Vocaloid 09: Unit Naruto

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Chapter One

Two singers stood up on stage, practicing before their close-knit family members. One was a girl, who appeared to be fifteen, or sixteen years old, with two long pigtails of green hair, wearing a black and gray outfit with a tie, skirt, shirt, her strange footwear, detached sleeves on her forearms, and she wore a styling headset. Her fingernails are green, much like her shaded eyes, and she radiated a loving personality. The other was a boy, fifteen years old. He wore black cargo shorts with two orange stripes running down the side of each leg. The sleeveless unzipped jacket was all black, with the image of a red nine-tailed fox on the back. The undershirt was a fishnet tank top. The zipper teeth of the jacket however are orange and the zipper tag was a red fox head medallion. The strange footwear the boy wore was black with the back portion orange, and the area that covered his feet was orange with white stripes running down the center. He wore black detached sleeves like the girl did, and his headset was blue with the ear guards shaped after the head of a fox with short rabbit-like antennas. The fox's mouth on the right side had a forepaw extended out, which was styled into the headset's microphone. He had blue eyes, his fingernails painted orange, and had birthmarks on his cheeks that looked like whisker marks. Plus, his hair was a sun-kissed yellow, and spiky with red streaks in three frontal bangs across his forehead.

"Ready, Naruto?"

"Of course, Miku."

Cue the music.

(The song is called Romeo to Cinderella. The lyrics that have no tagged name means both singers are together.)

Miku: Watashi no koi wo
Naruto: Higeki no JULIET ni shinai de
Miku: Koko kara
Naruto: Tsuredashite…

Miku: Sonna kibun yo

Naruto: PAPA to MAMA ni oyasumi nasai
Miku: Seizei ii yume wo minasai
Otona ha mou neru jikan yo

Miku: Musekaeru miwaku no CARAMEL
Naruto: Hajirai no suashi wo karameru
Konya ha doko made ikeru no?

Miku: Kamitsukanaide yasashiku shite
Naruto: Nigai mono ha mada kirai na no
Miku: MAMA no tsukuru
Naruto: Okashi bakari tabeta sei ne

Miku: Shiranai koto ga
Naruto: Aru no naraba
Shiritai to omou futsuu desho?
Naruto: Zenbu misete yo
Miku: Anata ni naraba
Naruto: Misete ageru watashi no…

Zutto koishikute CINDERELLA
Seifuku dake de kaketeiku wa
Mahou yo jikan wo tomete yo
Warui hito ni jama sarechau wa

Nigedashitai no JULIET
Demo sono namae de yobanai de
Sou yo ne musubarenakucha ne
Sou ja nai to tanoshikunai wa

Nee watashi to ikite kureru?

Naruto: Senobi wo shita nagai MASCARA
Miku: Ii ko ni naru yo kitto ashita kara
Naruto: Ima dake
Miku: Watashi wo yurushite

Naruto: Kuroi RACE no kyoukaisen
Miku: Mamoru hito ha kyou ha imasen
Naruto: Koetara doko
Miku: Made ikeru no?

Kamitsuku hodo ni itai hodo ni
Suki ni natteta no ha watashi desho
Miku: PAPA ha demo
Naruto: Ne anata no koto kirai mitai

Miku: Watashi no tame to sashidasu te ni
Naruto: Nigitteru sore ha kubiwa desho
Miku: Tsuredashite yo
Naruto: Watashi no ROMEO
Miku: Shikarareru hodo tooku he

Kane ga narihibiku CINDERELLA
GARASU no kutsu ha oiteiku wa
Dakara ne hayaku mitsukete ne
Warui yume ni jirasarechau wa

Kitto ano ko mo sou datta
Otoshita nante uso wo tsuita
Sou yo ne watashi mo onaji yo
Datte motto aisaretai wa

Hora watashi ha koko ni iru yo

Miku: Watashi no kokoro sotto
Naruto: Nozoite mimasen ka
Miku: Hoshii mono dake
Naruto: Afurekaette imasen ka
Miku: Mada betsu hara yo motto
Naruto: Motto gyutto tsumekonde
Miku: Isso anata no ibasho
Naruto: Made mo umete shimaou ka

Demo sore ja imi nai no

Ookina hako yori chiisana hako ni shiawase ha aru rashii
Doushiyo kono mama ja watashi ha
Anata ni kirawarechau wa

Demo watashi yori yokubari na papa to mama ha kyou mo kawarazu
Sou yo ne sunao de ii no ne
Otoshita no ha kin no ono deshita

Usotsuki sugita CINDERELLA
OOKAMI ni taberareta rashii
Doushiyou kono mama ja watashi mo
Itsuka ha taberarechau wa

Sono mae ni tasuke ni kite ne

The duet, known as Hatsune Miku and Uzumaki Naruto finished the song, and as the music ended, gained applause from their fellow Vocaloids. Naruto and Miku smiled at one another, both glad their voices mixed well. On Naruto's left bicep was the image of a blood red fox's head, and in that tattoo was two white numbers: zero, nine (09).


