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Warning: Major Character Deaths

Chapter 12

Harry froze as John's charm went nuts and apparated without a thought. He found himself in a warehouse and sighed, what was it about warehouses? He cloaked himself with magic and then slipped inside, warily searching for the hunter. The man may not like him all that much but Harry would not let him die, Sam and Dean needed their Dad. He shivered, there was so much evil…

"Come out, come out wherever you are." A familiar yet different voice called and Harry's blood ran cold. No. Anything but that. He slipped around a corner to see John standing in the middle of the room, his eyes a sulphurous yellow. "I know you're here boy, I can feel you. Did you think I'd let you or John mess with my plans for dear Sammy?"

"You won't touch Sam." Harry hissed, almost slipping into Parseltongue.

"And who will stop me little wizard, you?" the demon wearing John laughed.

"So you're the one that killed John's wife and Sam's girlfriend. You want Sam for something but it won't happen, if I don't stop you Dean will." Harry told him, magic wrapping around him protectively. The demon smirked and the battle began, Harry hampered by the need to keep John alive.

Harry slipped back in his mind, hiding behind his mental shields to escape the pain. He'd messed up badly and now he and John were paying for it. Yeah he wasn't the hunters' favourite but he doubted the man wanted to torture him. Though compared to the Cruciatus Curse this wasn't too bad, yet. He figured it was going to get a lot worse. And he could only hide behind his shields for a limited time. He was proud of his mental shields, learning without Snape was so much easier. He just hoped Sam, Jim and the others were all safe.

"Hey Pastor Jim." Sam greeted as he answered the phone.

"Hi Sam, is Harry there?"

"I thought he was with you." Sam frowned, feeling worried. Harry always made sure at least one of the group knew where he was. After all he could track them not the other way around.

"He's not answering his phone, yeah he fries them occasionally but he always replaces them fast."

"Okay we'll see what we can find." Sam promised and hung up as Dean opened the door to their room, a bag of food in his hands even as he slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Hey Sammy, can you try calling Dad. He's not picking up." Dean put the bag down and Sam felt the worry grow.

"Pastor Jim just called, he can't contact Harry." They stared at each other before both beginning to make calls.

Sam slipped into the backdoor of the warehouse, Caleb at his side. Dean and Bobby had the front and Pastor Jim the small side door. Sam was fighting the urge to run in and find Harry. He knew he was inside, he could feel him which after a month of searching was a relief. But what condition would the wizard be in after so long? Or their Dad? How had demons managed to get the drop on both of them?

They made it around a corner and Sam froze, unable to breathe as he spotted Harry. The wizard was hanging limp from a hook in the middle of the room blood splattering the floor around him. He vaguely felt Caleb grip his shoulder but couldn't look away from the scene before him. Then he saw something that shattered his world. John, his Dad, calmly sharpening a knife. No…was he going to lose his Dad and his….what was Harry to him? Lover? It didn't really fit since technically they had never had sex, they'd gotten close but neither had felt ready for that last step yet. And now they may never get the chance. He tensed as the demon wearing his Dad slapped Harry but the wizard didn't react, his body swinging in reaction to the hit. Sam knew Harry's arms and hands would be damaged from holding the weight of his whole body while hanging from the chain of his cuffs that was hung over the hook. As soon as the demon left the room Sam bolted towards Harry.

Sam cupped Harry's battered face in his hands, terrified of hurting him more. "Harry? Harry can you hear me? It's Sam, I'm here. Please wake up." He begged and then glassy green eyes, one swollen almost shut, fluttered open. "Oh Harry."

"S…." Harry croaked and Sam managed a watery smile for him.

"I'm here. We're going to get you out." He promised, reaching up to release the cuffs from the hook and Harry moaned in pain. "Sorry."

"R…..un." Harry's eyes rolled back as he fought to stay conscious.



"What he's trying to tell you Sammy is that this is a trap." Sam froze at hearing the demon speak with his father's voice. And then the room flooded with demons and he could hear Dean and the others fighting with them. He could hear Caleb on Harry's other side flinging Holy Water to keep the demons back. Sam glared at the demon that had made his life hell. He heard Harry cough and felt something wet soak through his shirt, they had to get Harry to a hospital fast! "So here's your choice Sam, surrender to me or watch everyone you love die."

