Moonlight Rose

Chapter 55: It Ends Now

"Alright?" Naraku was confused. "You mean…you will join me?"

Kagome nodded. "Why not? I'm tired of being good. With these new powers, I'm sure ruling at your side will be a lot of fun."

Naraku blinked.

"Miko, have you lost your mind?" Sesshomaru asked, stepping towards her.

"Do not touch me!" Kagome barked, jumping back from Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru's heart stung at Kagome's obvious rejection. Had Kagome truly gone to the dark side? "What about Rin…and Shippo…and Mesume?"

"They will be fine without me. Setsuki can watch after them." Kagome was slowly walking towards Naraku. "Naraku is my king now, and we will rule the world." She smiled and reached out for his hand.

Before they could make contact, though, Setsuki shot a ball of energy at Kagome. "I'm not letting you go that easily."

Kagome blocked the blast before it could even get to her. "I'm already gone." She turned around and looked at Setsuki. Kagome's eyes flashed brightly for a quick second, then Setsuki fell to the ground, unconscious.

Inuyasha was by her side instantly. "What did you do?!"

"Nothing that she didn't deserve. She shouldn't have attacked me when I didn't attack her." Kagome shrugged. "Not my fault."

"She's your friend Kagome! Your sister in a past life!" Sango cried out.

Kagome rolled her eyes. "A past life. This is my new life and I'm choosing to live it the way I want to."

Naraku watched it all with a smile. "Yes, my dear, you will be perfect by my side."

Kagome smiled. "I surely hope so."

"Setsuki is right, you know." Sesshomaru looked at Inuyasha and Sango bent over Setsuki's unmoving body. "We aren't letting you go."

Kagome turned to him, fire in her eyes. "You cannot hold me down! You are not powerful enough!"

"You will not join Naraku's side." Sesshomaru told her.

"Who the hell are you to tell me anything?" Kagome asked him. She laughed. "You can't control me."

Sesshomaru smirked. "No one has ever been able to control you, miko." His smirk vanished. "But I can, and I will kill you."

Sango gasped. "Sesshomaru, you can't! She's still Kagome."

"If that being wishes to join Naraku, then it is not Kagome. Naraku wishes to destroy all of us. This makes both of them my enemies." Sesshomaru took out his sword.

Kagome smirked. "Are you challenging me…Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Hai." He got into a battle stance.

"Well then…challenge accepted." Kagome charged at him at the same time he charged at her. They jumped in the air and collided head on. The sound resembled thunder cracking across the sky.

"You don't think…they're gonna kill each other…do you?" Sango asked, the worry evident in her voice.

"I do not know Sango. We can only hope for the best." Miroku placed a barrier around them while Kagome and Sesshomaru fought in the air.

Kagura watched everything in silence. Was Kagome really going to kill Sesshomaru? She wouldn't let that happen. "Dance of Blades!" Kagura's attack flew towards Kagome and Sesshomaru.

Kagome neatly dodged the attack, then put it into reverse. Kagura's Dance of Blades tore her body into pieces. She screamed in pain, but a piece of her was happy that she was finally free. Kagome turned back towards Sesshomaru, who was planning his next attack. He punched Kagome in the face and she flipped backwards, landing on a nearby tree branch. She smirked and wiped the blood from her lip. "Momentary distraction. It won't happen again."

"Excuses do not fit you."

"Then I will not make them." Kagome placed her feet together and launched herself straight for Sesshomaru. He dodged her, but grabbed her arm and yanked her back to him. Sesshomaru slammed Kagome into the ground and hovered over her. Kagome flipped backwards again, this time kicking Sesshomaru in the chin and causing him to stumble backwards a bit. Before Kagome could prepare her next attack, Sesshomaru grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her.

"Look at me miko!" Sesshomaru said. "You must remember who I am! You do not want to fight me!"

"Let go of me." Kagome said.


"Let GO!" Kagome screamed. In her eyes, she begged for Sesshomaru to let her go. And it was in her eyes that she apologized to him for what she was about to do. Kagome dug her hand deep into Sesshomaru's stomach. He finally let go and fell to his knees, coughing up blood. But it was the fact that he understood what she was doing that made everything alright. Kagome looked at him and shrugged. "I warned you." She walked back to Naraku's side. "Now where was I?" She reached her hand out for Naraku.

Naraku smiled. "I am glad that you have finally decided to join me."

Kagome didn't respond, she only waited for his hand to touch hers. And when it did, her whole facial expression changed. "And I'm glad that this is finally over." She yanked his body into hers, kissing his lips and sending a very potent purification poison into his body.

Naraku stepped back and coughed. "What…what have you done to me?"

"I'm purifying you from the inside, out. That's the only way that you can be defeated Naraku. You're evil to your very core, and only I can reach your core, your heart." Kagome watched as the spot in his chest where his heart was began to light up. His heartbeat sped up, and his body lifted off the ground.

Naraku smirked. "I guess you finally won, huh?"

Kagome shook her head. "No. Too much blood has been spilled for this to be called a win. This could have ended years ago, but it is too late to go back in time now. Now though, you can repent, and only hope that the kami decide to let you into Heaven."