"Ah, so glad you could come," said a tanned blonde haired young man who wore what one could call a business suit. The suit was a rich deep purple to near black color as was the slacks, with a gold colored tie. The undershirt was white, buttoned all except the last two top buttons. His blonde hair came out in stylish bangs that caressed the fringe of his forehead, and the rest spilled out into a ponytail that was wrapped much like a rope with white taping. Only a truffle of blonde hair stuck out in the end. His eyes were like the brightest of violet, and he wore gold earrings, bangles on his wrists barely seen, and boots instead of polished black shoes.

"It is no problem. Very strange that you would call upon a shinobi village from clear across the ocean," Kakashi admitted.

The violet-eyed man shrugged.

"This continent's shinobi villages are much like your region and countries; however we felt that we should at least reach out to our fellow ninjas from the Far East."

Kakashi accepted the answer. Either way, for everyone involved in this mission, it would be an experience to see a ninja village from the other part of the world.

"Follow me please. Everyone should be relaxing at the hotel we booked."

Kakashi followed the man, and the rest of the team followed. The Konoha Eleven (Uchiha Sasuke is still classified a Nukenin), the former Jounin Senseis of the Konoha Eleven, and one large white dog. The Konoha Eleven all have changed ever since the final battle with Akatsuki five years ago, and how Naruto was captured and then his body never seen. However, Akatsuki still had fallen when their so-called Bijuu Weapon turned back on Pein and nearly destroyed the world had it not been defeated in a climatic battle that would been talked about for years, even generations to come. It was only ten minutes, but they finally arrived at the hotel, the other Eastern Ninjas taking in the sights of the beautiful city, while also listening to some details about the automobiles that existed in the West. He stepped into the hotel, and the other ninjas followed. He knocked on the door upon them all reaching the top floor, which was also the largest Vacation Suite in this building. The door opened revealing a young woman with vibrant long pink hair and wearing a strange type of Chinese dress and other odd clothing.

"This my fellow bodyguards, is Megurine Luka, part of the Vocaloid band. Hello Luka, I've returned with our touring guests."

"Oh, the shinobi you talked about. Sure Sekai... we're all in the living room." She flashed a warm gentle smile, before opening the door wider to allow everyone to come inside the room. Akamaru had a bit of trouble getting into the hotel in the first place, had it not been for Sekai vouching for the Nin-ken.

"Everyone, we have guests!" Sekai spoke up, which also caused his sister Rin to peek out form the kitchen, who was currently making a large lunch with Miku's help. Everyone filed into the living room, where the Konoha ninjas stood at attention.

"This is my twin sister Rin, and the girl with the pigtails is Hatsune Miku. Those are the brother and sister duo, Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin, both fraternal twins like Ishtal Rin and I."

The four mentioned waved hello.

"This is Sakine Meiko, Shion Kaito, and you already met Luka," Sekai chuckles, introducing the woman in red clothes with brown hair, the guy wearing a white and blue clothing and wore a blue scarf, complete with blue hair, and the pink-haired woman who answered the door.

"The samurai here is Kamui Gakupo, and Nenchou Gumi."

Gakupo wore traditional samurai type clothes and a kimono, with a sword at his hip, and the girl Gumi had short green hair and was dressed in a wild-looking clothes, and looked peppy. However, the person who stepped up from behind Gumi made Kakashi drop the book in his hand, and some jaws form the Konoha group to drop.

He had whisker marks on his cheeks, and had spiky sun-kissed yellow blonde hair.

"And this is Uzumaki Naruto," Sekai finished introductions, "all together, they are the Vocaloids. The greatest singers in the West."


Hyuuga Hinata fainted. The Vocaloids sweatdropped, as did the Ishtals.

"Uh... is she okay?" Naruto questioned, visibly confused on why the woman just passed out like that.

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