A bright afternoon sun was shining down on a small forest to the northwest of the small village known as Pokémon Square. Near the entrance to this forest, a small, blue turtle Pokémon known as a Squirtle wearing a Pecha Scarf seemed to be looking for something.

"I hope I can find some supplies to replace the ones we lost earlier today," he mused to himself, "since Ekans sure had a big appetite, and Chikorita worked really hard to gather up all those berries."

This Squirtle happened to be the newest addition to Team Go-Getters, having just joined the same morning. Despite the nagging detail that he used to be a human, he still decided to stick with Charmander and Chikorita, and ended up helping them succeed in their mission to rescue Big Brother Pikachu. Following this, they had taken on some smaller jobs to help out Pokémon in some of the smaller areas during the morning, and now were taking a short break before getting back to work. While Charmander and Chikorita were mingling back at the village, Squirtle volunteered to go restock the toolbox. They agreed and pointed him to the northwest to search the woods there.

Ten minutes later, he arrived and began his search. As he walked, he remembered that this was where he had woken up originally, though he couldn't recall how he ended up at Team Go-Getters base. While he searched, he began to ponder a few of the mysteries in his head.

"I don't understand." he thought as he adjusted his scarf, "How did I turn into a Pokémon and wind up in this forest? And why can't I remember anything beyond the fact that I'm really a human? I mean, it feels like the answer should be in front of me, and yet I can't see it."

However, a loud shout jerked him out of these thoughts.

"HELP! Someone please help me!"

Squirtle jumped up in surprise, having been yanked out of his thoughts so suddenly. After taking a moment to calm down, he looked around for the source of the voice. He found it just up ahead of where he was; it was Big Brother Pikachu, and it looked like he had a big problem on his hands!

"Hey! Pikachu, what's the matter?" called Squirtle. Pikachu recognized the voice and turned to see Squirtle.

"Oh man, it's good to see you again Squirtle! I really need some help now! Are your other team members with you?" asked Pikachu.

"No, just me right now," responded Squirtle. "What's going on?"

"Okay, here's what happened," Pikachu began to explain, calming down a little. "After you guys left for the Pelipper Post Office, Pichu and I decided to come out here and spend some time playing after we went home for a while. A little while ago, we came across a huge fissure just up ahead when a sudden strong wind blew through the forest! I grabbed a nearby tree and tried to hold onto Pichu, but he lost his grip and fell in!"

"WHAT?! That's awful!" exclaimed Squirtle. "Is he okay?!?"

"When I went to go help him, he didn't get hurt from the looks of it, but when I got in the fissure, the Pokémon there attacked me. I think that earthquake earlier this morning caused the fissure to open and now the Pokémon living in the forest have grown outraged because of it," explained Pikachu. "I couldn't handle them all, so I got out before they could send my head flying and started looking for some help. Please, I really need some help Squirtle; there's no telling what the Pokemon will do to my little brother!"

"Okay, I'll help you rescue Pichu," Squirtle responded. "Like you said, there's no telling what'll happen to him, and it'll take at least ten minutes to get back to the village. But between the two of us, we should be able to handle it."

Pikachu looked at him for a moment, then jumped toward him waving his arms saying "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Squirtle sweat dropped at this, but smiled, glad that he could help Pikachu rescue Pichu. After Pikachu was done thanking him, the two then headed to the west to get to the Tiny Woods area.

5 minutes later…

Squirtle and Pikachu arrived and began to search the woods for Pichu. Walking side by side, they kept a sharp lookout for any sign of Pichu. Squirtle was the first to speak up.

"Why do they call this place Tiny Woods, anyway?" he asked.

"It's called that because it's one of the smallest forests in the area," Pikachu explained. "Oh," said Squirtle. As they continued on their way, they suddenly saw a bunch of Sunkern huddled together along the path they were walking.

"Excuse me, Sunkern, have any of you seen a Pichu come by here?" asked Pikachu. Despite Pikachu clearly asking them, the Sunkern didn't seem to pay him any mind.

"Um, excuse me…" Pikachu tried again, starting to feel a little nervous, as was Squirtle at how the Sunkern were acting. Suddenly, their eyes narrowed into scowls and they leapt forward to attack, with Pikachu and Squirtle just barely dodging them!

"What did we do?" wondered Squirtle. The Sunkern looked at them and prepared to attack again.

"Looks like we'll have to fight our way past them!" said Squirtle. "Right, let's send these little sprouts flying!" agreed Pikachu. The two ran towards the charging Sunkern swarm.

"Tackle attack, go!" called Squirtle as he charged forward, knocking down several Sunkern with a single hit.

"Quick attack!" yelled Pikachu, also pushing through a few Sunkern with his speed. The two pals smiled at each other after they had landed, then got ready to deal with the rest of the Sunkern.

"Water gun!" yelled Squirtle, pushing three Sunkern back into two others and knocking them all out.

"Thundershock!" yelled Pikachu, giving a shock to the five Sunkern coming at him from above and sending them back into another five. The last Sunkern looked at Squirtle and Pikachu, then glanced to the sides a few times before hopping away. The two partners did a fist bump.

