Full Extent

Second story of the Unusual PokeCouples trio. This is considered to be unusual on Fanfiction, but DeviantArt says something different. This is shorter than last. Please enjoy, review, and flame, if you please.

Couple: Lucario/Lopunny Miles/Sonia



Even a punching bag had its limits. Such as Miles the Lucario's training. He had been training for since the morning, and hadn't eaten anything, and now it was dark. Lights were going on outside in the street, cars could be heard running and being turned off, and children playing was no longer heard.

But he didn't care about anything about that. His training was endless, like all Lucarios do.



The chain on the bag was loosing, and Miles sighed again, he had to replace it three times earlier today. Focusing, he put a great deal of energy into his fist and hit the bag.


The bag was thrown back, landing on top of the earlier bags. Lucario decided to do push-ups and lunges, 500 times each, for a set of 10. Normally, he would do double that, but today, he was tired. He started, and but he felt somewhere else. He couldn't keep focused all day.


Why, the Lopunny named Sonia whom he saved from a deranged trainer a week ago had moved in with him, regardless of his opinion. She had no where else to go, but all he was the room above the training gym, but somehow she dragged a bed up the stairs and stayed. At least she helped cleaned up, and bought in some money from the part-time job with the PokeCenter.

Speaking of whom, she arrived, standing in the doorway. She was wearing a nurse's outfit. She had loosened it, showing a little more cleavage.

"You should take a break. You've going on long enough." She said as he reached his 2nd set.

"You know that a Lucario's training can never end. We must train beyond any limit…"

"…to ensure that we be ready for disaster to strike. You told me that. A couple of times actually."

They reminded silent until his 3rd set. Sonia spoke up.

"Would like me to get you something?"

"No." He grunted as he did his 1204 pushup and his 1203 lunge.

"You haven't all day."


"The pantry and the fridge was the same I left it. Not even something small?"

"I'm fine." He sounded 'fine'.

Silent until the 4th set. Miles went first this time.

"How was your day?"


"How was your day like? Boring, tiring, something happened?"

"No. Just the same. I did hear some news…"


"A Mismagius has moved into the lair of Groudon."

This made Miles stop. "Does she have a death wish?"

"No. I know her, actually. She was the original victim of my trainer."

"Better a cold-hearted legendary then him."

"Actually, she told me that they're in love…"

He stopped again. A new record. "Love."

"She said he was lonely."


5th set. Sonia held her breath, then shouted,

"Stop already!"


"Look at you! You can hardly breathe now!"

"I have to keep going…"

She jumped on him, pinning him to the ground. He was surprised, she very well knew that he was stronger, and yet, he was doing nothing. She begin to shout,

"You will die if continue this kind of training! I know you love training, but you should also love your life! Don't you care?"

"Why do you care?"


She was crying. Miles was no fool. He knew.

"You love me."

"No! I mean…yes…" She let go, and began crying a bit harder.

"Shh…" He hugged her close, and kissed her on her cheek. She stopped crying.

"You…want me?"

"Yes, I always wanted a reason to stop training. I think I found one…"

And together, everything was calm. No punching bags being beaten up, no weights moving, just two bodies melting into each other…

Like before, review pretty please, flames are accepted. The story was short due to me running out of time to work on these stories, as soon within a couple weeks, I'll go back to school for senior year, and be posting even less. Maybe. Who knows?