Chapter II : Powers


( Cerebro )

" Hmm, from what I read from Cerebro he's like Rogue but far far much unique. He can copy any power by just watching or like Rogue touching the person . And he's like Storm he can control the weather and all the elements any kind of element at his hands, and still his powers grow amazing he might be the must powerful mutant in the world." said Professor X as he looked at Logan , Rogue, Storm, Mrs and Mr. Possible , Storm , Beast and Cyclops .

" Wow , Hmm Well Charles we need to teach him how to act like a perfect human and get him to school soon . Good thing we have all summer to teach him." said Beast as he smiled.

" Well, he needs some one to train him how to fight and That will be me" asked Logan as he looked at Professor Xavier.

" Alright, but don't hurt the Little fellow" said Rouge as she frowned.

" Hmm, he'll be tuft when I'm done with him" said Logan as he left.

" What about, his health I want to make sure he's ok" asked Mrs. Possible as she looked at Rouge.

" He's in perfect health Like Logan he won't get sick" said Charles as he smiled.

" Well, ok" said Mrs. Possible as she frowned.

" So what do we do now" said Storm as she looked around.

" We, stop this ridiculous thing here and go back looking for Jean." said Cyclops as he frowned.

" Scott, get over it my sister left you because she doesn't love you anymore." said Mrs. Possible as she glared at Scott.

" I still love her, you stupid whore " said Scott as he glared back.

"Well, get over it you cheating loser " said Mrs. Possible as she left the room in rage..

" Scott, how many times do we have to tell you she's not coming back , your hurt Jean by cheating on her with that teenage girl. AND IF YOU EVER HURT MY ANNE AGAIN I WILL KILL YOU" said Mr. Possible as he glared at Cyclop's.

" Oh, I'm so scared , Hahaha what are you going to do to me fix me. Your mutant power is nothing compare to mine." said Scott as he glared at Mr. Possible.

" At least I can keep the woman I love unlike you." said Mr. Possible as he left.

( The living room)

" Mommy why are you crying" ask Kim as she hugged her mom.

" It's nothing bubblebut , it's just the Scott said some very mean things to me and hurt mommy ok" said Mrs. Possible as she wiped her tears away. Kim and Ron where playing , but now they were both hugging her, Ron was licking her face to wiping away her tears to.

Scott came walking in and glared at the scene.

" Oh, look at this" said Scott as he picked Ron up and glared at him.

" Grrrrrrr, off of Ron Now and No hurt Mrs. P or Ron will hurt you " growled Ron as he glared at Scott.

" Can't talk can you, Aww poor baby" said Scott as he threw Ron at the wall. Ron slid down and glared at Scott.

" No one wants you here get out and go back to your cave" said Scott as he walked away.

" Ron, are you ok" asked Mrs. Possible as she telepathically picked Ron up and flew him to her.

" I'm ok , no hurt" said Ron as he smiled.

" Good, Look Kim Ron promise me that you two will stay away from Mr. Summers" said Mrs. Possible as she hugged Ron and Kim. Kim and Ron nodded.

" Ok we will mommy" said Kim as she promised this to her mom.

"Good, now go play" said Mrs. Possible as she got up and left the kid's.

" Ok" said Ron as he licked Mrs. Possible one more time on the cheek. Ron and Kim ran off to play. Mr. Possible walked in as soon as Kim and Ron left.

" Anne dear are you ok" said Mr. Possible as he sat down by his wife.

" Yha, Ron made me feel better by licking me , I can see why Kimmy loves him" said Mrs. Possible.

" Hey thats my job, I should Talk to Ron about that" said Mr. Possible as he faked frowned.

" Hmm, yes it is the making me feel better and the licking part are both your job's " said Mrs. Possible as she kissed Mr. Possible and held him.

" Well, I think I can make you happier and tell you we got the results back from test and were having twin boy's" said Mr. Possible as he smiled. Mrs. Possible smiled and rubbed her belly.

" Twin boy's wow, Thats great" said Mrs. Possible as as she smiled.

" Yes, It is Kimmy is going to be so happy" said Mr. Possible as he kissed his wife.

" I don't know about that , she really wanted sister's" said Mrs. Possible as she smiled.

" Hmm, well let's go tell her later and let us go to our room and I'll show you how much I love you My Mindwalker" said Mr. Possible as he smiled using his wife's mutant name.

" Sure thing Mr. Possible" said Mrs. Possible as she smiled her husbands mutant name was his name.

( With Kim and Ron Kim's Room)

" Ron, Let's play house" said Kim as she smiled and ran to get Pandaroo.

" Kp, can Ron ask question." said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Anything Ronnie" said Kim as she smiled at Ron.

" Can, Kp help Ron talk good" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Ok, let's get started we'll play school so you could learn and have fun. But we have to ask Mr. McCoy he's a teacher he can help us" said Kim as she put Pandaroo down. Kim and Ron went to find Beast . He happily helped the kid's

( 3 hours later)

" Thank you, beast" said Ron as he smiled he now remembered how to talk and how to act human.

" No problem and our next class will be on Shakespeare" said Beast as he smiled at the kid's.

" Ok , bye Best and thank you" said Ron as he smiled and ran away. Kim followed him and waved

bye as she left.



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