclaimed.

"Something's going on, they look like they know each other, come one," the yellow ranger said. They three rangers and Conner walked over to Kimberly and her ex-boyfriend Tommy Oliver.

"Is there any reason you would…Kimberly?" the girl in yellow began. "Power down."

"Kira," Kimberly smiled. The white ranger looked to the blue one and sighed.

"Dude, I'm confused."

"So am I," the white ranger replied.

"This is Kimberly…my…aunt," Kira announced.

"I thought she was your cousin," Conner asked.

"That's what I meant, she's my cousin," Kira corrected.

"Power down," both the blue ranger and white ranger said in unison.

"Okay so now that this has all been cleared, Kira, we should get going, nice seeing you again Tommy," Kimberly stated with a small smile.

"You're right, I just need to get my things," Kira said.

"Where are you going?" Tommy asked looked between his ex-girl friend and student.

"To my house for the weekend, we're having a girl sleepover." Kimberly answered then turned around to walk off. Kira looked at Kimberly then Tommy. She raised an eyebrow then turned to kiss Conner on the cheek.

"See you guys next week," Kira called before running off to catch up to Kimberly.

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