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Chapter 9: The Animal Within

(Bella's POV)

Near the opposite edge of the meadow was a pale, tall figure whose head whipped around to face me. I smiled, making eye contact with whoever was at the end of the meadow believing it to be one of the Cullen's. That was until I realized that the eyes I had connected with were not warm and inviting pools of melted gold, but a hungry and cold black abyss.

(Third Person POV)

Bella uneasily gazed across the depressing landscape, her brown orbs intently observing the figure. Her breaths were swallow and uneven, tears pooling in her eyes. Occasionally she would stop breathing all together, the tension in the air growing thicker every second.

The vampire listened with pleasure to the beats of her heart frantically pumping the crimson red liquid gold through her veins. Adrenaline was mixed in which only made the girl smell all the more appetizing. The monster inside him remembered back to the last time he had been given the pleasure of treating himself to fresh blood.

Even though vampires were granted the gift of perfect memory, it still seemed so fuzzy to him. It had been too long the monster in him declared. He recalled how much he enjoyed it more when there was fear coursing freshly through their body, which was when they put up more of a struggle.

But he was put off by the state the girl was in. She was frail, skinny – dead looking. Then again, he reasoned with himself, who was he to complain. God granted his deepest, twisted, sickest wish of putting a fresh, young meal right in front of him. All his for the taking, no one standing his way. No one was trying to reason with him to see this innocent looking human as a person who had feelings, family, and a life to live.

Time dragged on between the two, one preparing for the worst, saying her final silent goodbyes, while the other was having an internal struggle within him, fighting to cage his animalistic instincts. It almost as if this was all a movie going in slow mode.

Just as the monster won control and the man bent down into a crouch, preparing to pounce on his prey, a blurred figure shot out from the forest successfully knocking over the other. Bella watched as the two vampires darted quickly, her eyes only catching blurs, fighting against each other. Animalistic growls and hisses filled the air, before the two vampires stopped.

This time closer to Bella, in the range of her limited human sight. She could now see who they were. Alice stood protectively in front of her, a few yards away. The calm, soothing tones of Alice's voice filled the air, carrying across the large expanse of land. Her tone was the exact opposite of her body. It was tense, muscles poised to spring at any given moment.

Bella sucked in a sharp breath once she got a good glimpse of the vampire across the meadow. Jasper, he was the one with the cold, dead, hungry, black eyes. He was the one who nearly ended her life. Jasper was the one who had almost killed her.

Bella couldn't wrap her mind around the thought. She had always known that Jasper had struggled the most with their vegetarian life style, but she had never thought that he would try to drain her of life. She had always expected someone to be there, someone to protect her if anything like this ever occurred. Of course, she was even more surprised that Jasper was the one when he had seemed just fine with her scent days ago.

Meanwhile, as Bella's mind was somewhat distracted, Alice was trying to calm Jasper down. She was trying to make him see that this was Bella in front of him, that he didn't really want to hurt her.

"Jazz, look at her." As she demanded this in a light tone, Jasper's onyx eyes flittered over to Bella's form. "That's Bella, you don't want to hurt her do you Jazz?"

Minutes passed as Alice continued to talk Japer back before he gained the smallest amount of ground against his internal demon. Soon, he got a look of guilt and disappointment of his face, but he was still struggling. He finally managed to grit out between clenched teeth for Alice to get Bella away from here. And she did so with out a moment's hesitation.

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