Une Réalisation de L'amour means A Realization of Love

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Chapter 9

Renge crept into the dining room, she was careful to not make much noise. In hand, was a bottle of her dad's favorite: Jack Daniels. She'd snagged it from the fridge when the cook left for a few minutes. Now, she had her eyes set on Kyoya's spot at the table. Once she got to his spot, she opened the bottle and began pouring it into his iced tea. She stirred it with her finger to mix it together, then maybe the taste would be disguised. She noticed that he has lemon squeezed over his fish, so she poured some Jack Daniels over his fish. She mixed some alcohol in with the vinegar he pours on his french fries. Renge hid the bottle before Kyoya walked into the room and took his place at the table. Renge was smirking the whole time.

"Why do you look so damn smug?" Kyoya demanded to know as he cut his fish into pieces.

"No reason" Renge shrugged and watched him each his fish.

Kyoya glared at her for a moment before continuing to eat. They ate in silence for the rest of their dinner. Immediatly after Kyoya set down his fork and got up, he started stumbling around and tripping over his own feet. Renge's plan had worked. She smiled proudly.

"Hey, Kyoya" she stood up "Want to sit out by the pool with me, and talk?"

The pool area was secluded and the only help that had been around the pool was ordered to leave as soon as Renge got there. As the help left, Kyoya plopped down onto a chair and started laughing at Renge.

"Y-You're ssooo funny!" Kyoya slurred "Y-You just tell them to, like, leave, and they totally do!"

"Yeah..." Renge looked at him oddly before sitting down on a chair beside him "Hey, Kyoya, I have a question..."

"W-What is it?" Kyoya leaned back in his chair.

"Do you think I'm pretty?" Renge asked him. Her eyes softened as she awaited his drunken, truthful, answer.

"I-I-I've always thought that you were pretty, even now!" Kyoya slurred "I really want to fuck you, even now w-when you're p-p-pregnant."

"Does that mean that you like me?" Renge felt her eyes tearing up. She wasn't upset, she was just so happy to hear Kyoya say that. Reguardless of what crued context he put it in.

"I-I l-l-ove you!" Kyoya announced.

Renge smiled softly and as she reached out to touch his face, he turned and puked on the pool deck.

"Fantastic" Renge rolled her eyes.

The next morning, Renge's eyes fluttered open. She looked around and noticed that she was lying in her bed, but Kyoya wasn't. She sat up and that's when she heard the water running in the bathroom. She figured that Kyoya must be trying to get rid of the hangover he obviously had, with cold water. She just rolled her eyes and snuggled under her soft white sheets again. She shut her eyes for just a few minutes, imagining a changed life after what Kyoya revealed to her last night. Only minutes later, she felt a cold hand roughly shaking her awake.

"Renge!" Kyoya snarrled, standing above her.

She sat up and moved her brown locks out of her face "Yes, Kyoya?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you, you stupid bitch!" Kyoya raised his hand to hit her.

Renge flinched, wincing slightly. She defensively stuck her hand out in front of her face, and it was a good thing that she did because Kyoya's hand came down hard, across her palm. Renge brought back her hand quickly after the hit, rubbing it continuously to ease the sting.

"You tried to get me drunk so that I would tell you secrets!" Kyoya roared.

"And I succeeded" Renge said smugly as she inched backward to the other side of the bed.

"Shutup!" Kyoya demanded. His fist came crashing down on the bed, only centimeters away from where renge had been previously seated.

"Kyoya, calm down, I don't remember what you told me anyway!" Renge pleaded.

"You remember, I know you to well!" Kyoya raised his hand again, but this time, Renge didn't move. She couldn't. She was frozen with fear and she remained frozen as Kyoya's strong hand came whipping across her cheek. It wasn't until she felt the sting on her cheek that she actually realized what just happened. Unlike before, she didn't want to cry, she didn't want to curl up into a ball. She just wanted to hit him back and tell him what a complete jackass he is.

"Fuck you!" Renge spat at him.

Kyoya glared at the young woman before him for a moment "Everything I said was a lie, I didn't mean any of it! I don't love you! I never have and never will!"

With that, Kyoya stormed out of Renge's room and Renge sat in silence for a few moments. Kyoya's word stung more than her cheek did. Just as she was about to touch her cheek, Edmond walked through her bedroom door.

"Sheesh, what's got Kyoya so heated?" Edmond chuckled until he saw Renge's face. There was a small cut on her cheekbone "What happened?"

"Nothing" Renge lied.

"Did that fucker hit you! I swear, if he did, I'll take care of his wifebeating ass right now, you just say the word Renge and I'll do it! Kasanoda and I both!" Edmond's eyes were filled with hatred and anger.

"Kasanoda?" Renge flinched at the mention of his name.

"Yeah...he's sitting in your living room. He showed up earlier and I told him that he could just stay here until you woke up. We talked for awhile" Edmond observed Renge's facial expression "Did something happen with Kasanoda? Is he the man you love? I knew that it couldn't be that dick Kyoya who you were in love with!"

That last thing Edmund said, killed her, because the hard truth was that she did love that dick Kyoya. The harder thing? She STILL loved him, even after what he did to her. She wished that she could love a sensible man like Kasanoda, surely he'd be a better husband to her than Kyoya will be. Surely, Kasanoda wouldn't hit her, call her names, or lie about his true feelings to her. Although, it wasn't as if it mattered. The buldge in her stomach told her who she had to be faithful to: the dick, Kyoya.

"N-No...I don't love Kasanoda" Renge shook her head. She almost wanted to take that back and lie and tell Edmund that yes, she is madly in love with him. Yes! But she knew in her heart the hard truth.

