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"AHHH!!!!!!" a scream was heard... though not of horror, but frustation, Greil Sutcliff sat back in the detailed chair, pulling his red hair, cursing quietly, as he then looked up at the boy sitting across the small table from him. The young earl stared, sighing, as the red death god glared at him furious, wanting to grab the boy's fragile neck and just...well kill him.

"I hate chess...." were the only words that slipped through his mouth

"How can you hate it?...you've barely played" Ciel, sighed once again

"Well...maybe the fact that well...I don't understand a damn thing!!" Greil yelled, picking a chess piece wanting to throw it out the window

"Watch it..." The young boy gave a deadly glare

The red head put the piece slowly down, then sat back pouting, crossing his arms, looking away from the boy, a childish sight indeed

"Oi..." Ciel rubbed his forehead, frustating it was, due to the fact that it has been over an hour, and no progress at all...maybe if Sebastian..."No..." he whispered to himself, wanting not remember his butler, Greil had kept him distracted this long.

The red butler looked back at the boy, his pouting face changed, at first sight of Ciel's worried face, the first time he's seen the boy like this. A devilish smile came as he stood up, and walked passed the table, the grabbing the boy's chair, rotating it so he would face the young earl.

Ciel was too distracted that he barely noticed the red man in front of him, wanting attention Greil leaned in, face to face with the boy, who jumped at the sudden action, and glared furiously at the death god.

"Something wrong Blue?...." Greil asked a fake worried look in his face

"NO..." the young master answered coldly, his cold stubborn face a bit pink

The red head noticed the sudden blush and giggled " Then whats with the pink cheeks hun ?" he pinched softly the boy's puffy cheeks

Ciel quickly smacked, the death god's hand away, his cheeks redder, the boy's eyes filled with more fury, which just made Greil giggle even more

"My my someones sensitive " the red butler teased

"Shut up...." a flushed boy tried to ignore his words, difficult it was, considering a certain someone wouldn't leave his thoughts

"OH I see~....thinking about Sebas??? I should have known" the teasing continued

"What ?!! Why on earth would I do that??!" Ciel argued his face like a tomato

Giggling ensues as the red butler sat on the boy's lap, preventing escape

"Get off!! " the earl shouted furious, trying to stand, but the shinigami was too heavy

"Not until you answer my questions hun" Greil teased " Now tell me, am I going to have you as a rival or what?"

"Why would I tell you anything about my feelings?!" Ciel yelled, still struggling

"AHA, so there is something to tell?" The death god squealed in victory, the young master's face with shock as he realized what he had just said. Greil stared smirking waiting for answer that he knew would come, a sigh escaped from Ciel's lips, defeat...might as well admit it

"I...." the boy started, his voice calmer, softer almost soothing "....love Sebastian..." a weight lifted from his shoulders, now that he knew it was true, Ciel smiled softly, he loved his butler, a soft pink blush came again

Greil was silent for a few moments until "Awwwww" was the only thing that came out his lips, he hugged the boy, whos calm moment was ruined as he tried to push away

"L-let go" he blushed, as the hug tighten, and started to feel nice...comforting....he stopped struggling

A silent moment, as the two stayed like that for a while, until the doors of the library suddenly opened, shocking the pair, looking at the doorway to see the person that they have been waiting to see.

Sebastian stood there, a serious look on his face, he was shocked by the sight he just witnessed, but he refused to let the expression show on his face. Seeing the butler though Greil jumped with joy, getting off the young master's lap, and quickly wanting to embrace the demon, but he stopped in his tracks as Sebastian gave him a deadly glare, making the death god shiver with fear, and retreat behind the young boy's chair.

"Young master...why didn't you inform me we had a guest?" The butler spoke his voice much colder that normal

Ciel could feel his heart pound a bit " It was unexpected...casual...nothing special " Greil puffed his cheeks at the commet

"Why of course...but may I suggest informing me next time?" Sebastian smiled

"Alright I will..." the young boy sighed

"Good...may I show our guest out? You are leaving? Aren't you Mr. Sutcliff? " the butler's smile didn't faze

"Well uhh I wanted to- " the death god started, until he saw those crimson eyes a cold glare" AH YES I was going to leave right now!" he said his tone a bit nervous

"Well then right this way..." Sebastian bowed, the red head walked to the door to take his leave, but before he did, Greil stopped and glanced at the young master, smiling kindly and whispered a small 'thank you'. The demon's eyes twitched with anger looking at the scene, "disgusting.." he was especially angry when Ciel...smiled back!, he couldn't believe it! "damn you..." his thoughts getting more violent by the second. Leaving the young boy in the library Sebastian showed the death god out...though not out the door...out the...window, a loud scream and thud was heard, when asked what happened the demon only answered "He tripped" and a smile came, the young master stared with curiosity. His butler could only smile fakely and pretend what he just saw didn't happen, but the more he wanted to push the thought away, the more his chest was starting to hurt " I am not jealous, I am not jealous, I am not jealous..." he continued thinking " I am...jealous...."

to be continued...........