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It was nightfall when they arrived in De Soto. Brooklyn swore the town had remained the same as the surrounding areas continued to grow and expand outward. The only new things were the gas station, McDonald's and Sonic off the highway. She wondered if any of her parent's former neighbors were still here or if they had moved on seeking better fortunes in nearby Olathe and Overland Park.

The Impala stopped about a half mile away from the house and Dean killed the engine. He turned to see Brooklyn staring intently at the only house with the porch light on. She found it odd but suspected the neighbors were either possessed or dead or in hiding.

"So you're really going to take Queen Bee head on?" Tom popped up beside Sam.

"Great," Dean rolled his eyes as Brooklyn shot a weird look at him. Tom caught her stare.

"What? Something wrong?"

"You are one ugly bastard, Tom," she said with unmasked disgust.

Dean suppressed a laugh before straightening back up in his seat.

"Alright, we know Lilith's down there but we don't see any demons anywhere."

"Maybe it's a trap," Sam suggested.

"Maybe she cleared a path expecting us," Brooklyn said what everyone else had been thinking but was afraid to say it.

"Even if she's got a trap set up we still need to be careful. Demons could be lying in wait for us," Tom said quietly. The demon did have a point.

Dean ran his hand over his face and saw Brooklyn slip the Lucifer's Sword out from its hiding place. He watched as she ran her fingers delicately over and around the razor sharp edge as if judging how far she should bury the sword into Lilith's vile flesh. Dean couldn't help but to watch with sorrow in his eyes as she was preparing to meet Death head on. But he knew no matter what they did or where they went, the hellhound would find her and deliver her to Hell.

"So how do we wanna do this? Stealth and silence or guns blazing?"

"Can't we do both?" Brooklyn asked.

Dean pondered that thought and shrugged his shoulders.

"Why not?"

They crept through the shadows using the trees and houses to keep them from view of any patrolling demons. Brooklyn felt her heart racing wildly as she knew they were getting closer to Lilith. The hunter realized it was her damned soul acting as a homing device in helping them find the demon.

Dean checked his watch seeing Brooklyn had 3 hours left. They had to hurry.

"Sam you go around the back, Bobby you take the front and Brooklyn and I will go around the garage…." Dean looked around seeing the demon was gone once again. Of course the bottom dwelling bastard wouldn't stick around for long, he was a demon and demons were cowards.

Everyone parted with Dean and Brooklyn going towards the side door leading into the garage. Dean checked the door finding it locked but the hunter was prepared as he slipped the pick kit out of his bag. As he gathered the necessary tools the door clicked and slowly swung open revealing Tom on the other side.

"You thought I fled," he stared at the hunter.

"Well wouldn't be the first time now would it," Dean replaced the tools back in the bag. Taking Brooklyn by the hand they entered the dark garage. The car was parked and cold indicating either someone was here or dead. The demon stood in front of the door to the house checking something before he grabbed the knob and twisted it. The door opened towards them allowing the light from the kitchen to spill in.

On the floor the family was dead, their throats slit allowing the the floor to be coated with crimson. They had been that way for some time as the pungent odor of rotting and decaying flesh burned their senses as they walked by. Brooklyn saw faces frozen in fear and terror as they lived out their last seconds of life.

"What a waste," she muttered as they entered the kitchen. Brooklyn followed Dean down the hall to where her room was when she was a baby. The hunter opened a closet and found something that the owners had left or didn't notice. There, on the door, were her initials and the date of her birth. She brushed her fingers over the etchings feeling for a brief moment the love that was put into them. Her mother had done this and she had been so full of promise and hope that day when she came home.

The vision grew cold as Brooklyn allowed her fingers to slip away and fall by her side. Dean looked at the engraving in the wood then at his wife.

"Dean, I'm so sorry," she whispered.

"No, don't you go starting this again, Brook. I'm not letting you go to Hell. How many times do I have to tell you that?"

"Damn it Dean yes you are! Yes you are and I'm sorry and this is my fault I know that. But what you wanna do isn't going to save me. It will just get you killed in the process."

"Then what am I supposed to do?!" Dean was scared, frightened as he stood there facing Brooklyn.

"Keep fighting and taking out as many of those sons of bitches as you can. Remember that I love you and you have my heart for always," She reached out putting his hand over her heart letting his hand feel the steady beat one last time. Dean nearly jerked his hand back but instead let his body and soul feel her heart beat flowing into his own.

"Uh I hate to break up the moment here but…" Tom motioned for them to head down the hall towards the office area. More blood and bodies were strewn across the room as Brooklyn and Dean found hints of sulfur in places. The wandered from room to room as Brooklyn wasn't detecting any demons in the house other than Tom.

The clock struck 11:30 as they met up with Bobby and Sam.

"Anything?" Bobby asked.

Dean shook his head, "Nothing."

"Yeah it's almost as if the whole neighborhood's been wiped clean."

Brooklyn suddenly felt weak all over and collapsed to her knees. Dean dropped down feeling her heart racing wildly in her chest.

"Brook," Brooklyn fought off the panic as it rose within her.

"It's coming," she whispered, "The hellhound is coming."

"Shit," Dean muttered and lifted her in his arms. Brooklyn could hear the howling of the beast as it started closing in on the house. She knew her time was growing shorter as Dean burst into the one room that didn't have blood or corpses in it.

