" No" Naruto said when he found out that his best friend Kimi was captured by the Akasuki while she was on a mission.

" Naruto calm down " Tsunade said rubbing her temples.

" How . . . how could you send her out there ?" Naruto said as his voice stearted to crack.

" Naruto she kno the risk when she went . She made her decision." Tsuande said . Kimi was Naruto's best friend. But after Naruto left 3 years .

That was the first person he looked for when he came back to the village.

" So what your not going to do anything your not going to look for her !" Naruto was getting madder by the mintnue.

" Where doing" Tsuande said as she trying to calm naruto down. It didnt work Naruto was still made.

". . . Whatever." Naruto said turning away and heading out the door.

'Naruto where are you going ?' kakashi asked step into naruto's way

" No one's going to look for Kimi then I am dont try an stop me." Naruto said pushing pass and walking out the door.

Naruto layed in his bed staring at the picture that he and Kimi took before he left the village 3 years ago. Tears started rolling down Naruto's face he couldn't help it she was his best friend . While Naruto was crying there was a knock at the door.

" Who is it " Naruto asked as he wiped the tears away

"It's us " He had heard Shikamaru's voice.

Naruto opeaned the door to see all of his friends that he grow up with there and ready for an adverture.

"What's up you guys going on a mission." Narutp asked a lil confused.

"Were here for you Naruto. We heard you were going to look for Kimi we're going to." Sakura said nicely.

Naruto started crying again as he wept at the door he thanked his friends .

" T t t thank you guys for being here. Were leaving tommorow at dawn you guys going to be ready?" Naruto asked

"Yes Naruto . We will be ready." Hintana said

Naruto closed the door and began to pack his bag . But he couldn't stop thinking about Kimi but a deep sore spot opened bac up. He began to think about Sasuke.

" i'll bring you both back." Naruto said as he closed his eyes to go to sleep.