Well…well…well. Nice to see you again, Miles.

The taste of blood was familiar to Miles. His training often lead to challenging other Lucarios to brutal duels that would force Miles onto bed rest. Of course, living with Sonia only made bed rest mandatory. Blood was never rare around Miles. In fact, one time he actually drank his own blood to survive after a brutal battle got him lost in a jungle.

You got stronger! Good. We need guys like you.

What was he thinking? Going off alone to face a old rival, in a distant location, in the middle of a category four storm? Stark Mountain was just as dangerous outside as it is on the inside. Thankfully, the fight was going on a cliff a hundred feet below the crater/vent, but the heat was making things harder for Miles to think and move. His half-metal body didn't like the heat.

We're tired of being tools. You could help us get freedom.

No time for regrets. Miles sprang up to his feet and got back into his stance. His enemy smiled. The two charged, the enemy gaining the advantage of speed and punching Miles five times before he got kicked away. Miles tired to punch his enemy, but all he got was empty air. Miles quickly threw a sphere of aura at his enemy, missing, and made a hole in the mountain.

Don't give me that crap! Humans use us for entertainment, labor, and other disgusting things.

The enemy smashed his fist into the ground. The cliff dissolved, and the battle entered free-fall. The two bounced off the falling rocks to attack each other, and to survive the fall. A cliff laid below 200 ft. Exactly how tall was the mountain? About 1, 259 feet? At least they weren't falling into the vent. Miles finally had a advantage. He dealt with this before. A smile came to his face. His enemy didn't have much of a advantage in mid-air.

You're free. Your 'master' let you have free will. You can't say anything. You don't know.

It took two minutes to land. Miles landed with the grace of a cat, and his enemy fell on his face. Why did he do that? Did he think he would do even better in mid-air? Knowing him, he had something planned. He couldn't look down, but he was pretty sure wasn't any holes that would lead into the volcano. But he kept an air of caution.

Hahahaha. What a fool you are! You, strong? Not at all!

The enemy regained his advantage from before. Miles took a beating. He was surprised that the ground didn't give way to his body continually ramming into it. Miles did get some hits in, but nothing to help him. The enemy threw a aura sphere twice the size of Miles, and it exploded in his face. Thankfully, the mountainside was a little nice to Miles, by not letting him fall inside.

"Man, Miles. That's the name you use now right?" The enemy said, kicking his head. "You were named because you would go far? Well…" The enemy walked away, to mock him. "…here you are!" The enemy punched him with both fists at the same time. The air got knocked out of him. The fists opened up to grab Miles out of the wall and throw him off the cliff, with a clear 100 ft drop to the next.

The enemy joined Miles, grabbing onto him to use as a pillow. "You know…" The enemy said over the roaring air. "I don't recall you EVER beating me during sparring!" The enemy flipped, grabbed Miles, and threw him like a spear. Miles was able to recover from this, and landed, though less graceful than last time. He bounced and rolled, and landed at his enemy's feet.

Miles said to his enemy, "Why?" He sighed, and kicked Miles to the edge of the cliff.

"Why? That's a stupid question." The enemy picked him up. "You…" He slapped Miles. "…should…" Another slap, backhanded. "…know…" Front slap again. "…better!" A backhand strong enough to send Miles back a few feet. "Why? Because! Humans are evil! It's simple! Really simple! They cage us! Make us fight each other for prize money! Humiliate us by putting us in stupid costumes to do stupid things on stage! Toil us for labor! You want why? There's why!"

"You…sound like…all the other nuts…" Miles managed to spit out.

"Did you see today's paper?" Asked Sonia.

"I don't really care about news, unless something really important happened." Replied Miles, hitting the poor punching bag.

"Humph. Look." Miles sighed, and looked at the newspaper's headline. FREEDOM FIGHTERS ATTACK SEAFOAM ISLANDS. 4 DEAD. "That important enough for you?"

"Actually…" Miles gently took the newspaper from Sonia's hands. "…yes. I have a friend into that sort of thing. He asked me to join, but I declined."

"Good!" Sonia sat down on the floor. "They just randomly kill people. I hate them."

"Randomly? Sorry, Sonia, but they go after Trainers. Weak ones anyway. Not beginners, but people with experience, but not strong at all."

"Is that supposed to be comforting?"

"Yes. I told you that they go after weak trainers, because they are weak. You could take them quite easily."

"That's good to hear. But how can I tell?"

"Wait for them to ask. That's the one of many strengths they have. They blend in well. But…"


"…there's one you need to avoid. He's a monster. Way beyond me."

"…I take it that you personally know him."

"Yeah. He trained me before Syl. My Lucario Master…"

"Shiro!" Miles shouted, getting his second wind. Before Shiro could react, Miles rushed right into Shiro's face and pummeled him for seven seconds before a strong right hook sent the master into the mountainside.

"Well!" Shiro yelled. "Where did this come from!" The mountainside exploded, as Shiro's aura went into a high frenzy. "But…before we begin…why do you fight? I fight for freedom. I fight to make the world a better place. You fight…to stop that. Why?"

Miles smiled. "I fight to make a better world. One…for Sonia."

A giant flash of blue and purple aura filled the sky for a full minute.

Then silence.

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