Halo – Beyonce

"Bella, I'm going to be home late tonight. So tell your Phil to make the two of you something for dinner." Renee said sounding a little distracted by her work.

"There's hamburger helper in the cupboard if you guys want that?" she added trying to be helpful in her absence. Renee was my crazy, erratic, hair-brained mother and I loved her to death, her new husband on the other hand not so much. He was the ' tall, dark, and handsome' man of her dreams. Too bad I knew more about him than she did. Phil and me spend a lot of time together when my moms out late. And every time she comes home I have a new scratch or bruise from my newest 'accident' (ok so I may be clumsy but no one is that clumsy) but she was happy, so I couldn't get up the courage to take that away from her, not when she want so many years alone.

"Its ok mom, ill think of something." I said in my oh so famous mock cheer.

"Oh I know you will babe. I love you." She said getting ready to go.

"I love you too mom." I said before hanging up quickly. I really hope he gets hit by a transport truck on his way home tonight, I just wish I could be the one driving it.

"Renee!" a male voice called from the front door. Awe crap.

"What's for dinner hun?" he asked as he came into the kitchen.

"She's not home yet, she's going to be at work late tonight." I said nonchalantly. Even though I was scared out of my mind, I would never show him that.

"Oh." He said looking into my eyes. Ah that man gives me the creeps!

"Well I'm going upstairs for a bit, call me when dinners ready." He said already turned toward the staircase. I called him when dinner was ready and we ate in silence. Once I had finished washing the dishes he cleared his throat. I turned toward him as I towelled off my hands.

"I bought something for your mother today. I would love to get your opinion on it." He said looking very honest and sincere in his choice of words. Too bad I know better. Too bad I also already know fighting it would just get me hurt.

In his room the drapes were loose covering what little light could come in the windows. The lights were set dim and candles were lit on the side tables and dresser. As I walked into the room he lifted a bag onto the bed with the letters 'XXX' on it. As if that wasn't obvious at all. The thing he pulled out (which could definitely not be called underwear) was red and was definitely lacking in the coverage department. The bottoms were a red thong that was only three strings and a bow in the front to cover all of nothing! Then for the top was a bra that looked like the centre had popped out. It was red and stringy. There were three strings that went around each breast to meet and pull together in the middle, and there was a small little bow held by more string in the centre to cover only the nipple. It was the most embarrassing thing just to look at forget wearing.

" I would love to get an idea of what it will look like on your mother," he said lying them down on the bed between us. I picked them up without a word and walked into the master bathroom. Once it was on I looked in the mirror. My chest was popping out of it so much that you couldn't even see the string then went around underneath my breasts. The thong was literally all string that was not at all comfortable rubbing up in my centre. The stupid little bow on the front looked like it wanted to cover at least something but of course didn't. Tears started to pool in my eyes, as I got ready to leave the room. Stop crying I commanded myself before I left the room. Do not let him see you cry. I got a hold of my self and opened the door.

He was lying in front of me on the bed. He was lying there with red silk boxers on, starring at me with appraising eyes. He's arms flexed as he crossed them on his chest, which was also well built for a guy his age. If I didn't absolutely hate him with every inch of my being, I would be able to say he was attractive. But I did hate him, so no part of his looks or voice or sent attracted me. It all made me want to run and cry to my mom, but I couldn't.

"Well I guess I picked a good one huh?" he said with a smirk.

"I think your mom will like it. It's a new idea I'm going for. I'm thinking for Valentines Day her and me will try a new way of fun." His smirk got bigger as he spoke.

"Take a look in the bag and tell me what you think." He said pointing with his eyes to the bag that was beside him. I walked around the bed and reached for the bag.

"Come on babe, take a load off. Sit down and relax." He said pulling my wrist making me lye beside him on the bed. He started to lick and bite my ear while I looked into the bag. What the fuck!!! In the bag there was hand and leg cuffs, a blindfold, a vibrator, and a thousand different kinds of lube. EW.

