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Chapter 9

Halfway through the explanation Harry had bolted outside, Sam following and Dean moved to watch them from the window. Jim kept talking, knowing that it was easier for Harry not having to relive everything again. When he was done Bobby just leant back in his chair and thought it all over. It was a lot to take in and normally he'd assume it to be a lie but….he'd seen the way the kid….Harry reacted to the others, Jim's protectiveness of him…..

"That's a hell of a story."

Sam caught up to Harry not far into the scrap yard, reaching out to gently hug the wizard. Harry struggled briefly before going limp, clinging to Sam in a search for comfort. Sam just held him, murmuring nonsense comfort words as Harry cried softly.

"Better?" He asked when the tears finally stopped.

"Sorry." Harry whispered, trying to pull away but Sam didn't let him.

"Its okay, get the feeling you really needed that." Sam offered and Harry shrugged.
"You haven't…..you haven't really grieved have you?" He asked and Harry tensed.
"Because if you do it's admitting you don't have a way back, that you'll never see them again." Sam stated, realising just what Harry had bottled up since being dumped in their world.
"It's okay Harry." Sam whispered and Harry stared up at him, making Sam smile. Harry was shorter than Dean, not by a lot but it meant he had to tilt his head back to look at Sam's face when they were standing so close. Sam swallowed, feeling whatever it was between them tugging at him. It scared him a little, how much he wanted to do things he'd never considered before, but it also felt safe. Harry licked his lips and Sam found his gaze locked on them, his head moving downward. Then their lips touched and they both gasped as heat flooded through them. Sam crushed Harry to him, lifting the slighter male off the ground for better access. Harry clung to him, wrapping his legs around Sam's waist so he wouldn't fall.

Dean dropped the curtain, trying not to blush. Go Sammy. He smirked and then shook his head. He was happy for his brother, he deserved to have someone, he just hoped they weren't rushing into things. And he dreaded the day John figured it out. That would be one nasty fight, he could see it now.

"So Sam?" Jim asked and Harry blushed in embarrassment.

"Are you mad?" He asked softly and Jim came up beside him, wrapping an arm around his wards shoulders.

"No. You deserve to be happy Harry, if Sam's it then I am happy for you."

"There's something, a connection. My magic reacts to him in a way I've never felt before and it's…scary and wonderful all at once." Harry admitted.

"Just don't rush into things."

"That'd be hard. I start class again tomorrow and he's in Ohio at the moment." Harry grumbled.

"Ohio?" Jim asked and Harry shifted uncomfortably.

"I…..might have hit them all with tracking charms?" He admitted and Jim laughed.

"Me too?" He asked and Harry nodded.

"Sorry, I can take it off if you want." Harry muttered but Jim shook his head.

"It's probably safer if at least one person knows where we all are all the time. Not to mention you're the only one that could get to us fast enough. I trust you Harry." Jim assured him and Harry nodded.

Harry lunged for his phone, picking it up even as he tumbled off the bed.

"Hello?" He asked breathlessly as he slumped on the floor of his bedroom.

'Harry? Are you okay?' Sam's familiar voice asked and Harry couldn't stop the goofy little grin that appeared.

"Sam! Yeah, I'm fine. Just fell off the stupid bed. So how's it going?" Harry asked as he scrambled up off the floor, sitting on the edge of the bed.

'Fine. Juts finished a hunt. How's class?'

"Boring at the moment. I almost miss the war it's so bad right now." Harry grumbled and Sam chuckled.

'Yeah well Dad's split again so me and Dean are headed for New York on another hunt.'

"Want me to tell you where he is?" Harry offered nervously and he could almost feel Sam thinking.


"I uh…..might have put trackers on all of the group?" He admitted and waited for the outburst that never came.

'What's a tracker?' Sam asked and Harry was happy he didn't sound mad.

"Basically just lets me know you're map coordinates, if I really focus I can get a general idea of your health too." He answered.

'You expect me to be mad?' Sam asked and then kept talking.
'I'm not but don't track him down yet. If he doesn't call in a few days I'll ask you to then.' Sam told him.

"Okay. So what's this hunt?"

'Should just be a standard salt and burn. We um….we're passing by on out way out of town. Do you….well we could…..' Sam muttered and Harry smiled.

"Can't wait to see you again." Harry whispered, able to feel Sam's embarrassed smile.

'Me too.' Sam admitted.
'Is this totally crazy? We barely know each other.'

"True but…I've learnt one thing over the years and it's that my magic usually knows what its doing. I'll see you in a few days."

Harry waited eagerly, he knew the brothers were close, the tracking charms and Sam calling for his address confirmed that but he was nervous as well. How would Sam react when he arrived? Would he want a kiss hello? Or was that too much? Though after their little snogging session at Bobby's…..hearing the Impala he darted out the door, grinning when he saw them get out.

"Hey guys!" He called excitedly and Sam came up to him, hesitating. Harry gave him a shy smile and Dean roller his eyes.

"Just kiss already!" he yelled and they both blushed but then Sam reached out and pulled Harry close, kissing him softly.

"Hey." Sam whispered when they parted and Harry smiled up at him.

"Missed you." Harry admitted, before taking Sam's hand and tugging him into the building. Dean just tried not to laugh as he followed them up to Harry's apartment. As far as Dean was concerned the two were sickenly cute but as long as Sam was happy and safe he wouldn't say anything.