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"NO!" Brooklyn screamed as Ruby embedded the dagger deep within Sam's heart watching her friend crumple to the ground, dead before his knees even touched the slick wet grass. His rich chocolate eyes now void of life and staring up towards the heavens. Dean lay several feet away from Sam, his throat slit and coated with a thick sheen of drying sticky blood. His beloved leather jacket and favorite black shirt now tainted crimson along with the front of his jeans.

Ruby stared over with hate filled black pools as she sneered at the distraught hunter.

"You bitch!" The copper haired hunter screamed aiming the Colt and squeezing the trigger with ease. Her bright slate depths trained on the brunette demon watching the murderer wail in pain as the bullet hit its mark with deadly accuracy. Every orifice of the demon's host lit up with a fiery bright orange glow before going cold. She lowered the gun and collapsed towards the ground landing on her hands and knees.

Hot bitter tears welled up and cascaded down her beautiful face as her body shook with a violent fervor. Her lover and friend dead, victims of the double crossing she bitch Ruby. Brooklyn forced her body forward towards the bodies of Dean and Sam while gripping the Colt tightly in her hand.

Brooklyn cradled Dean's head in her lap as she carded her fingers through his short sandy hair.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't save you both in time. I failed you and Sam. I failed us," she whispered between chocked sobs. Brooklyn pressed her forehead to his and slowly caressed his face as if he were still alive and she was but waking him up from a deep death like sleep, only he wasn't stirring or opening his eyes.

"Dean, wake up please? It's me your Brook, you know your fiery haired hunter," she cried harder screaming out in unmasked anger.

"Why won't you come down and fucking help me?!" She screamed towards the nighttime sky. Her tormented plea falling to deaf ears as she shouted at the top of her lungs while feeling another wave of tears rand down her face.

"Damn you, damn you all for this!!!!!" Brooklyn continued cursing the angels and God for allowing this to happen. For their so called chosen one to die by the hand of a low class demon. Why didn't the angels appear and smite the whole damn group? Why did she have to witness this?

"Don't worry Dean I'm gonna fix this, I'll bring you and Sam back I swear," she softly kissed him before gently resting his head on the grass. Brooklyn turned her attention to Sam. She slowly closed his eyes giving him a peaceful appearance except for the large dark knife wound in his chest. Brooklyn swept a hand in hers running her thumb in circles on the top of his.

"You and Dean are coming back even if it's the last damn thing I do," she kissed his cool forehead and sighed into it.

Brooklyn knew what she needed to do.

The small bag burned with a cool blue flame as she stood at the Crossroads.

"Brooklyn Ravenwood, what a very pleasant and unexpected surprise," the demon stood behind her dressed in the form of a firefighter. The hunter turned around seeing the midnight haired man standing with hands firmly on his hips. His shoulders broad and strong beneath the black t shirt and smile deadly.

"You know why I'm here," the demon nodded and circled around her with his hands crossed over his host's chest.

"Ah yes, the Winchesters. Dead as doorknobs about two miles back."

Brooklyn glared at the demon knowing he was playing with her that she was right where he wanted her.

"I've come to strike a deal. My life for theirs. Dean and Sam come back to life fresh and new and you get me."

Brooklyn stood with her feet apart and arms out to her sides. The demon stopped in front her sizing up the formidable foe. Her gray eyes hard and serious as his flashed jet black.

"And why should I entertain this indecent proposal?" The demon ran his face down her face and neck with a predatory hint in his eyes.

Brooklyn swallowed hard knowing what he was hinting at. But it was worth if it meant seeing Dean and Sam alive and well.

"I'll let you do what you want with me," she looked way as her voice was now barely a whisper.

"I'll give you six months with them then payment comes due."

"No, I want more time."

"Fine, one year no more no less. You get your boys back. But first I'll be requiring a small payment," the demon ran his large strong hands up and down her shoulders leaning in and pressing his lips against her neck. Brooklyn shuddered and closed her eyes thinking of Dean's sparkling green eyes reflecting the love he held for her.

The demon slowly stripped her clothes away before ripping his own apart and off his massive frame.

"Look at me, Brooklyn," the demon gripped her chin forcing her to look into his ice blue eyes as he slowly lowered her to the ground collecting payment from the hunter.

Dean's body heaved up and off the ground as his lungs filled with life giving air. His emerald depths shot wide open and a blood curdling scream filled the air as Sam was slowly sitting up. He looked down seeing no trace of blood on his clothing. The hunter frantically lifted his shirt up finding no wound or scar where Ruby had plunged the dagger but hours before.

"What a rush," Dean mumbled rubbing his eyes. He too was clean and free of the bodily trauma inflicted on him. What the Hell was going on? He and Sam should be dead, kaput, cold, corpses but here they were alive and breathing.

"Dean what the Hell just happened?"

"I dunno Sammy," Dean was just as dumbfounded as his brother.

Dean looked around realizing someone was missing.

"Brook!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. "Brook!"