"Oh...well...I'm going to tell him that you're awake" Edmond said, almost cheerfully.

"No! Don't!" Renge insisted "Tell him to just leave."

"A-Are you sure...?" Edmond was tentative.

"Yes. I'm sure." Renge shut her eyes and when she opened them again, Edmond wasn't standing in her doorway.

Kyoya was pacing back and forth in the main bathroom. Tears blurred his vision as he periodically threw his fist at the wall. He hated himself for what he did. He hadn't meant to hurt her, he was just so angry and he just blew up. He kept replaying the moment in his head, he kept seeing her frightened face and his hand hitting hard across it.

He understood why he was feeling bad about hitting a girl. What he didn't understand why he was crying and why he wanted to curl up into a ball and just die. He was having suicidal thoughts and he was just hoping that someone would come slap him for the pain he'd caused her. He didn't want to feel this way. He hated feeling this way!

He searched for the explanation as to why he was feeling so lost, but he couldn't find one...well...he couldn't find a correct answer. The only explanation he came up with wasn't one he liked, or agreed with.

"Shit, no" Kyoya kicked the wall "I don't love her! I don't love her! I don't love her! I don't love her! I don't love her! I don't love her! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! I hate her! Fuck her! Stupid bitch! I hate her so much! She should just die! I hate her! I most certainly don't love her! She's just a stupid bitch who I will never and would never want to love!"

Kyoya looked at himself in the mirror. He was a mess. His hair was going every which way, he cheeks with moist, and his eyes were red and puffy.

"Oh my god..." Kyoya continued to cry "I love her."

He knew what he had to do.

Renge sat in the tub, she was trying to wash away what had happened that morning, but in reality, she couldn't. She pulled her knees up to her chest and let her tears fall freely. It wasn't as if it mattered? They'd just fall into the water and then get washed down the drain once she was done with her bath. She almost hated herself for still loving him after what he's done.

All of a sudden, Kyoya barged into the room.

"Kyoya!" Renge squealed, stunned to see him in her...well, their...bathroom.

What he did next really suprised Renge. He began taking off his clothes as Renge watched curiously. But this point, Renge's crying had stopped and Kyoya's boxers slipped onto the floor. He was completley naked and just standing beside her tub.

"Well?" Renge said, impaitent as ever "Are you going to get in?"

"Y-Yeah" Kyoya stuttered, getting in and curling up on the other side.

"Did you just stutter?" Renge smirked. She almost forgot about what happened earlier, until he reminded her.

"No" Kyoya said "Look, Renge, about earlier. I just want you to know something..."

"Kyoya, you so did stutter!" Renge giggled, trying to ignore whatever he had to say about earlier.

"Renge!" Kyoya snapped and then calmed down "I'm sorry for snapping at you, but this is really important and if I don't tell you now, I may never tell you."

Renge's eyes were wide, she knew that this must be important.

"Renge Houshakuji..." Kyoya was actually looking her in the eyes "No matter what I say, no matter how I act, no matter what...just know that...I love you."

If she wasn't pregnant, she would've leaped across the tub and wrapped her arms around him. She would've kissed him continuously and they probably would've had sex. But she was 5 months pregnant and doing that would probably be bad. So, she just started to cry. Not tears of sadness, but tears of happiness.

"Renge..." Kyoya stood up and offered her his hand "I'll try to change things from now on...I promise."

She took his hand and stood up. Kyoya grabbed two towels and wrapped one around his waist and the other around Renge's shoulders. Renge smiled softly and was about to walk back into her bedroom when Kyoya spun her around and picked her up, bridal style.

"Kyoya!" Renge smiled "You have a mischievious grin..."

"Do I?" Kyoya carried her into her room and lied Renge down on her bed.

Renge shuffled to get under the covers and invited Kyoya to do the same. Kyoya was quick to take her up on her offer. As soon as he slide underneath the covers, he threw his towel onto the ground and Renge followed in suit. Kyoya pulled her close to him and began kissing her all over.

"God, I love you" Renge moaned "I love you so much."

Just then, the door to her room opened.

"I got rid of that Ritsu guy, he's kind of scary when he's angry" Edmund's voice was calm and then a shrill yell was heard upon him seeing Renge and Kyoya.

"Edmund!" Renge and Kyoya yelled at the same time.

"What the hell!?" Edmund screamed.

"Edmund...I can explain this, I swear!" Renge pleaded.

"You know what Renge, normally, I would let you explain yourself. But not this time, I'm done. Renge, I've known you for years and you're still my friend but I can't take this bullshit!" Edmund cursed "I'm leaving Japan tonight. I'll just pack my stuff and be gone."

"Edmund!" Renge protested.

"I hope your child is as beautiful as you, Renge. And as for you Kyoya, you'd better wake up and realize what you have" Edmund turned around "Goodbye."

The door clicked shut and Edmund was gone, but Renge and Kyoya still stared at the door. Renge thought that maybe he'd return in a minute to say that he was just kidding but after a few minutes of waiting, she knew that this wasn't going to happen.

"Renge, I'm sorry, I know he was your good friend" Kyoya tried to make her feel better.

"I'll be fine" Renge gave him a reassuring smile "It's not like he walked out of my life, he just left my house."

"Yeah, see?" Kyoya agreed with her.

"Yeah!" Renge smiled "I feel a lot better knowing that!"

"Now," Kyoya wrapped his arms around her "Where were we?"

"Right about here..." Renge leaned forward and met her lips with his.

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