The Cullen Bunch

Summary: I am sure that you have all heard of the TV show "The Brady Bunch." Well what if we were to move forward to the 21st century and call it The Cullen Bunch. Join me in the journey of Edward and Bella as they each raise their three children on their own, or possibly together.

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The Cullen Bunch Theme Song

Here's the story, of a lovely lady, Who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of brown, like their mother, The youngest one in curls. Here's the story, Of a man named Cullen Who was busy with three boys of his own. They were four men, living all together, but they were all alone-. Till the one day when the lady met this fellow, and they knew they was much more than a hunch. That this group, Must somehow form a family. That's the way they all became the Cullen Bunch



"Girls, we need to hurry." "We don't want to be late." Tonight was parent teacher conferences at school and knowing that we had to visit three different classrooms would mean that we would be there a while.

"Mommy, I hope that Ben is there so you can meet him." "Angela sweetie, don't be disappointed if we don't seem him." "However, maybe you can invite him to your birthday party next month, and then I will beable to meet him." "Okay?" "Okay mommy."

I cant believe that my baby girl is already in kindergarten. I was worried that she would have a hard time adjusting to living in Forks, but she has been doing so good, especially since school started. All she talks about is Ben this and Ben that. I definitely need to meet this little guy soon.

"Victoria and Jessica, we need to leave." "We are coming mom." The twins seems to be doing well with the move as well. I was not too worried about them, but Jessica took Jacob's death the hardest I think. She was so close to her dad, more than Victoria was. I think that is because Jessica is so much like Jacob. She is the spit image of him.

We were finally out the door and in the car on our way to the school. "Mom, can we go to my room first?" "Sure Jessica, that should not be a problem." As we pulled up the school parking lot, I started to get alittle nervous. We have only lived in Forks for a few months, and besides my dad, my brother, Emmett, and his wife, Rosalie, I didn't know many people. I mean there was some of Jacob's friends still living on the reservation, but since his death I have not talked with any of them. I have a hard enough time seeing Jacob's father, Billy, but the kids need to see their grandfather so I do my best.

"Now girls, I expect you to be on your best behavior." "Do you understand me?" All three of them said at once, "yes mom." The closer we walked to the front doors, the more my stomach was turning with nerves.

We first went to Jessica's room to meet her teacher. Mr. Newton seemed like a nice man, but was a huge flirt. "Well hello there Ms. Black." "It is so nice to meet you." I am not sure if it was just me, but taking my hand and kissing it was not a normal thing for a teacher to do at a conference. I was not trying to be rude, but I didn't want to stay in that classroom too long, so I told the girls it was time to move on.

"Mommy, let's go to my room next, please." "Angela, we are already near Victoria's room, so we should go there next." "But mommy, I want to see if Ben is there." "Please mommy, please." I did not feel like seeing Angela throw a fit in front of everyone, but we were already on this side of the building. "Mom, it is okay." "We can go to Angela's room next." "Thank you Victoria dear."

Out of the three girls, Victoria has been the strongest since loosing their dad. I even think she has been stronger than I have at times.


"Mom, are you okay?" "Victoria, sweetie, I thought you were sleeping." "I was mom, but then I heard you crying." "Please don't cry mom."

I was the one who was suppose to be saying those words to my children. Not the other way around.

It is just so hard. "I still can't believe he is gone." My Jacob, my husband, the father of my three children, gone forever. "I know mom." "We all miss him so much."

I hated myself for allowing Victoria to see me like this. I tried not to cry in front of the girls. I usually had all my breakdowns at night, once the girls went to bed.

That night Victoria just held me in her little arms as I wept for the loss of my husband.

"I love you mom." "I love you Victoria."

*End Flashback

When we got to Angela's room, she started looking all around the room. At first I was not sure what or who she was looking for, but then I remembered her talking about a little boy named Ben. "Mommy, he is not here." As I saw a little tear in my daughter's eye, I told her that I would for sure meet Ben soon. I then tried to get her mind off of the disappointment she had, and asked her to introduce me to her teacher.

"Ms. Black, I am Mrs. Smith, and it is a pleasure to meet you." "Angela is a delight to have in class and she seems to be doing wonderful." "She has even made a new friend." "Oh I have heard a lot about Ben." "She is actually very disappointed that she did not seem him tonight." "Oh, Angela, you just missed Ben and his dad." "They just left not five minutes ago."

Mrs. Smith seemed very nice and from the sounds of it, Angela is doing well.

Two down and only one to go. "Alright girls, one more stop left." "Victoria, what is your teachers name again?" "Mrs, Whitlock is her name and she is real nice." "Okay well lets go then."

When we walked into Victoria's classroom, a tiny little pixie woman came right over to us. "Well hello there Victoria." "I assume this is your mom." Wow. This woman is very chipper. "Yes, I am." "My name is Bella and it is very nice to meet you, Mrs. Whitlock." "Oh please call me Alice." "If you insist." "Of course I do." "All my friends call me Alice, and I can see us being very good friends Bella." Even though I am not use to people being so friendly so fast, I have to say that I could see Alice and I becoming good friends. And I am one to admit that I could seriously use a friend these days.

Alice told me that Victoria was doing very well in class, but that she seemed alittle distant at times. I asked the girls to give us a minute so I could explain to Alice alittle bit of our situation. When I was sure the girls could not hear, I started to share with Alice about Jacob and how he died alittle over a year ago and how we just moved her in the last month.

I have to say that I was touched to see that Alice cared. You could tell that she was concerned for all of us. "Bella, we should do lunch soon." "That would be great Alice, I could use a friend." We exchanged phone numbers and she told me she would call later on during the week to make plans.

As we were leaving, I couldn't help but notice the man that had started a conversation with Alice. "Mom took the kids home, so when ever you are ready just let me know." "Thanks Edward, I appreciate you waiting around for me." "No problem Alice."

I was not trying to nosey, but there was something about that man Alice was talking too. I mean anyone could see that he was the most sexiest man alive, but something was telling me there was more to him than just his looks. I tried to leave without Alice or the man she was talking to would notice that I was listening to them. "Girls, come on we are leaving now." Just as we were out the door I heard my name being called. "Bella, wait a minute." Shoot. I just need to leave. "Bella, I want to introduce you to my brother."

So this man was her brother. Oh. Why was I relieved to hear that? "Bella, this is Edward, my brother." "Edward, this is Bella." "Her daughter is one of my students." "It is a pleasure to meet you Bella." "Nice to meet you."

After Alice introduced us, I politely excused myself so I could get the girls home. I made sure to let Alice know that I looked forward to hearing from her later on during the week and then I left.

On the way home, the girls asked me if I was okay. I told them that I was fine, but was I really okay? When we got home the girls got ready for bed and then I made my rounds to read and tuck them each in. Bed time never took so long when Jacob was alive, but since he passed away I have had to do the reading with all three of them by myself.

After the girls were asleep I went to my room and for some reason I felt guilty. Here I laid on my bed feeling guilty for ogling over another man. Tonight was the first time since Jacob died that I looked at another man and thought of the possibility of dating again and someday maybe even love again. As I laid there, my thoughts went back in forth between Jacob and then Edward. Why couldn't I get him out of my mind? I don't know anything about him and I am sure he is a happily married man.

The tears then came and before I knew it, I was having one of my nightly meltdowns. I was glad that the girls were sound asleep. They did not need to see me like this.

I knew I needed to try and get some sleep. I had to be at the hospital for surgery in the morning. It took me almost an hour, but eventually I fell asleep.

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