"Now, let's go find your brother!" Squirtle said to Pikachu, who nodded and then they both began walking through the forest again.

Later on, after running into some Wurmple that tried to tie up Squirtle, an Exeggute whose Confusion gave Pikachu a real headache, and Squirtle picking up some berries and apples for the toolbox, they began to hear the sound of crying and rushed towards it. In the small rocky area, they saw Pichu crying against a rock and looking tired, as if he had used his electricity too much.

"Hey, Pichu!" called Pikachu as he and Squirtle got closer. Pichu stopped crying when he heard Pikachu's voice.

"B-Big Brother? Squirtle?" asked Pichu, and was answered by nods from both. Before they could get to him, he spotted something approaching and shouted, "LOOK OUT!!"

Unfortunately, the two couldn't react in time and were clipped from behind by a Wing Attack! After they recovered enough to look up, the saw that they had been attacked by a Fearow that sure looked like it was desperate for some food!

"Back off, pipsqueaks! Unless you want to end up as part of my lunch, too!" the Fearow threatened. "This little pest may have given me a few jolts, but now he's nothing but food! So leave, before you end up the same!"

As the Fearow said all this, Pikachu was beginning to get angry and growled "NOBODY IS GOING TO EAT MY LITTLE BROTHER!" He then took off in an Agility attack and grabbed Pichu and brought him back before the Fearow could react. Once they were both back, Squirtle gave him one of the Oran Berries the two had picked up along the way so Pichu would be able to get to safety if he had to.

The Fearow just grinned at this and said, "I wasn't expecting to get such a big meal today, but I certainly have no problem with it! No one steals my food and gets off easy!"

"Quick, Pichu, go hide behind that rock while Pikachu and I try to stop this guy," Squirtle whispered while pointing to one of the large rocks behind them. Pichu nodded and quickly dashed off while Pikachu and Squirtle got ready to battle.

As the battle began, Fearow started off by launching a Fury Attack at the two, Pikachu being able to jump out of the way, while Squirtle escaped into his shell with a Withdraw to avoid most of the damage. Pikachu asked Squirtle if he was okay, which he said he was, before attempting to counterattack. Squirtle launched a Tackle attack while Pikachu attacked with a Slam, but both failed to do much to Fearow. Fearow then attacked with Mirror Move, which copied Pikachu's Slam, using his bigger body to push the two back. They decided to keep their distance and Squirtle attacked with a Water Gun, with Pikachu following with a Thundershock. They seemed to do a fair amount of damage, but Fearow suddenly swooped up and then began to head back at them.

"Now what?!" exclaimed Squirtle.

"Oh man, that looks like a…" before he finishes, the two are hit hard by the attack, causing Pichu to gasp in horror. "…Aerial Ace!"

Fearow glanced down at them and smirked as they struggled to stand, "Give it up. You can't beat me, just face it. Hand over the Pichu and I may let you two go."

Squirtle just grinned and said, "You think we're just gonna hand Pichu over to you? And give up on this tough battle? No way, we're gonna stand and fight for Pichu since he's like a brother to both of us. After all, we're Pokémon and we all have to look out for each other like a family, even if we're not alike. So get ready, Fearow, 'cause we're gonna beat that beak of yours into the ground!"

While Fearow just laughed at what he called "sentimental drivel poop" both Pikachu and Pichu were moved by what Squirtle had said. Pikachu summoned the strength to stand up without wobbling, while Pichu came out from his hiding spot to help Squirtle stand up. After they both stood up, a feeling spread through the both of them that made them feel stronger. "I think I might've leveled up," said Squirtle. "I think I just did too," agreed Pikachu. He then looked down at Pichu and said, "But you'd better go back and hide, Pichu."

Pichu glanced down and shook his head at this. "No, Big Brother," Pichu started, "Squirtle's totally right. It's time I pitched and helped you stop him as well." He then looked up at Squirtle and said, "I'm done being afraid. I'll help you stop him too." After a moment of hesitation, Squirtle and Pikachu both agreed to let Pichu help.

"Excuse me, aren't you forgetting someone?" the Fearow angrily cawed. "If you're all just going to ignore me, THEN I"LL JUST FINISH YOU RIGHT NOW!!" He then took off to attack with another Fury Attack, but the team of three was ready for him. Squirtle suddenly leapt forward and unleashed his new attack.

"Take this! Bite attack!" He opened his mouth and brought his teeth down near Fearow's wing, causing the bird to halt his attack from the shock and it also caused him to cringe. After Squirtle backed off, Pikachu launched his attack.

"Thunderbolt!" He then blasted Fearow was a jolt of lightning that was even more powerful than his earlier Thundershock. Suddenly, an idea occurred to Squirtle.

"Hey, I have a plan to beat Fearow," he said. While Fearow recovered from the electric onslaught, Squirtle whispered his plan to Pikachu and Pichu. As Fearow finally snapped back to normal, they all nodded and turned to face him. Pichu dashed forward as if he was going to attack head-on.

