Moonlight Rose

Chapter 1: Insufferable Beast

"We cannot keep meeting like this milord." She said in a hushed breath.

"But we can little onna. I find these gatherings of ours quite interesting." He replied with a smirk.

"But what if Inuyasha found out?"

"I do not think that he will have the energy to yell at you."

"What do you mean?"


Kagome did what she was told and heard the low growls and moans. "Oh." She lowered her eye to her lap.

"Do not be saddened by the fact that he is rutting with the clay miko. He will have to learn soon what he is missing."

Kagome blushed furiously and looked at her hand. " any fours?"

"Go fish." Sesshomaru smirked.

That was how it had been for the past year. Kagome and Sesshomaru would meet late at night and Kagome would either teach him of the future, or play games with him. She found it quite intriguing how the demon Lord of the West could be so fascinated by cards and other games such as Scrabble.

"I think it's time for me to get back now." Kagome said reluctantly.

"Yes, the rutting noises have stopped. Same time tomorrow miko?"

"Of course milord." Kagome gathered the cards and stood to bow. "I am looking forward to teaching you how to play Uno."

"And This Sesshomaru is looking forward to you teaching me." Sesshomaru watched as Kagome walked in the direction of the camp that she had set up with her tachi. "Until tomorrow miko." He said lowly.

'You like miko.'

'Damned beast. Must you annoy me at every turn?'

'Miko look good tonight.'

Kagome's attire had consisted of sleepwear, a white beater and a pair of mini shorts that left little to be desired. 'She looked like the average miko.'

'You lie Master. You know 'Gome look nice.'

'Gome? Do you mean Kagome?'

'Hai. 'Gome.'

'Go away you insufferable pest.'

'Not 'til you say how good she looked.'

'She looked rather nice. Now will you leave me be?'


These meetings had begun when the miko had nursed Sesshomaru and his ward to health after a tough battle with Naraku, much to Sesshomaru's disapproval. Jaken was nowhere to be found during his Lord's rare moment of weakness. While taking care of him, Kagome had told him a little about the future, since he knew that that was where she was from. During the time, Kagome also made an excellent care-giver for Rin. Every night when her tachi was asleep, she came to aid them and played with Rin until she fell asleep. Sesshomaru watched in silent wonder at the level of expertise Kagome had with the little onna, while she herself was one.

Sesshomaru found himself interested in the future and allowed the late night meetings to continue well after he was back in health. He found himself interested in the future, and he wanted to learn all he could about it before he was faced with it. Sesshomaru made a mental note to ask the miko about demons in the future. She hadn't mentioned any, so were they extinct? He hated to think that someone could do away with him so easily. Especially some pathetic ningen.

Kagome made her way back to camp and saw that she had beaten Inuyasha. Big surprise. Sesshomaru always told her when it was the perfect time to come back. Kagome saw Shippo in her sleeping bag. The young fox demon had grown from the kit that he was when they'd first met him. He was now almost as tall as Kagome, with more defined features. His fox magic had gotten a lot better and he'd been more of an asset to the fights now than he had been as a kit. Kagome snuggled up close to him and closed her eyes.

"Where have you been Kagome?" the voice startled her.

"Sango? What are you talking about?" Kagome kept her eyes closed.

"You've been gone since Inuyasha left. Unless you were with him."

"Pfft! Yeah right!" Kagome said a little too loudly. She opened her eyes when she felt Shippo stir.

"Mama?" He mumbled in his sleep. Over the years, he'd begun to see Kagome as the mother that he never had.

"Yes. I'm here Shippo." Kagome cooed in his ear.

"My mama." Shippo nestled closer to Kagome and sighed, still sleep. Kagome let out the breath she hadn't known she's been holding and looked over to her 'sister'. They'd grown close enough so to be given the titles. And Sango acted like she was Kagome's elder sister.

"Then where have you been?" Sango asked.

"I...I...I went home for a bit." Kagome lied. She didn't want anyone to know about her late night visits with Sesshomaru. Though they were perfectly innocent, unlike the unfaithful haynou they all knew, Kagome wasn't rutting with anyone in the forest.

"Uh huh." Sango could tell that Kagome was lying, but decided not to press the issue because she could hear Inuyasha coming through the bushes. She would talk to Kagome about it later.

Inuyasha crept into camp, fixing his kimono. Kagome could feel Kikyo's aura all over him due to her miko training with Keade. She'd gotten a lot stronger than she was and could hold her own quite well now that she could control her powers and create barriers. She was pretty sure that if it came down to it, she could take Kikyo on. Hopefully that would never have to happen.

The strength of the aura made Kagome want to gag. But she kept up her sleep pretense so Inuyasha wouldn't have to be uncomfortable being so close to he rafter he'd just done that with Kikyo. Or perhaps it would be interesting to see how her haynou friend got out of it. Perhaps another day, she thought. She was really tired. Kagome stifled a yawn and fell into a deep peaceful slumber, dreaming about a certain DaiYoukai.

Kagome awoke to being poked in the side and a loud Inuyasha yelling at her to, "Wake up wench!"

She shot up and yelled in response, "Sit boy! Ouch, my head hurts. What's the big deal?"

"What's the big deal? You were moanin' in your sleep! That's the big deal!" Inuyasha answered once he'd picked himself off the ground.

