" You know what really grinds mi gears"

This is a special Naruto what really grinds mi gears. enjoy and review .Every week ill try and update.

You know what really grinds mi gears Saruka . Like what da fuck is she there for? Useless chacter much all she does is cry

like damn Sasuke is goe get da fuck over it you useless bitch. A an that's what grinds mi gears.

You know grinds mi gears. . . . . . That damn Sasuke . What da hell you killed Itachi get over yourself you bastard. Really you fuckin cried when he died.

isn't that what you wanted for him t be dead? Ur whole life you tried to kill him and then you do and you fucking cry damn pansy ass bitch. and that's who really grinds mi gears.