Naraku's entire body became engulfed in light and he disappeared, the jewel shards he'd been carrying fell into Kagome's palm. She whispered a short incantation and smiled as the jewel glowed brightly, calling out for its final shard, the one Kohaku held. He instantly appeared in front of the group. "It's ok Kohaku. You're free now." Kagome whispered and removed the shard from his next. As her hand glowed with the energy of the jewel, she placed it over Kohaku's now limp body and closed her eyes. Within seconds, Kohaku's eyes opened and his life was restored. He took several deep breaths, wondering was any of this real, or if it was just another one of Naraku's tricks. Kagome shook her head. "This is as real as it's gonna get Kohaku. Go to your sister. She has forgiven you."

Kohaku looked at Sango, who was watching him with tears in her eyes. "Sister?" His voice was weak with emotion.

"Brother?" Sango stepped towards him. She opened her arms to her little brother and he ran to her. "Oh Kohaku, I've missed you so much!"

Kagome watched as brother and sister embraced and cried. She looked down at the jewel. She knew that she couldn't wish it away, even though that was the simple answer, so she would keep it with her, at all times. She walked over to Setsuki and gently kicked her in the side. "Get up."

Setsuki opened one eye, then the other, with a smile on her face. "Hey there dark miko."

Kagome laughed. "Whatever." She bent to help Setsuki up. "Very convincing though. I'm proud of you."

"You're proud of me? I damn near thought we'd lost you for real!" Setsuki laughed.

"Wait…you knew what was going on the whole time?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah. I couldn't tell any of you though. It was our little secret." Setsuki said.

Kagome walked over to Sesshomaru, who was standing, watching her. "I'm sorry."

"Do not apologize." Sesshomaru hugged her. "Just don't scare This Sesshomaru like that again."

"Alright." Kagome healed the injury she'd inflicted on Sesshomaru as they hugged. She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him. "I love you."

"As I love you." Sesshomaru kissed the top of Kagome's head.

Kagome let go of the man she loved. "Miroku, check your hand."

The monk looked at his hand to see that the hole he'd been cursed with was gone. He let out a cry of excitement. Now he would no longer fear having to leave his beloved Sango's side too soon. Now he wouldn't have to fear for his future son's life. "I'm finally free." He sighed. Miroku looked at Sango and reached in the sleeve of his robe. "Sango…my darling…"

Sango stopped hugging Kohaku and looked at the monk she'd grown to love over the years. "Yes?"

Miroku got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" Of course he'd asked her before, as they were engaged, but this time he presented her with a ring and a promise to live out their lives together, without the fear of Naraku tearing them apart.

Sango had already been crying, but it seemed like more tears were produced as she nodded and whispered, "Yes," to Miroku.

He placed the ring on his finger and kissed the woman he loved. At the same time, Setsuki and Inuyasha looked at each other. Setsuki blushed and looked away, never once in her life had she been shy. But she sucked it up and turned back towards Inuyasha. She took a deep breath and kissed him with every ounce of love that she held for him. He placed his hands on her hips and kissed her back just as passionately.

"Well isn't that just adorable?" Kagome smiled, wrapping her arms around Sesshomaru's waist. "Hey you guys? Let's go home."

Upon their arrival at the Western Castle, Haku was the first person to get Kagome's attention. She successfully healed him, and thanked him for his hard work. His men carried him to the infirmary where she was sure he would sleep for the next day. Kagome peeked in on the children, glad that they were still asleep. She'd placed a spell on them, making sure that they would stay sleep until she got back. And if she hadn't made it back, the spell would've worn off in a day's time.

To say that she was tired was an understatement. Kagome was both physically and mentally exhausted. She was glad when Sesshomaru decided to join her in the hot springs.

"So tell me, miko, exactly what happened when you were in the Underworld." Sesshomaru said, washing Kagome's back.

"Kikyo thought she'd won. Hell, I thought she'd won. When she showed me Saseko trying to get to the children, I just lost it. The dark magic of the miko had actually captured me, and it didn't plan on letting me go. But while I was inside, I saw your face. And I went towards you. You saved me, Sesshomaru. I came back for you." She held his face in her hands. "You are the reason I am alive."

Sesshomaru shook his head. "You would have come back anyway. If not for me, then for the children, or just to rid the world of the evil known as Naraku."

Kagome smiled. She was glad that he had so much faith in her.

"What are you going to do with the jewel?" Sesshomaru asked.

Kagome hadn't thought about the jewel since she knew she couldn't simply wish it away. She remembered that there was a door inside the dungeon that led to an underground storage room. No energy that was inside could be sensed from those who were outside. "I will leave it under the castle, heavily guarded by the souls who have been trapped inside. I am the jewel's owner, and I'm going to place a spell on it to where if anyone but me touches it, they will be trapped inside the jewel, and only I can get them out."

"Hn…clever." Sesshomaru nodded. He was proud of the woman he'd chosen as his mate. Who was he kidding? The kami had chosen him for Kagome, and for that, he would be eternally grateful.

Woooo! After four years this story is finally finished! It probably could've been done so much sooner, but I lose focus and I get distracted. But I want to thank those of you who have been here from day one and who encouraged and inspired me. I'm glad that this story is over, though. Not saying that I didn't love it, because this journey has been a long one, but now I can focus on Teacher's Pet! Anywho...thank you all! And I really hope you enjoyed Moonlight Rose! *rolls end credits* lol ^_^