The second office was small and had two sets of double doors leading to the larger parts of the house. The window was medium but easy to protect with a line of salt. Sam lined the doors and vents as Bobby put a Devil's trap at each entry way. Tom arched an eyebrow as the hunters drew and salted the entrance ways.

Brooklyn was in the chair and saw by the clock it was 11:55. She heard the hellhound as it was now in the house and waiting for the stroke of midnight to strike.

"Damn it's ugly," Brooklyn could see it down the hallway. Dean looked where she was pointing and saw nothing. But he knew it was there watching them. Quickly he locked the doors and laid a layer of gris gris dust at each door. The hellhound charged down the hall and scratched furiously at the doors. Its bark sharp and sent shivers of fear down the hunters' spines. It continued pounding and baying as the hunters stood in a circle of salt for added protection. Tom was outside the barrier as it wouldn't go after him.

Sam spotted a break in one of the lines.

"Shit! Guys we have a problem!" The break continued to grow as the air rushed around them blowing the salt and dust around.

"Run!" Dean gathered Brooklyn and the hunters raced down the hall to the den area. The hellhound was hot on their heels as it sensed the one that was to be killed. Brooklyn turned away as the appearance of the beast was indescribable.

Sam hurried and laid down salt as Bobby put down the Gris Gris dust. Tom was pressing his body against the door keeping the hellhound out. He could feel the weight of the beast as it slammed against the glass and wood.

"Give me the Sword and maybe I can kill it," Tom said. Brooklyn held the sword tight and shook her head.

"No way!"

"We don't have time for arguing hunter!" Tom shouted back as he felt some of the wood begin to splinter.

The dust and salt were beginning to lose power as the air coming from beneath the door was starting to scatter the particles away. Dean created a second circle placing Brooklyn inside.

Brooklyn looked up at Tom and noticed something off about the demon. Suddenly it hit her.

"Dean! It's not Tom!"

Dean goes to kill the demon but Tom sends the hunter flying against the room and pinned up against the wall. Bobby and Sam attempt to fight but the demon cast them aside like sticks. Brooklyn watched with horror as rich brown retreated and white took its place.

"Hello Brooklyn. At last we finally meet," Lilith said in Tom's voice.

"How long have you been in him?"

Lilith looked her unusual choice of host over then at the hunter.

"Not long. He's pretty cute," she snickered.

"Where's Tom?"

"He was a bad bad boy and I sent him far far away."

"I knew I should've seen it before but you all look alike to me," Brooklyn spat. Lilith turned to the hunters and smiled at them.

"Dean and Sam Winchester, finally we meet," Dean cringed as the demon touched his face then his brother's.

"Sorry but I don't swing that way," he said in typical Dean fashion.

The demon finally turned to Bobby. "Robert Singer, the geriatric hunter. Tell me something, how does it feel at night when you're alone and your wife's dying screams fill your mind and dreams?"

Bobby narrowed his eyes at the demon before Tom or rather Lilith turned away back to Brooklyn.

"So this was you big plan? Send me to Hell kill the others and then what? Become Queen Bitch?"

Lilith slapped Brooklyn hard across the face as she replied in a cold tone, "I don't have to answer to puppy chow."

The demon walked over to the door and opened it up.

"Sic em boy," he smirked as the hellhound launched its brutal assault. Brooklyn screamed as the claws of the hellhound ripped into her legs, shredding denim and cotton alike. She feels her body falling to the floor as the claws slash across her chest causing blood to rush out and expose her ribcage. The hunter wailed in pain as she felt her body fight to stay alive. The warm thickness of her own blood covered her face and matted her coppery hair together as the hellhound continued tearing open every piece of intact skin and flesh it could find.

Dean shouted no over and over as helplessly watched Brooklyn get torn to shreds. He saw her wedding band and ring vanish beneath a crimson wave. Her St. Christopher medallion slipped out from beneath her now ripped and bloodied shirt as Brooklyn took in her last breath.

"Dean…." She muttered but the wounds in her throat prevented him from hearing his name being echoed upon her lips.

Lilith turned to the others and lifted a hand filling the room with a powerful bright light. The hunters prepared to die but something intervened and blocked the hellish powers of the demon. Lilith allowed the light to dim and was stunned to see all three standing there alive and well. Dean grabs the sword and charges for the demon hollering in pain and anguish.

The demon threw its head back and the plume of black smoke shot through the ceiling and the host dropped dead to the floor.

"NO!" Dean cried out as he dropped the sword. It clattered to the ground as he rushed to Brooklyn's side. He lifted her lifeless body in his arms and cradled her as he started to sob.

"No…..No……No…." he sobbed over and over again. Sam knelt down and started to tenderly put her body back together. Entrails and bone had been left exposed and Sam took it upon himself to clean her up. Bobby fetched a rag from his bag and gently wiped the blood away from her face and hands exposing two silver bands coated in blood.

"She's gone….." Dean sobbed as he mourned the loss of his wife, partner and best friend.

Somewhere in the bowels of Hell Brooklyn was latched in a webbing of chains. The hooks were entrenched in her flesh as she called out for help.

"Help! Somebody help me! Dean! DEAN!!!!!"

I am working on a sequel which will run parallel to Season 4.....Brooklyn will come back from Hell but will she be the same as Dean remembered her? Thank you again to all the readers who supported this story!