The blood rushed to Kagome's cheeks. -Oh crap! I wonder if I said anything!-

"Who were ya dreamin' about anyway?" Inuyasha asked. -I almost took her right then! The smell of her arousal was drivin' me crazy!-

" one in particular." Kagome blushed deeper. -At least I didn't say his name. That's a relief.- Kagome sighed.

"What ya sighin' for? Who were you dreamin' about wench?"

"Ya know, you might get some kind of an answer out of me if you stopped calling me wench and started using my real name." Kagome stood up and walked off.

-What the hell is her problem? Stupid wench.- Inuyasha hopped back into his tree mumbling about over emotional women. Kagome found Sango and grabbed her clothes for the day.

"Ready to go to thehot springs?" She asked.

"I sure am!" Miroku said, walking up behind Kagome and groping her.

"Monk, I suggest you get your hand off me before I purify you." Kagome said through clenched teeth.

"Of course Lady Kagome." Kagome hated it when he called her that, but it seemed to suit him well. As long as he kept his hands to himself, he could call her 'Lady Wench' for all she cared.

-I wish he would drop the 'lady' bullshit.- Kagome looked at Sango. "Ready?"

"Yes. Then we can talk about last night." She looked Kagome in the eyes.

"Last night? Have you two been naughty little onna's whilst I was sleeping?" Miroku said like the perverted, sex-driven fool he was.

"Go fuck yourself Miroku." Kagome bit and walked off.

"Why is she so hostile this morning?" She heard Miroku say as she walked off.

"I don't know. But I'm going to make it my mission to find out. Remove your hand monk!" Sango slapped Miroku then stalked off after Kagome. "What's wrong?" She asked once they were in thehot springs.

"I don't know Sango. I just don't feel like putting up with Miroku's crap today."

"Oh. I heard the little argument between you and Inuyasha this morning." Sango said and Kagome groaned then blushed. "Who were you dreaming about Kagome? You know you can tell me little sister."

"You are my big sis Sango." Kagome smiled. "That's why you can't know just yet. No one can. I don't want anyone to know just yet. At least not until Inuyasha does something major to really piss me off. Deal?"

"Deal." Sango smiled and relaxed for a while with her best friend.

The tachi continued in the direction they were headed. Kagome felt Sesshomaru's aura near as he flared it out a bit. Had he lost his mind? If Miroku felt his aura he was sure to tell Inuyasha.

"Um...I feel kinda sick." Kagome said suddenly and grabbed her stomach.

"Are you okay?" Sango asked, placing a hand on Kagome's back.

"Yeah. I think I'll be fine. I'm just going to go back in that village we passed through to get some herbs. I'll catch up with you guys later." Kagome took off to the village that Sesshomaru was in. She found him surrounded by bowing females, both demon and human.

"How are you today milord?" One of them asked him.

"Would you like me to show you a fine time Sesshomaru-sama?" Another one, a demoness asked.

"I am looking for someone." He replied.

"Perhaps I can assist you." Kagome said and stepped forward.

"Ah yes. Perhaps you can."

"What did she look like milord?" Kagome kept up the pretense.

"She looks a lot like you actually. Follow me." Sesshomaru began to walk in the opposite direction that Kagome had come, but she followed him like a little obedient puppy.

"How dare that ningen offer to help our Lord! I should kill her!" One of the demonesses protested.

"I would find it highly interesting if you challenge me to a battle." Kagome turned around and said to the demoness.

"If Lord Sesshomaru wouldn't mind a human getting killed in his presence."

"I'm sure that you wouldn't kill her, but if it is a battle you wish to commence in, I will not stand in your way. Everyone, unless you wish to get killed, I suggest you move out of the way."

All of the people in the area moved back and allowed the two women some space.

"I will allow you the first move ningen." The demoness smirked.

"How kind of you. But I will not accept it. You go first." Kagome replied kindly.

"Very well then." The demoness charged at Kagome, who smirked in return and side-stepped the petty attack, but got nicked in the side.

Kagome kicked the demoness in the stomach and she flew backwards and landed on her back. Kagome placed a foot on her neck. "I do not wish to kill you but if you challenge me again, I will be forced to." Kagome stepped back and went to Sesshomaru. "Are you ready to continue milord?"

Sesshomaru nodded, still amused by the small amount of energy Kagome had used on the petty demoness.

Once they were in some trees, Kagome said, "Okay, I've been gone from them for about fifteen minutes. Why are you here?"

"My beast would not leave me alone until I had seen you."

"It couldn't wait until tonight milord?" Kagome blushed.

"I am afraid it couldn't miko. Do not think anything of it. My beast is merely an annoying pest."

"I completely understand Sesshomaru-sama. Pardon me, I must leave now." Kagome bowed and walked away. -Why am I upset that he doesn't want me?- Kagome was confused. -Do I actually like him? Oh dear, I like Sesshomaru. Well, it was bound to happen. We've been seeing each other for a year.- Kagome blushed again. -Not really seeing each other, but...Agh! I'm going crazy in my own mind!-

'Why did you make me do that?' Sesshomaru fumed walking the opposite direction Kagome had gone.

'Me want to see 'Gome.'

'But I didn't. There was no need for you to take over.'

'Just wait 'til night of Winter Solace. I will take little miko.'

'You will do no such thing.'

'Thirty moons. If you don't, I will.'


Sesshomaru walked back to the imp, Rin, and Ah-Un. "Come, we leave." He commanded and they set off in the direction the miko had gone. -Stupid insufferable beast.-

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