Just a random lilttle story ^^,I was having fun..characters aren't mine of course X3,I just love these two 3


The day was slow...very so very slow...the cute little earl sat on his chair,glancing at the piles and piles of paperwork that he had,he groaned tilting his head towards the desk in a very loud thud. "Ow...." all he could say, he lifted his head, and just stared blankly at his surroundings. Ciel was bored, so very bored,he thought for a second,finding something to do, though he could the paperwork and get over with it now, the thought crossed his head,but nah he didn't feel like it, thinking, he heard knocking at the door, "Come in " he said,still pondering his thoughts,it was Sebastian coming to check his young master on his work, which was on hold for the moment as the butler noticed,that his master had done....nothing...,he glared at his master who was clearly not paying attention and he cleared his throat, so his master would notice that he was there.

"Huh?..." Ciel turned to Sebastian,he noticed him, good ".....When did you get here?" Ciel asked titling his head,the boy was obviously took his thinking too far and went to day dream land

Sebastian glared "Young Master.." he said said hiding the anger of his voice "...what happened? I left you 2 hours ago to do your work...." his voice was getting a tad bit ticked off...but just a tad

"Well I didn't feel like doing it..." he answered arrogantly, he was bored he thought, might as well annoy Sebastian for fun,he smirked

"My lord that attittude is very unesasary " Sebastian said angry and glared at his tiny master,his oh so tiny master,that he could kill oh so easily, violent thoughts crossed Sebastian's head...oh dear...

"I really don't care Sebastian" this time he sounded more arrogant,and his smile grew even more,as another idea popped into his head

"Young Master!.what is with you today?...." his butler was at the point where he was concered and wanted to kill him...he was leaning to kill

"Sebastian! I don't need to explain every little detail...now sing me a song..." the boy commanded seriously

"Well as your butler I have a right to kno-....what was that bocchan?..." he tilted his head,his anger was gone and confusion came

"Sebastian...sing me a song..twinkle twinkle little star...." he tried to keep his voice as serious as possible,his butler's face was too much,he had to hold his urge to laugh,which was weird

"Umm young master why this all of a sudden?...you sure your alri-"

"Sebastian!...I said sing...thats an order..." he looked dead serious,Ciel was happy with himself,he was a good actor

".....Yes my lord..." Sebastian bowed,and just started singing "Twinkle twinkle little star...how I wonder what you are~...." Sebastian was singing pretty good,though not enjoying it,frankly...his red eyes were a bit more red...his master is evil

"....." Ciel just stared and listened,the young boy was certaintly enjoying himself,then he ordered Sebastian to stop singing,he wanted to see how far he could push his "must obey every order one hell of a butler"..he smirked

"...Alright young master,now that I sang ,would you please te-"

"Sebastian!....moo like a cow..." he gave another serious order,and interrupted his butler once again

"Young Master what is the meani-"

"Do I have to repeat myself....thats an oder...." again dead serious

"............................................Yes my Lord..." he bowed once again,Sebastian heasitated..moo? like a cow?really young master?! he thought, as he sighed "....moooo" yeap he did it

Ciel turned away,covering his mouth,Sebastian could see that his master was enjoying himself,and he just wanted to go and grab his neck and just....again violent thoughts...

"ahem.." Ciel cleared his throat "well done Sebastian..."he smirked "Alright now..."

"No no more my lo-"

"Why Sebastion..." Ciel just kept interrumpting poor Sebastian," Are you refusing an order?....why...thats against our contract...." Ciel stated,with an evil little smile

"......F-Forgive me,my lord " he bowed as much he hated too for once,Sebastian was starting to think...that maybe a contract with a easily bored,smart,bratty,manipualtive, twelve year old...wasn't such a good idea...he sighed, as he watched his master smile, behind his desk.

-to be continued...maybe X3