Sam quickly jumped to his feet scanning the edge of the woods. Dean saw the Colt beside him as the rising panic filled his being. Several feet away the body of the demon formerly known as Ruby was sprawled out with a perfect circle in the center of her head.

"Sam!" Sam saw the dead demon knowing right away it was the work of Brooklyn. He saw the dagger and scooped it up wiping it off on the demon's jacket.

Brooklyn staggered through the woods naked and shaking. Her clothes had been ripped to shreds by the Crossroads demon guaranteeing Dean and Sam would find her in her current state. The final moments of her time with demon still fresh in her mind.

She could only lay there as he held her arms over her head grunting and groaning on top of her. The only sounds she could make were sobs and soft cries as the demon kissed nipped and licked her skin before growling in release. The demon refused to rise right away opting to remain pressed tightly against her keeping the connection between their bodies.

"Just remember, one year from tonight and you're ours," his voice rumbled against her ear.

Then he was gone, leaving her naked and sobbing on the gravel. She felt so dirty all over as she picked herself up and started the agonizing trek back to the brothers.

She continued through the woods, her vision blurry but soon the light of the moon gave way revealing two distinct and familiar shapes. Brooklyn stumbled and overcorrected her step falling hard to the ground. Her knees, legs, arms and hands were scraped against sticks and stones as she landed.

"Dean," she weakly cried out.

"Dean, listen," Sam listened again hearing the small faint sound. Dean heard it too taking off in a dead run towards the edge of the woods. His heart pounding and adrenaline racing through his veins as his sharp emerald pools focused on the small red haired form curled up on the ground.

The hunter stopped dead feeling his heart shattering into a thousand pieces. On the ground broken and shivering was Brooklyn. Her copper locks covered her face hiding the tracks of her tears but her body trembled as she whimpered in pain.

"Oh god no," Dean ripped his jacket off laying it over her body. Sam saw the dejected condition she was in and felt ill and disgusted all over.

"Dean, is she alright?" Dean looked up with pained eyes before scooping her up in his arms. Brooklyn cried out and struggled against him but he held steadfast bringing her closer against his body.

"Shhhh, it's alright Brook. I'm here now, you're safe."

Dean rested his forehead against hers with Sam leading the way back to the car.

The ride home was silent only interrupted with the tiny cries coming from the leather bundle in Dean's arms. The hunter ran his fingers through her long hair whispering how much he loved her and vowed to never let anything hurt her.

Sam saw his brother's pain realizing how much he loved Brooklyn and the sight of her hurt and lost killed Dean inside.

"We're almost to the hotel," Sam said quietly. Dean could only nod in response.

Sam burst through the door with Dean right behind him. He rushed to the bathroom pulling the curtain back and running water for a bath.

"Sam, take this," he handed off his leather jacket to him then lowered Brooklyn in the hot steamy water. When he reached touching her skin, she cringed and backed away from the hunter. Dean winced at her rejection seeing how much pain she was in.

He looked down seeing no bruised on her arms or chest only the scratches and cuts from falling in the woods. But as he continued looking he saw on her inner thighs two distinct sets of bite marks. Dean slowly put his hand in the water examining the red angry marks. A flash of rage took over him when his fingers touched her skin.

"Dean…." She whispered but never opening her eyes.

"I'm here Brook," he said gently.

"I'm sorry," she muttered.

"Sorry for what? What happened out there?"

"No, you'll hate me."

"No I would never hate you, I love you."

Slowly Brooklyn opened her eyes exposing pale gray pools filled with sadness and anguish. Dean shot his hands through the now cooling water gripping her hands within his.

"No, please don't make me remember….." Brooklyn's eyes began brimming with tears.

Dean saw the pain in her eyes and heard the pain in her voice with each word. How could he force her to recall the horror locked within her mind? But he had to know, needed to know.

"Baby please, you have to tell me. I want to help you but I can't if you close me out."

Brooklyn shook her head hard and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Can't Dean….You'll get angry with me."

Dean stopped as she started breaking down. He feared if he pushed her too hard she would block him out. With a heavy heart he pulled the drain and pulled her up and out setting her on the toilet as he dried her off.

An hour later she was fast asleep in bed wearing a pair of his boxers and shirt. Dean pulled back the covers and motioned for Sam.

"I found these when Brook was in the tub," Sam gasped at the bite marks.

"What the…" Dean cut him off then replaced the covers over the resting hunter.

"Something happened out there Sam. We died out there but came back. I think she did something."

"You don't think," Sam looked over with dread as he knew what his brother was implying.

"I think she made a deal and sealed it with more than a kiss."

"Brook was that what you were afraid to tell me? That I would hate you and shut you out? God I would never hate you, you're my life," Dean confessed to the unconscious hunter.

"Sam we need to find a way to break the deal. When Brooklyn wakes up she needs to tell us what happened. I failed her Sam," Dean pressed his forehead on hers listening to the soft breathing of his hunter.

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