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The Caged Bird

Chapter 1: Secrets

"Robin…" Raven groaned in his ear, leaning weakly against him as his lips trailed across her neck and he bit her gently once more.

"Hmm… what is it, love?" he murmured against her skin, trailing his hands up under her cami along her back, making her shudder against him. He grinned for a short second, knowing how his touch affected her in such ways.

"You're driving me crazy..." she breathed out, barely able to keep her voice even as his lips trailed her collarbone.

"Then I say we get a little naughty tonight." he continued, nipping at her neck once more as his hands moved down to rest at her sides and play with her pajama shorts. She purred lightly in his ear.

"We can't do this tonight, we need to stop." She whispered out, pushing against his chest even though both of them knew it was a futile action given Robin's superior strength. He smiled, bemused by her failed attempt, and grasped her thin wrists in his hands, kissing her palms softly before pulling himself off from on top of her and having them both be in a sitting position, her in his red boxer covered lap. She sighed and looked up at him. "Richard Grayson you are one brave boy."

He grinned smugly down at her and quickly stole a kiss before continuing to speak against her lips. "Ah, but I have to be a brave boy if I want to be the boyfriend of the infamous Raven Roth, now don't I?" She rolled her eyes.

"No, you just have to be you…" she let a smile slip from her lips and she pressed them against his gently while caresses his cheek with one of her hands.

Robin sighed and whispered. "When will we be able to tell the team about… us?"

Raven bit her bottom lip and drew herself back from him a bit so she could look up into his cerulean blue eyes. "Hun, I'm really not sure. Although… I did tell Cyborg…"

His eyes widened at this. "Really, how long has he known?"

"For about three weeks now. I just had to tell someone, and you know how he's like my older brother and wouldn't tell a soul without our consent. He's actually quite happy." A small smile appeared on her face again. "He hasn't seen me happy like this in a while he said and should have guessed you were the reason behind it all since this new mood started seven months ago."

Robin gave a small chuckle and pressed his lips against her forehead. "I love you, Raven."

"I love you too, Richard. And I wish I could continue our little fun, but I need sleep, as well as you. The mask may be able to hide the bags under your eyes but you can't hide that from me." She stated, tracing the dark circles that had appeared under his eyes now from lack of sleep lately. "I think you need to relax on your attempts at tracking Slade so late…"

Robin hugged Raven against his firm chest and exhaled, stroking her hair gently as she closed her eyes in content. "You know I can't do that… he's after something. I don't know what yet but it seems big. Whenever we get close to him he just disappears and goes into hiding once more, totally untraceable. We have to find him before something happens. I have a bad feeling."

"But do you have to work day in and day out?" Raven wondered aloud softly in a meek voice, worried for Robin more then he seemed to be worried for himself. "I don't think the extremeties of your search should be so… lavished. You rarely come out of your room besides on missions or when I come to coax you out to actually make it look like you're still alive and apart of the team."

Robin grinned and whispered against her ear. "You know what else you could coax out right now…"

"OKAY time for me to go." Raven said with a faint blush, getting out of Robin's lap and fastening her cloak around her pajamas protectively. He continued to grin, mock innocence on his face as he glanced over in her direction as she made her way to the door, getting a glimpse of her creamy legs in her short pajama bottoms as the cloak kicked up behind her.

"Okay. Good night, Raven." He said, leaning back against his headboard and yawning, scratching his bare chest for a moment as he looked after her.

She looked back over her shoulder with a small smile of her own as she flicked her hood up, her amethyst eyes glistening slightly. "Good night, Richard." With that she phased through the door and was out of sight. Robin's grin spread across his face as he sighed out and collapsed fully down against the bed, looking up at his ceiling.

'God, that smile…'

Once Raven transported to her room she leaned against her door and sighed, closing her eyes as that small smile that was becoming more and more common returned to her face. Robin's image filled her head and she couldn't help but feel a little flutter in her chest, regardless what her other emotions were telling her at the moment. Her heart was whole.

Without thinking of anything else, she discarded her cloak and climbed into bed, snuggling against her pillow and closing her eyes, allowing sleep to overcome her quickly with dreams filled with none other than Robin.

A dark shadowed figure stood outside Raven's bedroom window, his suction cupped gloves holding him high up on the Tower window above the ground below. He smiled as he saw her turn in her sleep, the moonlight now radiating off of her hair in numerous strands.

"No wonder the boss is so obsessed with you…" he whispered. "Just look at you, a fallen angel."

With that he pushed the window slightly open and slipped in a round device, it rolling under her bed, a red light beginning to blink subtly. He grinned and hopped up, beginning to climb in another direction.

"One Titan down, four to go."

End Chapter

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