"Why? What's so great about me?" he demanded.

"You belong to me, have before you were ever born. See John here died and dear Mary couldn't live with that, not so soon after losing her parents. So we made a deal and ten years later I came to collect. But Mary just had to get in the way so she died." The demon smirked as Sam went white. Dean stared in shock from where he was being held down by two demons. All the hunters there were in shock at finally learning the truth behind the attack on the Winchester's.

"No." Sam whispered backing into Harry.

"No…t yo..ur…s" Harry slurred out, trying to glare at the demon.

"You are really getting on my nerves boy, what will it take to break you?" The demon growled even as Caleb cried out in pain as he was finally taken down. That left Sam as the only one standing and he swallowed hard, tightening his grip on the gun he had drawn. "You gonna shot me Sammy? Kill your own Dad?"

"You bastard." Sam snapped and then looked at his brother.

"Don't do it Sam! Don't give in!" Dean yelled, terrified that Sam would surrender in order to save them.

"Dean." Sam whispered, he couldn't watch them die.

"Sa….m…my." Harry mumbled and Sam turned to see him. "L..ove…." Harry tried to smile at him and then focused on the demons. He would die to save Sam and the others if that's what it took and so he scrapped up every bit of magic he had, stripping his core bare even as he let it build and then lash out. Several demons literally disintegrated while others were forced from their hosts.

Dean scrambled to his feet and pulled the Colt out, aiming at his demon possessed father. He knew that John was probably already dead or close to it after who knew exactly how long possessed. He would end his suffering if that was what it took to save them all. The demon snarled and Sam gasped as his gun was wrenched from his hand to land in the demons. Before he could flinch it fired and he blinked in confusion when he felt no pain. A second shot rang out and he watched in horrified shock as John's body lit up, convulsing at the demon died before John collapsed. Sam turned and then screamed in horror as he saw the hole in the tattered remains of Harry's shirt, barely missing his heart. Pained green eyes met his and then Harry went utterly limp. "No!" Sam screamed, falling to his knees. He reached up with a trembling hand to touch Harry's body but he knew, the wizard was dead.

Dean knelt beside his Dad, checking for a pulse but there was nothing. Dean closed his eyes and took a deep breath before gently closing his father's eyes and covering him with his jacket. He got up and moved towards Sam, this was his fault, if he'd fired just a second early Harry might still be alive.

Jim moved closer, seeing the horror that his ward had been put through and felt sick. Harry hadn't deserved any of this, not after what he had already been through. He gently touched Harry's slack face and bit back a sob. "I am so sorry son." He whispered. He prayed for him silently and then frowned, something strange was happening and he moved back as the heat increased. Dean yanked Sam back as flames suddenly erupted, consuming Harry's body.

"No! Don't take him from me." Sam sobbed brokenly even as Dean held him back from the bright flames. There was no way the fire was normal. The flames faded away and there was nothing, not even ash, left of the young wizard.

"Hold him down!"

"Get a sedative and cut those clothes off him!"

"Heart rates erratic, pulse dropping."

The voices were garbled and ran together as he fought to get free. Not again, he wouldn't let them hurt him again. Sam! He needed Sam! It felt like a hole had been torn in his chest. He didn't even feel the needle that injected the sedative and everything faded away.

The End.

I know, it was cruel of me to kill Harry and John. But as the end shows, Harry isn't dead. He's just no longer in the SPN world.

The sequel would be set in ether SG-1, the Dark-Hunter series or the first Captain America movie. Harry can't die, instead he gets sent to another dimension. So now he has to somehow live without his Sam. And Sam would search for him no matter how long it took or what he had to do. Honestly I am leaning more towards Dark Hunter or SG1. So anyone who wants to write the sequel please let me know so I can read it and let others know.

Added note: I will not be writing the sequel! Sorry if that was not clear enough. So please someone take on the challenge. No new pairing for Harry in it, has to remain HarrySam even if they are in dif realities. And no alt Winchesters, after all no one Harry knew existed in the SPN reality. Personally I hope someone does this with Dark Hunter.