IM's From DX,The Hardys and Rated RKO

Rating:IDK Maybe R

Cussing,Talks About Slash,About Het Also....SOME FUNNY STUFF

This story is a humor story.


RAINBOW=Jeff Hardy

000V1=Matt Hardy

SlEAZY=Adam Copeland

RkO=Randy Orton

KiNGHHH=Hunter Hearst Helsmey

HBK=Shawn Michael's.

I Dont Own Anyone.

Secret You!

Short But Painful and singy?!

Sunday Night 11:50 PM

Regular IM POV:

Rainbow has sighned in.

HBK has sighned in.

Rainbow: Shawn have you seen Adam?

HBK: No..why?

Rainbow: Just asking.....anyways what are you doing?

HBK: Trying to get that song Hunter got stuck in my head

Rainbow: Which one?

HBK: Oh Yeah by Jaicko

Rainbow: Oohh I lIKE That one...

HBK: Well I don't

Rainbow: I do and we are going to sing it..!

HBK: Why?

Rainbow: Get out of bed, look in the mirror, oh yeah
Fresh kicks, out the box, oh yeah
Fitted cap to match, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

HBK: I Will not sing it

Rainbow: Sing and Pay 30$

HBK:Posted on the block, girls screaming "oh yeah"
Tap to my fellas, on the corner, oh yeah
Hear them from bodega, tastes good, oh yeah, oh yeah

Rainbow:Then I peep to little miss muffin, fresh out the oven
Can I take a bite? 'cause you look so scrumptious
Voluptuous, I'm loving it
Now you've got me singing' oh yeah

HBK:Now I bet you I can tell a million, singing oh yeah, oh yeah
In the club, in the hood, in the building singing oh yeah, oh yeah

Rainbow: You don't even know why you're turning up your radio

HBK:Bobbin' your head in your car, cause you feel me though

Rainbow: Don't be mad cause I got you singing oh yeah, oh yeah

HBK:Singing with me, oh yeah

Rainbow: Ok I Gotta Go By Shawn...

HBK: Oh yeah....Oh by Jeff

Rainbow: Bye:)

HBK: wait you owe me 30$

Rainbow: has sighned off.

HBK: He owes me..

HBK: has sighned off.

Matt's POV.


My heart is racing, so fast, SO QUICK, so hard.I get up from my bed and I look through the peephole. It's him. I don't smile at his smirk. I open the door and he immediatley catches my lips with his kisses,his hands quickly go to the waistband of my sleeping pants and just rips them off. He breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear "I miss you",I can't help but think the pain I'm giving his love. He picks me up and he slams me into the wall and he quickly enters me without any preparation on warnings. By how many months I'm doing this,I got used to the pain and yet I still love it. He quickly cums in me as he climax reaches,I let out a lustful moan and he is quickly catching his breath. I hear a knock at the door and his soft voice erupts through my ears.

"'s Randy."

I quickly get off of him and start putting on my clothes and once I'm done,I see Adam go into the closet, I walk over to the door and opened it as I prepared to tell him.

HUGE.....Forgot the other word.

Oh whatever,y'all never knew Adam and Matt were fucking behind Jeff's back.


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