"What do you think babe?" he whispered in my ear. His hand was brushing against my thigh while he was kissing and sucking my neck, careful not to leave a mark.

"I think mom will love it." I said in a monotone voice that didn't sound like me at all. If there is a god out there, or any kind of all knowing being please let them act now in killing this man before he makes any more of this happen.

"Do you mind helping me out with it? I want it to be perfect for your mom." He said in a seductive voice that would be totally hot and sexy to any other ears but mine.

"Please, its for your mom. You want what's best for her don't you?" he asked almost accusing me of hurting her. What the hell was wrong with this guy?

"Ill help." I said in a small voice. I was trying so hard to not cringe away as his lips caressed my neck but my body did not have the same thoughts as I did. I could feel my centre starting to tingle and my nipples were slightly harder. He got of the bed and moved me into the centre. He quickly and roughly cuffed my arms and legs to the four bedposts and put the blindfold over my eyes. I felt cold metal touch my hips as he cut away the thong (for my mom… right). I felt his fingers touch my centre with a smooth silky liquid. It instantly started to heat up while he rubbed it along my clit. My back arched slightly as he touched me. I heard something start to vibrate which obviously meant he had turned on the vibrator. He pushed it hard and quickly. He hadn't stopped to let me adjust to the size of it, which was way too big, I held in tears as he pounded me with it for the first couple times. Then once I was used to it was good, very good. My body started to rock along with it making it go deeper and deeper though I didn't think it could. I moaned so loudly that it even took me off guard. My back arched and I could feel my cum start to drip down my thigh and back. He took away the vibrator instantly and started licking up the mess I had made. I took my clit between his teeth and grazed on it, my body shook again in pleasure. My mind tried with all its might to avoid thinking about what was happening but my body was begging for more. He shoved his tongue inside of me and started moving it quickly in and out making me whimper. His hands were on my breasts massaging and pulling them. My nipples were hard and begging for attention while I internally screamed for my body to hate him as much as I did. His mouth then moved up to my nipples like he has heard them calling and started to suck and bite them violently. He sucked and bit every inch of my chest making the skin tingle where the blood came to the surface. I started to drip again which made him moan. Next think I knew I could feel his hot dick rubbing against my centre. A little moan escaped my lips as my fluids started flowing heavier. He jammed himself inside of me and started thrusting hard. I screamed a moan as he pushed himself as far as possible inside of me.

"Oh… Bella…" he moaned as a came on him which just made him move faster and harder. I could hear his nasty balls slapping my wet centre and ass. I could hear the bed hitting the wall which each thrust. He lifted me on an angle that made him able to hit the spot perfectly and I couldn't help myself. I moaned so loud as he beat the crap out of my centre.

" Oh… baby… I'm going to cum… cum for me baby…" he moaned and screamed as he rocked me harder and harder. He moved his had to rum by clit hard.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I screamed as he rubbed and pounded me, then I came so hard I could feel it squirt out around his dick. With that he let out a loud moan and cam inside me. My eyes flicked open in shock. Fuck no! Fuck no! Fuck no!!! I cried in my head. He took off my blindfold and un-cuffed my legs. Once I he un-cuffed my wrists I asked if I could get changed again. Once I was he came over to me and tried to kiss me. As he came closer to me I did the stupidest, worst, most idiotic thing I've done in all my life. Now usually I'm not that stupid, however the rage that had been building up since he cam into me just spilled out. Getting mad over something that happened all the time was dumb, but this was different because this didn't happen all the time. He had talked my mom into putting me on the pill because he 'figured' that as a teen it was better than coming home knocked up. So I've been on the pill since all this has started. However, this month I forgot to take it! Therefore meaning I might get pregnant. With the most hateful glare I could possibly come up with I slugged the guy square in the jaw. Once I saw recognition hit his face I realized how dumb I was and ran for it. I made it as far as the door before he caught my arm. I was on the edge of the staircase as he took a swing at me. I ducked just in time but I lost my balance and fell. He obviously let go on purpose and watched me roll down the stairs. Slowly the world went black as I felt something wet slither around my ear.