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Roy stomped through the halls, trying desperately to appear businesslike despite the anger bubbling in his stomach. Where was Hawkeye when he needed her?

He rounded another corner and felt a small burst of relief when he saw the blond-haired colonel sitting on a bench. Then a flicker of exasperation at the equally blond head beside hers. Hawkeye was not alone, which did not suit Roy's purposes at all.

Hawkeye rose when she spotted him, throwing a salute. "Brigadier general," she murmured, a small smile quirking her smooth expression at the words.

"I need to speak with you, Hawkeye," he told her, sending Winry a meaningful glance. The mechanic hopped hastily to her feet, muttered a swift "sumimasen" and disappeared into a hospital room several yards down the hall.

"Riza," Roy muttered once he was sure the hallway was clear, "what are we doing about Fullmetal?"

"Doing?" Riza asked, perplexed.

"He has an unknown malady that is appearing to be incurable. He has a mission send-off in three days. It's not like I can postpone it, even with my rank, but at this rate when he leaves it will be in horrible condition."

"Roy, have you visited Edward since he was examined by the doctors?" Riza asked calmly, finally understanding.

"Well, no," he admitted.

"Just today he woke up completely fine, back in full health, and the only reason he's not bothering to leave is because Winry insisted on him staying her for another check-up. Once he has the all-clear he'll be ready for his mission."

"O-oh," Roy stammered. "No one had told me about it, so I just assumed . . ."

"That's one of your flaws," Riza sighed, taking one of Roy's hands and giving it a gentle squeeze. She smiled at her superior, turned, and followed Winry into Ed's room.

Roy stared after her, confused, his now-empty hand held aloft.


"Winry, seriously, I'm fine," Ed complained, crossing his arms over his chest.

"We don't know that for sure," Winry told him, unfolding his arms to straighten out his right hand. She inspected the joints, tightening the screws excessively.

"If I feel fine, I'm probably fine," Ed muttered, glancing out the window. He wanted to be out there, maybe fighting or retrieving some various alchemic research under fake orders. The old stuff. He couldn't really do much of it with the homunculi all dead.

"At least let the doctor look you over!" Winry ordered, punctuating her sentence with a particularly sharp twist of her screwdriver. Ed winced at the shock that traveled through the metal. She was pissed, for sure. No doubt about it.

"When they looked me over before they found nothing wrong," Ed complained. "If I was in normal condition then then I'm in normal condition now. Come on, Win, lighten up. Please?"

Winry glanced up at him, trying to keep a hold of her anger. If she wasn't careful it would slip away and she would end up forgiving him when he clearly didn't deserve forgiveness.

"You're stubborn, you know that?" she mumbled, releasing his hand and tucking her screwdriver into its usual hiding place. When he said things like that it was hard to stay mad at him.

Ed reached out with his left hand to take one of Winry's, his face covered with panic at the thought of making her sad. Al would kill him if Winry cried at his expense again. "Hey," he breathed, trying to get her to look up. Her bangs hung in her face and shielded her expression from him. "Please don't be sad, Winry. What did I say?"

Riza, who was standing in the corner, turned and left the room to give the teens some privacy.

Winry scrubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand. Oh, shit, he thought. Al's gonna kill me for sure.

"It's not something you said," she mumbled.

"Then what is it?"

"It's something I'm afraid of."

Ed pulled her into a hug, wishing there was some better way to comfort her than this.

"Ed," Winry whispered into his shirt, "the doctor's don't know what's wrong. I don't know what's wrong. I'm scared. What if you're dieing? How would we know?"

Ed tightened his grip around her, wondering the same things. If he died, Winry and Al would be wrecks. For all he knew, Al might try human transmutation again although he knew it wouldn't work. But then again, how did he know, how did any of them ever know, when he was dieing? Maybe it was just some weird head trauma. Did he hit it on something? He couldn't remember.

"Brother's fine," a familiar voice called from the door. Ed looked over Winry's head in surprise, and she twisted around to glance at the intruder.

"You really shouldn't worry, Winry," Al told her, lacing his fingers together behind his head. "Brother's been through a lot more than that. He won't die so easily." A grin dragged up the corners of his mouth in a way that seemed almost devious. "Nothing can kill the Fullmetal Alchemist."

Winry felt a small glow of hope at Al's words. Maybe Ed really would be okay. She had to keep thinking that, right?

Al draped his arms over the two blonds, his expression resembling a lazy cat. "Now, does anyone know when the cafeteria opens?"


Later that evening, Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, was released from the hospital. He was cleared with perfect health.


Roy approached the house where Fullmetal & Company were staying. He didn't really want to break Edward away from the other two just hours after his hospital release, but it was his duty. After all, he'd lost at rock, paper, scissors. He took a deep breath and knocked on the front door.

After nearly a minute the door creaked open, a very harried Alphonse on the other side. His left eye was twitching slightly and his hair and clothes were a mess. He paused to assess Mustang for a moment, then shook his head and stepped back to let the man in.

"What's wrong, Alphonse?" Roy asked the nerve-wracked teen.

"You don't want to know," he muttered, slinking into the kitchen. Roy watched him go uncertainly before trudging slowly up the stairs. He wondered for a moment what could be causing Al to act like that, but decided not to dwell too long on it. He had to inform Ed of his impending mission send-off the next day.

He reached Fullmetal's room and twisted the knob. Inside the room was empty. For a moment he found that strange, but then he decided that the alchemist was in Winry's room getting his automail checked. After all, what else did the teen have to do in Central?

He opened the door to Winry's room but stopped himself with the door just a few inches open. Two different shades of blond hair were intermingling at the head of Winry's bed. Roy closed the door quietly, turned around, and left the house with his face the color of a tomato.

Al hid in the pantry of the kitchen, muttering, "I told him he didn't want to know."

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