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During the trip back to Konoha, Sakura had silently stewed in dread. But when she arrived she was enough to only break down one door. She had come alone, leaving Itachi with the kids, and somehow the lack of his presence left her cold. She missed him already. Naruto was not surprised to find his door beaten in by his former teammate, at least wasn't his head. Yet.

As if carefully picking his words, he spoke slowly with much deliberation, "Sasuke has gone missing. It seems he felt Itachi's chakra spike recently and has decided to pursue him again."

"Fan-fucking-tastic. Any good news for me Naruto?"

Naruto looked away from her blazing eyes before replying in a much softer tone, "And Sakura….he's blind."

Sakura was quiet for a few moments processing this latest bit of news. It seemed like whenever she had a good chance at happiness, some cosmic overlord decided to kick her down again. What a life she had.

"You know what Naruto, I don't really care, because next time Sasuke comes for Itachi, its personal. I'm not losing him again, even if I have to beat some sense into Sasuke."

Naruto's blue eyes widened slightly as he asked, "So you intend to fight teme?"

Sakura nodded, finally firm in her resolve, "Yeah, and I'll give him a few good kicks in the whatsit too. But moving on to happy stuff, how's Konoha?"

Naruto looked as if he wanted to continue the previous conversation but oblige Sakura anyways, "Same old, same old. Pretty much everbody's expecting or have had litters of kids already. The next generation is really something. But Sakura Konoha's not quite the same without you…I and the rest of your friends want you to move back. I know that it will be hard, but you belong in Konoha."

"I belong in a place where I can offer my children and husband safety, which so far Konoha seems lacking of."

"I can grant Itachi a full parden, and if teme tries something funny, I'll help with that too…just come back to us."


"Wait? Just like that?"

Sakura rolled her eyes before replying, "Yep, I mean it's selfish of me to deny Mikoto and Tsuki their education. They're not normal kids. They have something special inside them, not just the tailed beats but a power to protect. Rice paddies is no place for fledgeling ninjas, they need Konoha. Hell, even I need Konoha."

Naruto's reply was a bone crushing hug that left Sakura breatheless, there was so much she had missed. So many people she missed. She was coming home to the place she knew she belonged.

Two weeks later, her family had moved in the old Uchiha complex as it was rightfully Itachi's. They left the wing Sasuke had occupied alone. Sakura had been welcomed back into the Hospital with open arms; she was immediately hired as head nurse which kept her constantly on her toes. Mikoto and Tsuki were enrolled in the academy and every day came home exhilarated from learning. When they were separated into different squads, Mikoto soon learned that not all boys were despicable. Certainely not one Raiden Uzumaki. His constant affection for her was infectious and she soon returned his feelings with abandon. As for Tsuki, he soon learned that the older woman thing was definitely for him. Kozue Inuzuka had never been happier.

Rather than rejoin the world of ninja so quickly, Itachi playing the part of the stay at home Dad, stopping only occasionally to take up the few A-missions for the money. It was five weeks after moving back to Konoha that Itachi and Sakura were alone for the first time together since the move back.

The pinkette sat on the roof of the Uchiha complex letting the rain soak her very insides, sighing happily. The pieces were all falling together. Not even the familiar spike of chakra miles away could tear her away. She thought back to many years ago when she would have run to be anywhere near Sasuke, now she wanted only the simple. And Sasuke Uchiha was anything but simple.

She looked back to her gennin days whimsically. The pinkette had changed, she had become on par with most anbu ninja, and even the Hokage himself. It was strange to think that so many years ago she had not a thought about having kids or even imagining a husband other that Sasuke. She would have never guessed she would shack up with his brother. It seemed like a stab in the back, so immoral. Yet, there was nothing else that made her world so right, that made her feel whole. He was no prince charming, but he was her everything now.

When Itachi sat down beside her on the rooftop, she was brought out of her musings by his clear voice, "I starting to think you like to be sick. What is with you and rain?"

Sakura laughed lightly, her voice quiet as she listened to the raindrops on the tin roof, "Maybe I love the rain, because it starts everything anew. It's like a breath of clean cold air."

"I've never understood why you love the cold so much. I myself have always preferred a good hot smoldering flame." As Itachi spoke the last part he looked into her eyes meaningfully, before crushing his lips to her warm ones.

Sakura let her hands wind through his hair, as his hands tugged on the waistline of her spandex shorts. She sighed rolling her eyes at his obvious antics, "Not on the roof, Itachi!"

He looked slightly surprised but his mouth did not stop it's trail on neck as he asked, "Why ever not?"

Sakura sputtered, but made no move to stop him, "Because it ruins the moment!"

"But we've never done this on the roof before?"

Sakura tried to look severe but failed miserably and settled for lacing Itachi's hands into hers around her stomach. She looked up to the night sky where every star seemed slit, her voice full of awe, "You will still love me when I'm fat right?"

Itachi looked as if weighing his options before he said slowly, "But I've already seen you fat before, and it didn't bother me."

"Yeah, but you weren't there for most of my pregnancy, it was awful. I just want this time to be different."

"This time?"

"Yes, Itachi, you going to be the father of another Uchiha spawn. At least I'm pretty sure, judging by my belly bump."

Itachi as if to reassure himself of her news, ran one hand slowly over the noticeable bulge on her stomach in reverence, he chuckled lightly, "Are you sure your not getting fat?"

A light punch to the arm was his answer, she huffed visibly annoyed, "What is it with you Uchiha men and your baby factories?"

"Well, it's no factory without you Sakura. I wouldn't have ever thought of the happiness that I share with you, and now the only thing I look forward to is growing old by your side."

Sakura felt a few tears prickle at her eyes at his word, her voice shaky, "You know I feel the same Itachi."

He pressed his lips to her knuckles kissing each one slowly, before pinning her underneath him; a feral smirk alit on his face. His eyes traveled hungrily upon her dripping wet clad form, and said playfully, "And tonight I top."

Sakura resisted to punch that silly grin off his face, before replying smoothly, "Just cause I love you."

"It's strange but I too love you. It makes no sense but you're like a fire that calls to me."

"Aww, so poetic for an Uchiha!"

"I'll show you poetic, woman!" And for the rest of the night he surely did.


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