Chapter 14

The moment that their shifts were over, Kirk all but dragged the other to his quarters, unable to wait an extra second. He never did patience all that well anyway. When he'd gotten the both of them in the room, and the door shut behind them, Kirk just stared unabashedly at the other, not getting a real chance to do that since Spock was brought back on the ship.

His eyes carefully traveled down Spock's face, and he felt his breath hitching at the tender look he found in those eyes, the special look he knew was reserved only for him…and then his eyes moved down the other's body, finding all of the differences he found to be exciting and very interesting.

"Spock…" Kirk finally said softly, reaching his hand up to touch the other's face gently, and he noted how different it felt for Spock to be around the same height as him now and for his jaw to feel more square shaped than before.

He then brought the half Vulcan in for a kiss that was light and testing, his tongue lazily trailing over the other's lips as his hands ran over the other's body in an exploratory caress, in no rush to do anything, the whole point of this exercise to map out the changes to Spock's body and to relish them as he found them.

Spock closed his eyes and whispered softly, "Jim…"

The voice was different, but it still sent a shiver right up his spine, and this caused him to smirk and then lock the other in a more intense kiss. He also busied himself with getting Spock out of those odd clothes that the Vuctornas had given him, starting with the jacket and shirt.

Kirk realized they were made of some fine, smooth, and delicate material that felt nice under his fingertips as he removed it from Spock's body. His hands trembled slightly as he ran his hands up the other's chest, getting used to the straight, muscular, flat chest and lack of curves.

God, it was completely different than he was used to, but it was still amazing. And hot…goddamn was it hot. Now Spock was touching him too as he began to kiss his way down the other's neck.

He was pleased to see that the other still seemed well versed in what he liked as Spock ran his hands over his chest and back in the slow, firm way he enjoyed most, causing him to shudder and sigh. It was so strange how this was all new, with the way those hands were now larger than he was used to, but it was still all the same since those hands touched him in the way they always had before.

Kirk and Spock's clothes soon had all met the floor and Kirk moved them over to the bed. He encouraged the other to lay back so that he'd get the chance to get a good look at him naked. His body was as beautiful as ever, though significantly different.

Spock, you're so beautiful, god, I wish I had thought to look at you properly before you were turned into a girl.
Kirk thought in amusement, some of his desire for Spock coming through their bond loud and clear.

You will have forever more to look at me as you please, t'hy'la.
Spock thought back to him in affection.

That made Kirk quickly get on top of the other and kiss him deeply and passionately, rubbing intimately against the new, yet familiar body under him, burying his hands in Spock's hair. Maybe there was a whole lot less hair on his head now than there was before, but it still felt the same, still silky and wonderful.

Kirk moved against the other, finally feeling Spock beginning to writhe against him, and then his curiosity got the better of him. He slid himself slowly down Spock's body, kissing and licking down, until he'd settled himself comfortably between the other's legs. Without further preamble, Kirk bent his head down to take the other in his mouth, curious as to the other's taste.

He felt Spock shuddering and head him make soft noises of pleasure as he worked his tongue and mouth around him, and even if he felt a little awkward in doing so, it seemed as though the other was enjoying whatever he was doing thoroughly.

You…you have always been…quite talented with your mouth, t'hy'la…
Spock thought to him brokenly, and Kirk moaned around him as he realized that he'd already almost gotten the other to come undone.

He then began to move his mouth faster and he brought his hands up to rub wherever his mouth couldn't reach. He could feel his mate's pleasure in his mind and that made his cock twitch. Finally, he felt Spock gently take his face in his hands, and just as Spock lost control, Kirk felt him conveying all his feelings of pleasure right to him.

It was so intense that he almost lost it himself, but he held on, not wanting come without the other having touched him at all. Spock took a few deep breaths to recover and Kirk noted that the other's taste was remarkably similar like this, and the realization made him smile.

Spock quickly recovered and suddenly was kissing him again. Kirk knew that Spock could feel his need through their bond, and he felt that the half Vulcan was now determined to take care of him as well.

Spock wrapped his arms around him and then he moved a hand down to Kirk's arousal and began to rub him firmly and quickly, not wanting Kirk to wait. Kirk felt himself writhing and he moaned loudly into Spock's neck, his hips thrusting lightly into the other's hand, just wanting to reach completion.

The other did not deny him, as, in seconds, he was coming hard, all over Spock's fingers and his chest. He never recovered from orgasms as quickly as Spock did, but he didn't care, just cuddling against the other in a rather sticky, but warm, hug.

"God, you really are just as good in bed." Kirk murmured into Spock's ear, placing a soft and lazy kiss on the other's neck.

"Only my body changed, Jim. Not my mind or my memories." he said back calmly, but his tone was easily touched with amusement.

Kirk grinned and said, "You don't know how glad that makes me."

Spock just hummed in response and stroked the back of Kirk's head gently in that way he loved after they had been intimate together, and he felt himself beginning to be lulled into sleep. Not different at all…the love and affection coming through their bond was just the same as it always was, and he was sure, would always be.

"Spock…?" Kirk softly said as he was beginning to drop off.

"Yes, Jim?"

"You know, visiting the Vuctornas again soon may not be a bad idea. I'd like to see my girl again sometime, you know." Kirk said in a totally teasing voice, placing a few more kisses on Spock's neck.

Spock allowed himself a small smile, and he replied just as teasingly, "This may remain only a fantasy of yours, t'hy'la."

"Well, I guess I can dream." Kirk said with a sigh, settling himself even more comfortably against Spock, not even bothered to get up to go to the shower.

Spock showed no hurry to move them along to the shower either, seeming to be content in just holding on to him. Kirk was glad for this.

Spock, I love you…always will.

And I, you, Jim. For the rest of my days.

And Kirk knew it was the truth. This comfort was the last thing he needed to drift off in the warmth of Spock's arms, knowing that though the future was something unknown, their love and bond could always be counted on.