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Chapter 11

When Dean got back to the room he blinked at seeing two figures curled together on Sam's bed. The mess of dark hair he could see made it obvious who was sharing Sam's bed and Dean knew the wizard had some method of tracking them. He nodded when Harry raised his head to look at him and Harry carefully disentangled himself from Sam. "Let Sam sleep, he had a bit of an adventure while you were gone." Harry whispered and Dean stiffened slightly in alarm.

"What happened?"

"He got grabbed by the local vampires and took a rather nasty bump to the head but he's okay now. Looks like they wanted to talk and not eat or turn him. Or they would have talked if I hadn't jumped the gun and knocked them all out." He admitted and Dean relaxed, knowing Harry had been there to save Sam.

"We're hunting vampires, there's another hunter here too."

"Sam told me, also said to be careful around him." Harry moved back to the bed, gentle fingers running through Sam's hair as he slept. Dean moved closer too, how close had he come to losing Sam tonight? He reached out to gently rest his hand in Sam's hair, not wanting to wake him and noticed absently that his hand was shaking slightly. "It's okay Dean, he's safe. I don't think they were going to hurt him, other than the whole knocking him out for transport anyway. I'm going to go back, see what I can find out about them."

"Harry no, Sam'll kill me if you get hurt!"

"Wizard." He pointed out dryly. "I can handle vampires." With that he slipped out of the motel room, making sure no one could see him before apparating.

Lenore packed quickly. With the young hunter gone so was their chance of explaining and coming to a peaceful agreement with the hunters. She wasn't sure what had happened but she had returned to find him gone and those she had left to watch him scattered around the room unconscious.


"Get these to the truck. We need to move quickly before they come back. We should never have tried to talk this through."

"Why not?" A new voice asked and they both turned to see a young man leaning against a tree, his hands empty of weapons and green eyes showing curiosity. "Talking is always better than violence." He said and Lenore nodded warily in agreement to his statement. "Though knocking Sam out like that could lead to mixed signals."

Lenore glanced at the other vampire when he growled and shook her head, motioning for him to leave. She had the feeling if this man wanted them dead he would have already acted; after all they didn't detect him until he had spoken. "You are a hunter?" She asked.

"Nope. But I do know Sam and Dean. And I also did some research; all the 'human' deaths in town have been vampires. All other deaths have been cattle. Which means you haven't been feeding on people."

"Feeding on humans brings hunters. We just want to live." She answered.

"Sam had the feeling you weren't going to hurt him, just talk. The other hunter here's been killing you off hasn't he?"

Lenore nodded sadly. "A few of us had found work, liked to go out and get a drink…he killed those he found."

"I'm sorry. Sam and Dean won't come after you but you better go before he finds you." Harry turned to leave.

"Wait!" She called and he looked back at her. "What's your name?"


"Thank you Harry." She told him and he nodded, vanishing into the trees.

When Dean woke up the next morning he was relieved to note the second occupant in Sam's bed, he didn't know what would have happened if Harry hadn't returned. He got out of bed and quickly washed and dressed before leaving to get breakfast for them all.

Sam shifted and curled his arm tighter around Harry, enjoying the warmth of his body. He'd heard the door close and knew Dean was going to get food but he wanted to enjoy the time just lying quietly. Thankfully his head no longer hurt at all. He opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of Harry sleeping peacefully. He smiled as Harry shifted slightly, moving even closer to him if that was possible. He didn't understand what had drawn him to the wizard the second they met but he was glad it had happened. He still missed Jess, still grieved for her but he was starting to move on. And not just because of Harry, time had helped as had Dean's support. He smiled when Harry shifted again and blinked sleepily. "Morning." Sam greeted and Harry smiled.

"Morning. How's your head?"

"Fine. Where did you go last night?" Yes he had been asleep but he had been aware of Harry leaving the bed for a long time.

"To see the vampires. They've left town for their own safety. And yes, they were going to just talk to you, not eat you."

"Good to know." It was very good to know that even if Harry hadn't shown up he would still be alive. "But why?"

"All the bodies found have been vampires Sam, before that the only corpses were animals."

"They live on animal blood?"

"Yep. So I let them leave peacefully." Harry sat up and stretched and Sam quite happily enjoyed the view since Harry had slept in just shorts. "Like what you see?" He teased and Sam laughed but nodded. Harry grinned and leant over him, pushing the covers down to reveal Sam was only in a pair of sweatpants. "Well I like what I see too." He murmured in Sam's ear before bounding from the bed and into the bathroom, leaving a rather stunned Sam behind. Harry collapsed against the closed door, trying not to laugh. And Remus had once commented Harry hadn't inherited much of the Marauder side from his Dad.