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When I See You Smile


After saving the world from great danger from the evil Digimons, peace has finally come with in the two different worlds; the real world and the digital world also known as Digiworld. Everything is in harmony, the Digimon are left undisturbed and the humans remained safe and continued their said research about the digital monsters without harming them, of course.

Hi I am Mimi Tachikawa! I am a junior like Koushiro. Mainly Koushiro is at the honors section while me I belong to a popular group hanging out with the girls, sometimes with my best friend Sora, I even sometimes buy her cute clothes when we hang out, too bad she has a lot of tennis practice and some of my girls have this extra curricular activities.

That's left for Mister Koushiro Izumi. If you remember I called him a computer-geek-pipsqueak, I apologize to him and took it back but now I call him nerd master, just kidding. Well when we were short little sissy kids, yeah, Koushiro is now taller then me more than 3 inches to be right.


"Mimi!" I heard a familiar voice calling me from my back it was somehow fainted but I know who it was. I turned around to see. "Koushiro!" I called back. He was running towards me, I stopped and wait for him. He was catching his breath as he bend down and held his knees.

"Mimi" he said as he was still gasping.

"Yes?" I said, trying to look at his face. He stood up properly and smiled as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Can I go with you this lunch?" He asked. Well I was blushing but I don't know why.

"Ok, I don't even have anyone with me later, so it's fine" I said to him. I notice he has a small tint of pink on his face. I don't know if it's a blush or a zit. Eww! A zit? suddenly Koushiro face returned to its original color. Oh my mistake.

"Prodigious! see you later!" He walked away with his eyes on me as he waved to my bye and I did the same for him except I wasn't walking, out of the sudden someone bumped into him and he fell on his back. So bad for him so I ran to him.

"Are you alright?" I helped him up.

"Yeah" he said crackly. It was clearly shown he wasn't. I put my hand on my hip and the other was pointing him.

"Koushiro, It's obvious on my part your not ok." I pointed my finger on me and poke slowly on his chest.

"Well Mimi." He said trying to correct. Well he was CORRECTING me in the looks of it. "This pain will be gone afterwards." He added his unfinished sentence. I smiled lightly.

"It's a need for me to go" He said at me.

"Ok bye!" This time he watched where he was going and I watched him as he move through the crowd.


"Everybody, this coming next week there will be a beauty pageant sponsored by yours truly, the school, if anybody wants to join just get an application here. I'll just put it here if you're willing to join." The old fashioned teacher told the class. Like I would join. I would defeat all the contestants in just the registration round but I just have a bad feeling like in the question and answer part of the pageant. I still have a good skill of stuttering in front of a crowd, you know.


"Hey Mimi" Sora called me as I stepped out of my classroom. I saw her with Matt and Tai.

"Hi Sora, Matt and Tai" I waved to them.

"You joining Meems?" Tai asked me like I knew what his head is thinking.

"What am I going to join?" Tai smirked while Sora and Matt are looking at each other.

"I am talking about the Pageant Meems" Tai teased. I punched Tai's shoulder, he groaned in pain, while Matt smirked as he placed his arm around Sora who giggled. "Well Meems you don't have to hit me hard, I was just kiddin` with you" Tai rubbing his shoulder. Yea Tai don't you Meems me, joking is a bad habit!

"Hi guys! Guess what I entered Mimi in the beauty pageant!" Koushiro came to them quickly.

WHAT?! Did I heard that right he e-enter-entered me in that pageant? I felt dizziness and I felt my body collapsed on the floor.

"Mimi!" Sora called out her name.

"What just happen?" Matt was shock.

"I didn't do anything!" Tai exclaimed as he threw his arms in the air.

"Mimi?" Koushiro immediately carried her to the clinic. Matt, Tai, and Sora followed him.

"Sora… how did Koushiro get this strong?" Matt whispered to her.

"I don't really know but they look cute"


I slowly opened my eyes, my sight was slightly blurry, sooner on my eyes adjust with the surroundings. I smell alcohol in the room, the color white is everywhere, what no pink!?

I rose from the cozy bed and put my feet on the floor.

"Hey Mimi" Koushiro handed a glass of water.

"How long I past out?" I took the glass from the nerd's hands. Wait did I say nerd. Hehe. I mean cute nerd. Wait did I say cute? I mean, oh never mind.

"More about 10 minutes" Sora said. There was concern in her eyes.

My eyes search the room until my eyes were lock on Koushiro.

"DID-YOU-ENTER-ME-IN-THAT-PAGEANT?!" I sneered. I said it in a normal tone but I was obviously angry. My eyebrows furrowed as place my hands on my hips.

"Ye-yes" Koushiro hid behind Sora then Sora hold his shoulders and let him seat beside me. Well Sora understands I and Koushiro are really close friends, actually we are best friends so she would do anything for us to reconcile.

I still made a devastating look on Koushiro, after a while Koushiro smiled sheepishly at me.

"Mimi" Sora gave me a wary look then she looked at Koushiro, "Koushiro" and gave him some. Wait where are Matt and Tai? Oh yea they left and who cares.

Koushiro was still smiling but this time it was different it's like telling me, I should forgive him. I was irritated by this kind of smile of his; I gave up and forgive him. He was relieved and apologizes why he didn't ask my permission in the first place.

"You should return to your classrooms. Its almost time though." The nurse told us.

Sora stood up and "She's right guys, you're alright Mimi? maybe you should rest for a while..." Sora hold my shoulder.

"I--" before i could say my sentence Koushiro interrupted me.

"Well you are fine in my looks,its not like you fell from the stairs or you have sickness and any of the like." He said to me and then looked at the nurse. You Koushiro Izumi thanks for blowing my chance in resting. His eyes went back to mine and he smile. I felt blushing again. So stupid DO I LIKE HIM?

Sora insisted us to go, Koushiro and I followed.

Later on we return to our classroom before the bell rang.


"Mimi!" Koushiro called my attention as I made my way through the crowd in this small cafeteria. This should be a size of a mall, does anybody knows this place is more crowded when the last time I see those nemamons chasing us in the sewer! It was like PU!

As I reached Koushiro he offered me a seat and I sat down. It was only the two of us and I felt something hot on my cheeks but I ignore it. I put my wallet on the table with my hands on top of it, Koushiro brought out his lunch.

"So I am in the pageant…" I said with a frown. Koushiro looked up to me with a smile.

--- Well there you have it! I have to tell you the school system is based on my school. There is an honors' section and the like. For being honest Mimi's character is hard! Woahw..

What will happen next? Does Koushiro have a plan? Chapter 2: Nervous?!