"Looks like I'll have my appetizer early!" Fearow growled. However, as Fearow was about to snap Pichu up in his beak, he suddenly spun in midair and landed of Fearow's back! Suddenly, his Static ability went into effect and left Fearow once again paralyzed. Pichu quickly jumped off and Squirtle made his move.

"Tackle attack!" Squirtle launched his attack against Fearow, knocking the bird and giving it a rough landing, while Squirtle pushed off and landed away from Fearow while it struggled to move. At this, Pikachu jumped past Squirtle and attacked!

"Thunderbolt!" Another strong jolt of electricity went flying at Fearow and pushed him back farther, as well as making him more paralyzed. Once the bolt ended, Pichu prepared for the final hit.

"This is for scaring me and trying to eat me! VOLT TACKLE!" Pichu took off running at high speed towards Fearow, eventually being surrounded by electricity, making him look like an electric missile. At the last second, he jumped into Fearow's chest, and a large explosion followed. After a few seconds, Pichu flew out of the cloud and, due to the attack affecting his stamina, landed rather hard on his back. Squirtle and Pikachu rushed over to him and began to help him up. As Pichu managed to stand up, the cloud lifted and they looked ahead to see Fearow smashed into the wall with swirls in his eyes.

"WE WON!" Squirtle, Pikachu, and Pichu all shouted and cheered.

After working their way back the way they came, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Pichu eventually were leaving the entrance of Tiny Woods, with Squirtle having picked up a few more berries on the way out. After getting a fair distance away in case Fearow came after them, they stopped near the pond where Squirtle had originally woken.

"Man, Squirtle, you sure were amazing back there! And thank you SO much for coming with me to help rescue Pichu!" exclaimed Pikachu.

Squirtle rubbed the back of his head and giggled softly. "Aw, it was no problem. After all, isn't that what rescue teams do?"

"I guess that's true!" agreed Pikachu, but he then noticed Pichu seemed to be staring up as Squirtle. "Hey, Pichu, is something wrong?"

"…Squirtle, you're so cool!" squeaked Pichu, surprising both Pikachu and Squirtle. Squirtle felt a bit awkward since Pichu's eyes were so big and they looked like they had stars in them! "Um… he's looking at me like he adores me. But I guess I would be that happy if I just had my life saved!"

Suddenly a voice shouted, "HEY! Squirtle!" They all turned to see who was calling and realized that it was Charmander and Chikorita. Soon, Squirtle's fellow teammates showed up looking a bit worried.

"Where have you been? We were getting worried about you with all the time you were gone!" sighed Chikorita.

"Uh, heh heh… sorry guys. I kind of happened to run into an emergency rescue mission, so…" Squirtle tried to say.

"Oh! Hey Pikachu, Pichu! What are you guys doing here?" Charmander asked, as he just noticed the two standing behind Squirtle.

"Well, like Squirtle was saying, he happened to be the only available member to accept my urgent rescue," explained Pikachu.

The three of them then proceeded to fill Charmander and Chikorita in on the details of the mission, from when Squirtle came across Pikachu up to defeating the Fearow looking to turn them into a Pokemon value meal. Once they were done, they stopped talking to let the story sink in.

"So that's what happened," said Charmander, then he grinned. "Well, it's a good thing you were in the right place, Squirtle!"

"Yeah, you sure are getting good at doing great on rescue missions!" agreed Chikorita, as throughout the day, he had been slowly improving his performances during missions.

"Y-You're not mad?" asked Squirtle, slightly confused.

"For what? Like you said, there's no telling what would've happened to Pichu if you hadn't been there. That's more than a good enough reason to explain why you were absent so long trying to find supplies," replied Chikorita

"Oh yeah, I got that done too!" smiled Squirtle, showing that he had managed to get some berries and a few apples during the rescue.

"Then all in all, this unexpected rescue was a total success!" stated Charmander proudly.

"Keep this up, and we'll be climbing up the ranks in no time," said Chikorita warmly. Squirtle was a bit curious as to what the ranks meant, but decided not to open his big mouth this time about something he didn't know.

"Oh yeah, I found these while we were in the woods. You can have them," Pikachu said while giving Squirtle the Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, and Rawst Berry. "Anyway, it was fun working with you, Squirtle. You ever need any help with your rescue work, come by and see me. I'd be happy to return the favor!"

"That's great, Big Brother!" squealed Pichu. "Thank you, Squirtle!"

"See you guys later!" said Pikachu and then they headed back to the village.

After a moment of watching them leave, Charmander turned back towards Squirtle and asked, "We stopped by the Pelipper Post Office before we came here, and there are still a bunch of jobs in the nearby areas still available. You still up for some more work?"

Squirtle grinned and said, "You bet I am!"

"Then come on, let's go!" said Chikorita before taking off for town with Charmander and Squirtle bringing up the rear. Squirtle still hadn't found any answers to his questions, but figured that he would find the answers in time. And he was going to keep helping his new friends and rescue teammates, no matter how long it would take to find the answers.