Postcards from B. Baggins

Bundle 1

[card: gorgeous sunrise over Belegaer]

Bert, William & Tom

Troll Hole, After-the-river-beside-the-road

Eriador ME

Enjoying the Sun.

Wish you were here.

B. Baggins.

[card: White Tree of Minas Tirith, lit with Christmas lights]

The Dúnedain alias Estel, alias Aragorn, alias Elessar, alias Heir of Isildur, etc etc etc

Last Homely House, Imladris (or wherever)

Eriador ME

Stinky –

Dunno if you'll ever get this in "The Wilds".

Enclosed some little soaps from the hotel.

B. Baggins.

[card: an Elvish folk-dance in woody clearing, lady's skirts twirling, men pounding barrels with mugs]

Glóin, s. Gróin, s. Farin, .s Borin, etc

What Was Smaug's Pantry, Erebor

Wilderland ME

Glóin, s. etc –

Send more jewels!

Will send check later.

B. Baggins.

[card: potato fields of Buckland 'No visitors please']

Mr. Gollum

Six-right-seven-left-two-right-one-left-one-right, Goblin Town

Misty Mts. ME

Sucker –

Guess what's in our pocketses?

B. Baggins of the Shire.

Wish I could say Presh says hi.

But he doesn't.


[card: Barrow-downs, one folksy dressed wight drying out bones in moonshine]

Barliman Butterbur

Prancing Pony, Bree, Bree Hill, Breeland

Eriador ME

Sorry about turning the place inside out.

Turns out the keys were in my other pocket.

You can stop looking now.

B. Baggins.

[card: portrait of massive cud-chewing bovine 'Kine farms: from the pasture to your platter']

Beorn Skin-Changer

The Carrock, Anduin

Wilderland ME


Havin fun. Just last night enjoyed a scrumptious 4-course dinner.

The leg-o-lamb was particularly palatable.

B. Baggins.