So I have begun my own sequel to this over on Scififan33 called New World, Again. Here is a preview

Chapter 1

Harry sat on a bench in Central Park and just stared at the city, he was so confused. He remembered seeing Sam, hearing gun shots but nothing else really until he woke in the hospital….in New York. Why had he been moved so far and where was Sam or Pastor Jim? He'd tried the numbers he could remember but there had been no answer so here he was in the park, as surrounded by nature as he could get here, trying to find them with magic. The results scared him more than he could say. He couldn't find Sam or Dean or Jim or Bobby…..anyone he knew even from school. He had a sinking suspicion what had happened and it hurt so much to even consider but the evidence was adding up.

Magic felt different, familiar in a way. Something he hadn't felt since he was a teenager but despite that it felt like someone had punched him in the chest without being able to feel Sam.